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(note the chapter names all together at the end will have a dialogue msg hehe so they don mean anything to the current chapter)

As Han got done with her and told her to get cleaned up, Hae Hyun took the aid kit and said.

"unnie.. could you turn around?" Hae Hyun asked innocently.

"Whyy?..." Han replied while being unsure.

"just turnn!!" Hae Hyun said un-patiently trying to make her sister turn as she tried to move her around with her hands.

" Okay! okay! okay!! ill turnn" Han said turning around with a little chuckle, as her back faced her sisters face now.

Hae Hyun was hesitant at first but grabbed her sisters shirt from the back which was tucked in her pants and pulled it a bit up.., but before she could pull it up fully Hans eyes widened as she almost jumped off the couch.

"Y y yahhhh!!!. w w what do u think u are doing!?" Han asked as she turned to face her sister in a bit of shock thinking of one of the worst possible very wrong things... Ahem..

"huh!?, w what!?, YAH! how can u think like that!?? Obvi no way, eh noo!" Hae Hyun said loudly and as if she was rapping with high notes as in defense..

.... Han cleared her throat...


"w w well.." Han said stuttering a little, "I don know!! I don trust you okay!! The last time I let u do this u put mustered all over my back saying its cream with ice cubes!!" Han Said in one breath pointing frantically, looking everywhere as she wanted to clear herself out as well... For the wrong thinking...

Hae Hyun looked at her sister with a what the hell look.

"Well, I wouldn mind doing that again?" Hae Hyun said looking to her left and then at her sister with a are u serious grin. "YAH! Do you think REALLY I will do that to u!?!? I don even have anything like that! u dumb ass!!" Hae Hyun said as she grabbed her sisters hand and dragged her making her sit on the couch, as Hae Hyun and Han sat in the same position with Hans back facing Hae Hyun.

"Yahhh!! Hyuniee!! Don tt!! ; my back is completely normal!!" Han said as she tried to stop her sister which was useless...

Hae Hyun again lifted a bit of her sisters shirt as Han let her as she couldn stop her anytime soon, and as she lifted the shirt only thing to reveal was a badly bruised back with reddish-purple markings...due to the previous incident, it was painful to see as blood dripped out from small spots cuz of sensitive skin... Covering only bits of the markings that were imprinted on her back... Even though every corner ached, even tho it felt as if someone was poking needles in the back non-stop...not even a single tear had fallen from Hans eyes..

Hae Hyun slowly gently traced the imprint markings with her hands with a look of pity...it wasn just that pity it was also a look mixed of worry thinking is she actual okay?.., terror knowing that the worst thing could happen. Why though...we did nothing wrong, what even is happening?

Well, all I know is that I hate this world...I hate its people...they are cruel.. manipulative...painful.. liars...users... nothing more nothing better only worse..

Hae Hyun slowly tended the wound as Han hissed in pain..

"ahhhishh....." She frowned and shut her eyes as it hurt.

"ah, sorry....ill be gentler," Hyunie said as she implemented her words into her actions.

After they both were done tending each others wounds they both got cleaned up in the bathroom which was in the room and changed into clean clothes both wore hoodies and sweat pants as it was cold..and they needed to wear loose stuff according to their injuries. Han called someone as the phone rang. They knew staying here anymore longer will be the worst possible thing to do and situations would get worse...

"ringg---inggg- ringg" phone ringing (idk how to type what a call ring sounds like hmph!)

*someone picked up*

" Eoh, yeobosaeyo?" "-meaning-hello" The person spoke from the other side said.

"meaning-yes" "Nae, yeobosaeyo..Ah..can you come to get me from school? Right now, please??!; Han said while on call.

"Whyy... Is everything alright??" The person on the other side said worriedly unsure..

"Well...umm ju-



I really speak my heart in this book hope it speaks to you guys too...


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