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“Die, die, die!”

In the overwhelming sound waves, the evil cores avatar kidnapped the human and took away his two items, then left while cackling evilly, “Hehehehehe, the last person who opposed the evil race has long been annihilated in both spirit and soul.

As for you, this stumbling block, you will finally stop here!”

Seeing this, countless evil spirits echoed and roared, “Humans will ultimately die!”

“Evil will win!!”

“The great evil race will ultimately win.”

The yin energies formed a ten-thousand-meter wave that almost shook the entire world! Even the outer isolation barrier that was previously set up was so triggered that it kept buzzing.

For a moment, it seemed as if the entire evil space was laughing at the overconfidence of the human race and Gods world that Chu Feng represented.

They were laughing at the fact that the living beings of Gods world would simply be crushed to death by the evil world in the future! Thinking of the future that it was looking forward to, the main evil core, which was temporarily connected to its avatar, couldnt help but roar with laughter that was full of confidence.

“No matter how powerful you are, youre just so-so.”

The time of two breaths was extremely short.

Soon, the mass of black yin energy that was formed from the evil cores avatar wrapped around the disaster pond, the blood pool pearl, and the young man, then arrived at the edge of the battlefield.

The hole that it had left when it barged in had been completely restored in just a few breaths.

There was no trace of the barrier being broken at all.

In other words, if the evil cores avatar wanted to leave with its treasures, it had to open the passage again!

This was originally an obstacle, but for the avatar that had just successfully broken in, it was not much of a concern.

Even if the spatial barrier set up by that person could block the endless yin energy, it could not stop him, the supervisor of the evil space! After all, it had just entered easily, so how could it be trapped inside instead

“Hmph…” The avatar had just started sneering, but in the next instant, it was so shocked that it cried out in disbelief, “H-how is this possible!”

The space barrier that had been like a sieve had become impregnable in the blink of an eye!

The evil cores avatar continued to bombard the barrier in disbelief.

However, no matter how many attacks it launched, the spatial barrier that had been buzzing previously was now as solid as a mountain, and there was no response from it at all.

A shocked voice echoed through the void, “Impossible! This is impossible!”

On the other side, the evil main core, which was observing the situation on the battlefield through its split avatar, was also shocked.

It simply couldnt understand why its treasure-snatching and human-kidnaping trip had abruptly stopped at this step.

In its panic, the main core issued an order to its evil subordinates, including the bone bride, “Assist the avatar in breaking the spatial barrier around the bone pond!”

After the order was given, all the evil beings in the evil space received the latest order from their supervisor.

After a while, the yin energies that were closer to the white bone pond sub-battlefield and the white bone bride who was in the barrier all followed the instructions of their supervisor and attacked the invisible barrier.


“Boom! Boom!”


The sounds of bombardment even drowned out the lingering curses of “die” and “kill”.

Without the interference of the curses, the teenager, who had been stunned, regained his senses while trapped in the ball of black death energy.

He raised his hand to wipe the fresh blood from the corner of his lips.

Without moving much, he sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes to rest.

At this time, the protective mechanism in Chu Fengs body had long been activated! The evil gods curse had just been lured out by the word-by-word curses of “die” and “kill” before being nullified in just a breath when the automatic mechanism Chu Feng had set in advance to “immediately detoxify the curses poison in the body” was activated and took effect very quickly.

At this moment, whether it was Chu Fengs main consciousness, consciousness Number One, or the consciousness bodies, they were no longer affected by the curse!

Although teenager Number Ones face was still a little pale, he recovered to his best condition after a short rest.

In the sub-battlefield of the white bone pond, the rumbling sounds continued.

Seeing this, the sense of uneasiness in the evil cores avatar became increasingly intense.

It could not understand why the barrier had become stronger when the person who set it up was already half-unconscious.

The avatar was baffled, and so was the main core.

However, they had no other way now.

After all, no matter what, they couldnt allow themselves to be restricted by this barrier.

As such, the order to attack the barrier together was still carried out by the evil beings.

“Boom! Boom!”


For a moment, the evil space was filled with endless rumbling sounds.

After a few seconds, most of the evil spirits could only hear a buzzing sound.

Seeing that all the evil spirits in the sub-battlefield of the white bone pond were doing everything they could to no avail, the evil main core was mentally tired.

When it realized that the battle in the game ground outside was not in its favor, it decided to put it aside for the time being and split some of its attention to searching the evil space.

It thought, “By the time I find a suitable evil array and set it up as the source of resurrection array, the barrier at the white bone pond wouldve been broken.”

At that time, it would only need to catalyze part of the evil spawn and everything would be settled.

With that, it could then salvage more evil sources.

The more it thought about it, the more the evil core felt pleased.

Now that the human Beastmaster had been captured, hed be turned into fertilizer for the evil spawns soon.

As for those powerful beasts outside, they wouldnt be able to do anything no matter how powerful they were!

With this thought in mind, the evil main core felt that the protective barrier was the final obstacle to its victory.

It didnt take long for all the evil beings in the evil space to hear the supervisors voice, “The evil races victory is right in front of us!”

That satisfied smile reverberated through the void.

But then, a clear male voice retorted indifferently, “Is that so”

The three words were not loud or heavy, but they penetrated the various reverberating sounds and hit straight into the main cores heart.

The evil main core couldnt come back to its senses and replied casually, “thats for sure.

The great evil race has always been invincible!”

Hearing this, the man laughed, “Oh But youre all trapped in a cage.”

As soon as he finished speaking, many of the evil spirits were enraged.

“Kill, kill him!”

“Damn you human! Youre on the verge of death, yet you still dare to be stubborn!”

“How dare you offend the great evil race! You deserve to be killed!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“Go to hell!”

Enraged by that one sentence, the countless evil spirits united and suggested to the evil main core, “Respected supervisor, lets forget about turning him into fertilizer.

Lets just destroy this lowly inferior species until its soul is completely destroyed!”

they thought that the voice came from the teenager who was controlled by the evil cores avatar.

Now that they were enraged, they would naturally attack the enemy first.

The killing curses that had stopped for a moment earlier sounded out once more.

“Die… Die…”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

“… Buzz!”

At this moment, the main core was angry yet disdained to attack, so it gave orders, “Avatar, why are you not hastily letting him know what it means to beg for death”

In the sub-battlefield of the white bone pond, the evil cores avatar that was immersed in attacking the barrier suddenly came back to its senses.

It subconsciously sensed the teenager and the two objects, and its heart thumped as it panicked, “Respected, respected supervisor…”

It stammered, not daring to say it out loud, but it had to, “I… Im afraid hes gone!”

Hearing this, all the evil spirits were stunned and unwilling to believe it.

The main core was in disbelief as it roared, “What!”

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