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[Didnt you guys know Many big bosses wanted to marry off their daughters into the He family.

The niece of He Xuns stepmother is still pestering He Xun as well.]

[Im an ordinary person, so I really dont know He Xun.

But I do know about the He Group.

Besides, if my eyes are not deceiving me, then with He Xuns appearance and figure, he should be much better than Nie Suijing, right]

[I know the most good-looking professor at A University, He Song! He should be He Xuns brother! He is gentle and refined.

He gives us the feeling that he must have been raised in a very cultured family.]

[Looking at the photo, He Xun is also a noble young master.

This temperament, this figure, this appearance, hes amazing! Please take me by force too!]

[Sister, wake up! Stop dreaming.

Let me bear this pain for you.

Please take off my monastic robe by force!]

The situation was out of control.

The netizens had all forgotten that they had just accused Chen Weiers husband of evil deeds.

Now, each and every one of them wished they could become Chen Weier and enjoy a beautiful dream.

Ten minutes later, He Xun had become the nations husband!

At this time, the press from the Heaven Blessed Charity Foundation also released a video on the official account of the person who announced the highest donation.

At this moment, the netizens saw He Xun moving!

If the He Xun in the photo was crowned thenations husband because of his face, then the He Xun in the video was regarded as the nations male god!

He was a high and mighty deity.

He Xun was someone not to be trifled with!

In the video, He Xun had an elegant temperament and a majestic posture.

He had one hand around Chen Weiers waist.

When he looked into her eyes, the love in his eyes could overflow from the screen.

And the smile and love in Chen Weiers eyes didnt seem fake too.

Everyone could tell that the two of them were genuinely in love.

At this time, the netizens began to doubt Nie Suijings long post.

After all, from the looks of it, He Xun and Chen Weier looked like a perfect match.

They didnt seem to be unwilling at all!

On the other hand, Nie Suijings appearance and figure were far inferior to He Xuns, and his temperament was also incomparable.

[Am I the only one who thinks that Chen Weier and He Xun are a good match The sweetness between these two almost transcended the screen!]

[The beautiful little wife together with the cold and overbearing president.

Is there anyone who can write a novel based on them I can spend money to read it! Brothers and sisters, start writing.]

[I agree to this marriage!]

[Really, Nie Suijing doesnt deserve Chen Weier.]

One sentence after another, the direction of the discussion on the internet changed completely once more.

Everyone felt that Chen Weiers choice was correct.

After all, any normal person would know what to choose, right


Who would eat a plain and bland dish when there was a luxurious meal in front of you

Chen Weier, who had been holding her phone and refreshing it non-stop, also couldnt eat properly.

She held He Xuns hand and looked anxious.

“The person in charge hasnt released the footage earlier.

What is taking them so long”

“Dont worry.

I already asked Secretary Yang to handle the matter.”

As soon as He Xun learned about Nie Suijings farce, he instructed Yang Zui to get the surveillance video from earlier as soon as possible.

It was just that the person in charge had gotten off work a long time ago and was on his way back.

“Ill register an account first then.

I have to clarify things tonight! If we drag this on, everyone will think that were in the wrong!” Although Chen Weier was anxious, she was still clear-headed.

Her past relationship with Nie Suijing could not be denied.

She couldnt call it fake.

But the photos Nie Suijing uploaded tonight were obviously taken from different angles!

This was the trap Nie Suijing had set for her.

He was waiting for her to fall into it!

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang.

Chen Weier quickly checked the message.

It was a video sent by Yang Zui.

The video clearly showed that Chen Weier left immediately as soon as Nie Suijing came over.

But Nie Suijing stopped her.

He didnt care about her struggle and grabbed her tightly.

This was enough to clear things up!

Chen Weier quickly registered an account under her own name, typed a few more lines of words, and sent it along with the video.

[When I was young and ignorant, I did have a relationship with Mr.

Nie Suijing, but we broke up several years ago.

Im now married to my husband who is loyal to me.

We love each other.

Contrary to Mr.

Nies claims, it is not aforced relationship.]

[Today, Mr.

Nie harassed me in public.

I called the police immediately.

Thank you all for your praise of my husband and me.

Please dont talk about my past relationship anymore.

Its truly unfair to my husband.]

[Finally, please pay attention to the next step of the Heaven Blessed Charity Foundation.

My husband and I will be committed to charity and contributing to society.]

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