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Ye Fan held Dudu’s small body gently.

With a slight smile on her mouth, she wanted this time to be a bonding moment between Dudu and He Han.


Dudu  had been angry at He Han for so many days, so it was time to make up.


Dudu must have wanted to continue to revert to how things were like before— following Uncle He every day and becoming a conscientious little follower.

The only thing that changed was that he had become his father.


He Han’s voice softened a bit again, “I also really want to be Dudu’s Papa soon.

I want to take Dudu to different places all around, play Dudu’s favorite games…”


He Han counted the activities that he wanted to experience with Dudu and Ye Fan in the future.


Dudu listened carefully.

Each time he heard a sentence, his eyes lit up a little, and at the end, those orbs were full of anticipation.


The smile on He Han’s lips grew larger, “I wonder if Dudu can give me this opportunity to make it up to Dudu”


Dudu just hesitated for a moment before he quickly raised his eyes to look at He Han.


Dudu’s monotonous eyes carried the purity of a child and he emphasized in a milky voice, “What about Mama”


He Han and Ye Fan were stunned at the same time.

He Han subconsciously looked at Ye Fan’s expression, but he could only see her side profile, not her expression at this time.


He Han withdrew his gaze and said in a very serious tone, “The three of us will do all these things together.”


Dudu bit his lip lightly with his still-growing teeth.

He hesitated for a few seconds and then released his strength, “Okay then, Dudu will forgive you…”


In the next second, Dudu said another word.




Dudu buried himself in Ye Fan’s shoulder and his tone was dull, but if one listened carefully, they could still hear the joy that could not be hidden in the words.


He Han held Dudu’s armpit and hugged him from Ye Fan’s arms.

The child was also rather obedient, not resisting it as he did the last time.


He Han held Dudu’s chubby little body and Dudu couldn’t help but giggle.

He fluttered his calves as he was in a very good mood.


Dudu’s little fingers were hooked together and wrapped around He Han’s neck.

His grip was tight, not wanting to let go at all as He Han circled his child’s entire body.


He looked at Ye Fan, who also smiled at him.


In the study just now, as Cheng Ping already knew the cause and effect of the incident, she was also happy for the family of three.


He Han and Ye Fan played with Dudu for a while.

When He Han was about to leave, Dudu was still reluctant to do so and even sent his father out to the car.


Under He Han’s various promises, Dudu waved goodbye to him.


The ‘Superstar Project’ program team once again concealed the contents of the next game.


After the six contestants returned home, they were going to rush back to the program recording site two days before the live broadcast, where the competition would be announced  by that time.

And on Sunday night, this show would eliminate three more people.


That is to say, in the end, three players would advance to the top three.Then, they were going to compete for the role of Hu Manjun in the final round of the finale.


After a period of training, each player’s ability had been greatly improved, so it was still unknown as to who could become the champion in the end.


Because of her continuous improvement, Ye Fan’s abilities in all aspects were rising.

Under the guidance of the dance teacher, her skills in dancing were no longer a weakness.


On this day, after discussing with Ye Fan, he decided to take Dudu to the snow-capped mountains near the city to play.


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