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26th April 2022. Monday

Seoul - S.Korea

It was a normal day... nothing out of the ordinary. The Kang family thats is widely known for their successful business for a wide range of food productions, with approximately 2.7 trillion won sales revenue.

Their life was a life to dream of as others said, having the best outfit wear, the best-branded items, the best 5-star food placed in front of you, a huge mansion to live in, the most expensive cars, and being able to access the most expensive prestigious school and most of all not having to worry much about many things.

That was the life of Kang Han byeol from the perspective of others... The second daughter was 16 years old having a perfect life it seemed with everything she wanted but she wasn a spoiled brat but In fact was a bit humble, smart, calm, violent if needed to be, and mysterious type. She had two siblings her brother and a sister.

Brother: Kang Suho, 20 years old, doesn care about much pretty free-handed, laid back but possessively violent if crossed the line.

Sister: Kang Hae-Hyun, 15 years old, sweet to whom she is close to, doesn like being controlled, would do anything to save someone if she could unless the person is threatening.

Han was lightly shook by one of her maids who had woken her up for school. "maam wake up you have school" she said kindly.. "hmm I am up! Im up! don throw any water!! thx" Han said sitting straight up. The maid chuckled "yes maam ur outfits outcome down for breakfast when ready" she smiled. "okay but please don call me maam I feel old...ahem.. plus you are older than me no need to respect unnie(elder sister)" Han shot a smile and went to the bathroom. While the maid smiled to herself as in fact, it was the first time someone treated her with some respect the maid left...

(believe me, the story will get better these are fills but u need to read them trust me!!! Trust author nim!! Thank you!)

Han got out of the bathroom dressed in some gray wide-leg pants and an expensive Chanel black cardigan with a thin and a bit tight white vest underneath, Han grabbed her phone and went downstairs for breakfast.

As she walked down the stairs scrolling through Instagram. She was hit by another news of her parents being in yet another love affair scandal. She went to the lounge to her mom and showed her the news as Appa saw from the back.

"eomma why do you and appa keep getting in scandals??" Han said looking at her with the phone turned to her mothers face, her mother who surprisingly actually seemed nervous this time... But no one noticed except Han, but she didn utter a word about the feelings. "eomma this is ur ex-boss right? Why and how did u get in a scandal with him" suho Hans brother spoke, surprised..while haehyun kept eating her breakfast not giving a damn to this world.

"honey, did u meet up with him? how come there be a scandal" Mr.Kang her husband spoke.

"ah..honey" she did a light smile looking at him behind her "I didn meet up with him, why should I?" she said and looked to the side and then back at him.. she put her hand on her his arm

"scandals, keep happening its nothing to worry about hum? lets eat now the foods getting cold" she got up and walked to the dining table trying to ignore further questions. the other looked as eomma had walked away, "should I be worried.." appa said questioning how his wife just acted. "nope" was heard from suho and Han as they walked to the dining table to eat. "I think something will happen, something not good....?" Haehyun said using her youngest childs intuition.

"No nothing to worry about, nothing will happen don say such things" eomma scolded her.

They all finished eating and appa and eomma left to work while Suho Han and Haehyun sat in the same car, as Suho drove to their school dropping Han and Haehyun off and drove to his university. Wishing the scandals didn reach the mouths of the student in the school... It was u fortunate as this one didn just spread all around the classroom nor all around the campus but around half of the city...

What the universe will be serving her on her plate won seem to taste good. But to cover it up it may look good...


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