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Chapter 4805: Trident

The tridents shaft was as large as a mountain range while the three teeth resembled three peaks.

It emitted a wonderful light from the distant past.

In reality, it was made of dao laws twisting together and didnt possess a physical body.

The individual law contained immense power, granting the trident the ability to shoulder the weight of Eight Desolaces.

“Boom!” Timeworn cultivators sat in the pavilions - white hair and beard with archaic-style robes, certainly not from the present epoch.

They seemed to have just woken up from a long slumber.

Despite their age and withering vitality, their dao power remained formidable and unsurpassable by regular cultivators.

Through special laws and dao, they channeled their power into the trident, causing it to be brighter and hotter.

The rays coming from it aimed for the damaged sky and the rest of the world.

It served as a lighthouse in the middle of a tempestuous ocean while Eight Desolaces were various ships in trouble.

Because the rays reached the far corners of Eight Desolaces, they managed to pierce the dark specters.

This trident was crafted with special dao capable of both defense and offense.

In fact, it could be considered the nemesis of these dark creatures.

It didnt take long before the casualties reached an incalculable number.

“What is this lineage They seemed like experts in dealing with the specters.” Peerless cultivators became startled.

During the initial invasion, invincible ancestors from the great powers retaliated since this was a matter of survival.

They had high morale and fought fiercely.

Unfortunately, they found these specters to be virtually impossible to kill.

Cutting them in half wasnt enough due to their high recovery speed.

However, the rays from the trident could easily purify them.

The darkness had no place to hide against the descending rays.

Its tenacity was proven insufficient.

“Seven Martial Pavilion… the one in the legend…” The majority didnt recognize these special pavilions and the masters within.

However, these masters werent weaker than any of the current ancient ancestors.

Only those who have lived for an immensely long time recognized the pavilions.

“The pavilions truly exist” Listeners nearby were caught off guard.

This was a legendary lineage that had been the topic of many cultivators.

Its just that none had seen it before.

As time passed, future descendants believed that this was only an old story, nothing more.

Today, it finally appeared during Eight Desolaces existential crisis.

“The nine Heavenly Treasures are proven to be real, so why cant the pavilions be real too” A high ancestor said.

Others agreed with this logic because they once thought that the nine treasures were mere legends.

Today, the first treasure has shown up.

It wasnt that strange for the pavilions to do so either.

“Boom!” A figure appeared out of thin air.

No one saw how she got there.

Adorned in an armor set glowing with a faint blue light that didnt diminish her beauty - curvy where necessary, slender in all the other places.

Of course, the thing attracting everyones attention was not her exquisite appearance but her aura and temperament.

An oceanic aura came from her.

Staring at her made people feel as if they were in front of a beach, ready for a relaxing break.

However, this aura was unyielding, not gentle in the slightest.

She was a tsunami hitting the sky and the cliffs, not the soft waves to be enjoyed.

Everyone felt threatened by her due to her godly properties.

With her around, all the other “gods” feel fake.

“She looks like a god of the seas.” One spectator only caught a glimpse and averted their gaze, not daring to be disrespectful.

They felt that staring at her too much was unacceptable due to her status.

One word popped up in their mind - Sea God.

“Not a sea god, she, she is the Seven Martial God!” A high ancestor from the east couldnt believe it.

“Im not familiar with this figure.” Someone else asked.

“Me neither, Ive only heard stories.” The high ancestor nodded and said: “Seven Martial Pavilion has a true god, a defender of the ocean from the darkness.

She exists to fight a particular curse from an unknown race.”

“Curse” The person didnt expect this.

“It came from a progenitor, according to the rumors.” The high ancestor said.

A Divine Monarch nearby whispered: “Something like what Dao Sanqian did If that lineage has any survivors, they would be inflicted by his curse.”

“Right, cultivating his dao is nothing more than a curse.” The high ancestor shuddered.

“Pop!” The martial god finally opened her eyes, seemingly awakening from a long slumber.

Her eyes were as bright as the stars and illuminated the dark world above.

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