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"Haha, Master Allen, you did it."

"Yeah, I'm glad it went as planned."

As the formation was being formed in front of the south gate, General Lucidral came running up to talk to me.

He seemed to be happy that we were able to occupy the gate as planned.

General Lucidral was aware that siege warfare was all about taking the gate.

"However, the magical beasts are still left and we've used up all our Extra Skills, except for the Recovery Unit."

"Indeed, victory is at hand.

Let's go for a cleanup battle.

We should be able to eradicate them in half a day."

The operation was most focused on taking the gate.

That's how we determined that we could bring down the fortress for sure.

If the gates were taken in a siege, the Demon King's army's defense would lose their hiding walls.

Moreover, the elven army could utilize the walls and gates to fortify their defense.

For that reason, I made the elves use their offensive Extra Skills sparingly.

As a result, we were able to take the south gate and defeat up to half of the Demon King's army.

The Demon King's army also had recovery units, magic units, and long-range attack units waiting under the outer wall, but I gave top priority to targeting them.

The Demon King's army probably didn't expect to be shot at even though they were using the huge outer wall as a shield.

There was more to this operation than the number of magical beasts defeated.

Even so, the remaining magical beasts of the Demon King's army were three times as many as the elven army.

"Then I would like to occupy the outer wall.

Please lend me about 5000 men."


It would have been useless to have this many soldiers in front of the gate.

I informed the General that we had to move on to the operation after the gate was taken.

General Lucidral began to give instructions to other Generals.

Since the selection of people had already been decided, the elves gathered around me.

(If we take the southern wall, victory is almost in sight.)

With about 5,000 soldiers, I set out to completely conquer the southern outer wall.

The fortress was surrounded on the east, west, north, and south by an outer wall, but only the north and south walls were prepared for the deployment of soldiers.

In the first place, the Fortress LaPolca itself was located between steep mountains on the east and west, so it was not designed to be attacked from the east or west.

There were walls on the east and west sides, but they were not well maintained enough to deploy soldiers.

"Then follow me.

We're going up the stairs on the east side!"



I'm neither their commander nor their General.)

After all that time, I felt uncomfortable about taking the elven troops with me.

However, since it was a trivial matter, I didn't care and proceeded with my friends and the elven troops towards the stairs in the southeast of the fortress while decimating magical beasts along the wall.

Gatoruga and his 3,000 troops advanced from the southwest stairs of the fortress up to the outer wall, killing magical beasts as they went, and were currently engaged near the center.

The reason we hadn't advanced much from the center area was because there were too many reinforcements of magical beasts from the southeast stairs.

The Demon king's army seemed to know that if they lost the outer wall, that would be the end of the battle.

If we could take the top of the outer wall, which was the highest point in the fortress, we would have been able to hunt the Demon King's army quite one-sidedly.

The Demon King's army continued to send out reinforcements at a furious pace.

It took us a while to reach the southeast stairs, and we went up the stairs while defeating the magical beasts.

As we were surrounded by quite a few magical beasts, I giddily re-summoned the summons I had lost.

(I've spent quite a bit of magical beasts in two days, about 20,000 probably.

If we can eradicate them, I can get 300,000 magic stones, so I have to work hard.)

Unlike the Tiamo siege, the elven troops were active, so I didn't have to use a series of B-rank Dragon's awakening skills.

Thanks to that, I didn't have to use too many magic stones, and if we won the battle, I will be able to recover the magic stones.

"Well, the Demons are coming to the south gate."

(Why are they coming at us You can just run away, right It would be more convenient if you ran, but it seems they have no choice.)

I saw the three Demons trying to leave the largest building in the center of the Fortress LaPolca through Ellie.

It seemed that the Demon called Glaster snapped and was coming towards us.

Nephtila and Yagov were chasing after him, aiming for the south gate.

I made an immediate decision.

"I'm sorry, everyone, but it seems there is an emergency.

You're going to have to go on the offensive.

Griffs, come out!"


Me and my friends mounted on B-rank Birds and flew into the sky.

I was sitting with Cecile.

While the deadly battle between the elves and the Demon King's army continued at the gate, me and my friends waited in front of the gate.

