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*Back to present*

They reached home as the Guards opened the gate as Suho drove the car in the garage, which was accompanied by many other cars.

As each of them got of the car, Han noticed that one car wasn present in the garage other then her dads which was with him. Her mothers car… wasn there…

"Oppa, is eomma not home?" Han asked as she side hugged Hae Hyun standing next to the car in the garage looking at her brother who just got out of the car after turning it off.

Suho looked at the missing car and spoke.

"Uhh..seems as so." He said as he shifted his eyes from the missing cars place to his sisters face, as he shrugged.

"Seems eomma had business…even after this god damn…scandal.. That almost ruined us.." Hae Hyun mumbled as she looked down walking inside the house. As Suho heard..

The three walked in as Hae Hyun went in her bedroom wanting to rest. While Han was going to go in her room... Until her brother tugged her Sleeve.

"Han, I can sense something wrong what is it…?" Suho spoke seriously as Hans eyes went from his hand to her brothers eyes.

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