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(people I apologize for my grammatical mistakes my laptop or sometimes phone makes wrong words seem correct even with grammarly so my apologize feel free to correct me)

As the 3 got out of the room and walked to the exit of the school, while walking stares, those digesting musk looks... Were given plastered on everyones eyes.. While looking at the 3... Ofc they noticed.. But ignored, ignoring it right now was the best.. And so they put their bags in the trunk and sat down normally in the car as Suho drove off to the house.

*At the house(rewind back in time to the morning)

Right after the children left the parents were still eating until Mr. Kang had to leave for work.

"Honey, you are being late for work" his wife reminded him looking at him innocently like a kid munching with her doe eyes.

Her husbands eyes went on his wifes face... And..




"HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!" Mr. Kang laughed like he saw the funniest thing, making his wife frown.

"Yah!, why are you laughing!?" his wife asked frowning in confusing with a fork in her hand that rested on the table.

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