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Until she held the belt before he could hit her again... she grabbed the belt and turned around holding it but before she could throw it away a teacher came, and without hesitation, the boy acted as a victim yelling to stop as the others acted scared by Han..

"W-we didn do anything-hing p-p-pease d-don hit m-me.." the boy said fakely stuttering in a shaking tone covering himself with his arms as a way of protection from a harmless human who was beaten up instead... and blamed instead..

Hae Hyung herself was too much in shock to even notice what was happening.. Hans grip on the belt loosened... as she heard the teacher yells for others, other students, and a few teachers gathering around...

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK U ARE DOING HAN BYEOL!" one of the sirs yelled aloud as it echoed in the whole basketball court as everyone went from gossiping to quiet.

Han looked at the sir as innocently as she was, as the belt fell from her hands...

ing! was heard as the belt fell

" Can u explain your action?! Han Byeol!" the sir said once again..as he walked closer to the two, As Hae Hyun had finally come to her senses as she stood up terrified and clenched on her sisters sleeve before Han answered the sir as he was walking towards them, she took her cardigan off and covered her sister with it as her shirt was a bit torn.. and had blood stain..it wasn an appealing sight.

"S-sir.." Han spoke up a bit afraid..

"What Han Byeol do u have an explanation?" the Sir said.

Han sighed taking a deep breath, "sir, please don miss understand I didn and wasn paying on doing what u are probably thinking"

"Sir Its okay.." the boy said acting scared and forgiving... was it even her fault in the first place..Why did they have to do it!?! why do they have to act all innocent? is it really my fault for some damn scandal smile Han smile!

" Sul Yun are u okay? " the sir asked the boy, ass his eyes landed on Hae Hyun... the sir scoffed "u really didn leave ur sister either?!" the sir said misunderstanding the whole situation.

( i really do write crap heh, what can I do I am the same heh jkkk I am amazing ahem)

before the sir could say anything and Han who was already humiliated get more humiliated not even trying to clear herself out of a mess she just held her sisters arm and only said.

"keep misunderstanding situations u will only regret." as she helped her sister out of that area which had only people who can evennnnnn think straight looking at a possible situation, only a light scoff left Hans mouth, as she helped her nearly badly injured and lost sister for the first time her heart ached badly. It was all normal having people talk, but going to a stanza like this I wanted to choke each one of them we are humans its not like money can fix a broken heart...all the time..


its like 3;40 am right now i am tired as helllllll so see u guys I guess later ahem...good night or good morning!!!

Love from


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