Within minutes, three Demons arrived.

"Is it you"

Glaster muttered as he saw us riding B-rank Birds.

"What What are we"

I was asked, so I answered anyway.

"I am asking me if you're trying to defeat our army and bring down this base!"

(He's angry as expected.

If he doesn't do something, he's going to be held accountable for losing more than a million magical beasts from the Demon King's army, as well as losing the key Fortress LaPolca.

Even if he runs away, there's no future for left for him,)

Ellie was listening to the conversation between the three Demons while we were attacking Fortress LaPolca.

"No, no, no.

It was all thanks to the elves and the stupidity of the enemy General."

There was no merit in saying anything there, so I didn't make my position clear.

Since he was angry with me, I only provoked him further.

"I will kill you! Nephtila, Yagov, join me!"

"Yes, Lord Glaster."

"I understand, Gough."

The three Demons went into attack position.

"Kurena for the old man (Glaster), Formar for the big man (Nephthelia), and Dogora for the beastman (Yagov)."

I knew the names of all three of them, but there was no reason to let them know that.


I guessed each Demon's role by their position and equipment, and quickly decided on a strategy.

Glaster was equipped with a Greatsword, Nephtila with a staff, and Yagov with knuckles.

I didn't want them to coordinate with each other, so I decided to take them down one by one.

(Nephtila has a good standing position.


I think I'll take Yagov down first.)

I wanted to take out the magic-based Nephthila first, but since Glaster was protecting him, I decided to take out Yagov first.

As the Demons came towards us, we picked up our weapons and tried to fight them.



Unable to catch Glaster's Greatsword in the first blow, Kurena was blown away with B-rank Bird.

Dogora seems to have been blown away by Yagov as well.

(I guess one-on-one is still tough.

Except for Kurena's while using [Limit Break], she can't take down an A-rank by herself yet.)

I had only observed Kurena and Dogora's fight against the Demons for a few moves, but the status difference was clearly visible.

(That's what the Demons are all about.)

"Kurena, hang in there for a bit.

Kiel, heal her and cover me!"

"Yeah, I got it!"


"Cecile, you and I will take down the beastman first."

"All right."

(At any rate, it turns out that the Demons can work together quite well, we just have to make sure to reduce them one by one.)

I set my sight on Yagov, who seemed to be the easiest of the three Demons to defeat.

Yagov was a large Demon that was almost twice as tall as Dogora.

Dogora's large axe clashed with Yagov's knuckles.


Dogora was completely defeated by the strike and was blown away by B-rank Bird.

At the same time that Dogora was blown away, Cecile hit Yagov with a huge mass of fire.

The lump of fire hit Yagov, who had just attacked Dogora and was unable to dodge.


"Again, hurry!

While Cecile and I were trying to chase after Yagov, Nephtila created a huge block of ice and threw it at us.

I instructed B-rank Bird to avoid it, it ducked just in time.

My own vision, combined with the five B-rank Birds and the E-rank Bird flying above the entire battlefield, left me with almost no blind spots.

I also directed B-rank Bird so that Cecile would not be attacked.

Thanks to that, Cecile could concentrate on her magic attacks.

(Hmm, I have 3 summon slots available.)

I had summoned just about every summon on the south gate and the outer wall, and before I knew it, I had 3 slots open.

The summons I had used to defend the elves seemed to have been defeated.

"Dora-Dora, Kerolin, let's go!"

"Oh, leave it to me!"


I summoned 2 B-rank Dragons and 1 B-rank Beast In front of Yagov.

The other B-rank Dragon spit breath at Nephtila while keeping its distance.

(We have to take Yagov down first.)

I concentrated my attacks against Yagov.

The pressure Yagov was under kept steadily increasing.


Yagov couldn't resist anymore, and Dogora was able to land a blow with all his might.

Yagov was blown away and shattered the walls of the building he crashed against.

"Yagov, what are you doing"

"It's okay, Gough."


Open your Extra Gate, Yagov."

(Hmm Extra Gate)

"What Lord Glaster."

As he said this, Yagov's body shook like a shimmering flame as he stood up from where he had been blown away.


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