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invincible Chapter 30: Leaving Huang Clan Manor

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Chapter 30: Leaving Huang Clan Manor

As Huang Qide and Huang Ming arrived at the entrance of the small courtyard, Fei Hou extended his hand to block their path; only Huang Peng was allowed in.

This put Huang Qide and Huang Ming in an awkward position. Both of them wanted to get angry but dared not show any anger.

Fei Hou had a deadpan expression on and his demeanor was calm and indifferent; despite the forced smile on Huang Mings face, Fei Hou continued to block their path.

At this moment, Huang Peng went up to Huang Xiaolong and said, “Xiaolong, would you let ...”

Huang Xiaolong nodded at Fei Hou, and when Fei Hou saw him nod, he put his hand down, allowing Huang Qide and Huang Ming to enter the yard.

Only then did Huang Qide and Huang Ming feel relieved and they nodded in thanks, with broad smiles on their faces. Especially Huang Ming, whose behavior was extremely respectful as they walked into Huang Xiaolongs small yard.

“What did you come for” Huang Xiaolong asked with indifference. “If I remember correctly, this your first time coming to this little courtyard of mine, right”

As far back as Huang Xiaolong could remember, his Grandfather Huang Qide and his uncle Huang Ming had never come to visit him in his courtyard.

Both Huang Qide and Huang Mings faces became red with embarrassment, but fortunately, the sky was turning dark thus it wasnt obvious.

“Xiaolong, your Grandfather and Eldest Uncle came to invite you to join the New Year feast.” Huang Peng stepped up and said to his son, coming to Huang Qide and Huang Mings rescue.

Every year during the annual Clan Assembly, after the disciples sparring event on the first day, a banquet would be held on the following day. The Huang Clan Manor would hold a big feast to celebrate the New Year. Other than the elders, only the best of three generations most talented disciples could attend the feast.

Truth be told, Huang Xiaolong should have attended last year feast when he defeated Huang Wei and won the event, but no one came to invite him, and just like the Spirit Pool, both privileges were given to Huang Wei.

“Right, right, right, Xiaolong, we came to invite you to the feast.” Huang Ming quickly followed up with a smiling face as if Huang Xiaolong were the Eldest Manor Lord, and he was just an ordinary Huang Clan Manor servant that was sent over to invite him.

Although Huang Qide did not speak, he still wore a dazzling smile.

Being invited personally by these two to join the end of the year feast was a first since Huang Clan Manor was established. In so many years, only Huang Xiaolong had the honor.

But, Huang Xiaolong answered coldly, “No thanks, I still need to practice.”

The smiles on Huang Qide and Huang Mings faces stiffened.

“Xiaolong you!” Beside him, Huang Peng panicked and blurted out.

“Dad, you know my temper!” Huang Xiaolong replied.

In this situation, Huang Peng dont know what to say, this son of his sometimes could be very stubborn, and once he had decided on something, neither he nor his wife could make him change his mind.

But, Huang Qide motioned his hand at Huang Peng and with a sincere expression looking at Huang Xiaolong, he said: “Xiaolong, what I did in the past was wrong and biased, but I hope that you wont hate me. From now on, no matter what you want, as long as you request it, I will agree.”

Huang Xiaolong remained impassive. Of course, he knew why his Grandfather lowered himself to come over and invite him, acting polite; it was all because of the talent he had exposed, and the fact that there was a peak late-Tenth Order expert behind him. Why else would his Grandfather humble himself like this

Huang Xiaolong kept quiet and didnt reply.

Huang Qide did not get angry when he saw this, but sighed in his heart as he continued, “Your father said that you would be leaving to train outside after the New Year”

Huang Xiaolong glanced at his father, Huang Peng, and when Huang Peng was about to speak, Huang Qide beat him to it. “Dont blame your Dad; I unintentionally overheard him.” Then, his tone suddenly changed, “Xiaolong, I dont hope that you would forgive me, but Grandfather wants you to know, the Huang Clan Manor and I will always wait for your return, and the Huang Clan Manor is forever your home!”

Huang Qides expression became a little wistful as he took out a small jade bottle. “A few years ago, Grandfather hired an alchemist to refine a Grade Four Spirit Dan, Dragon Tiger Fundamental Dan; its hugely beneficial in enhancing battle qi.”

Huang Ming was shocked when he saw his father take out the Fundamental Dragon Tiger Dan; it was an incredibly rare top Grade Four Spirit Dan. His father had kept it for more than a dozen years, but now he was actually giving it to Huang Xiaolong!

A Grade Four Spirit Dan Huang Xiaolong had hesitated for a moment before he received the bottle.

When Huang Qide saw Huang Xiaolong take the bottle, a bright smile bloomed on his face, as if it was Huang Xiaolong who gave him a Grade Four Spirit Dan and not the other way round.

But, when his smile was most dazzling, Huang Xiaolong passed the bottle to his father who was beside him, “Dad, take this Dragon Tiger Fundamental Dan.”

Instantly the bright smile on Huang Qides face vanished, and both Huang Ming and Huang Peng were dazed.

“Xiaolong, you cant!” Huang Peng was about to refuse when Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and said, “Dad, youre now at peak the late-Sixth Order and need this Dragon Tiger Fundamental Dan more than me. Dont refuse anymore, take it.” And just like that Huang Xiaolong gave away the very precious pellet.

Huang Peng received the jade bottle from his son with a helpless expression.

Huang Xiaolong then turned to look at his Grandfather who was no longer smiling, and said, “You gave it to me, and I gave it to Dad, you have dont have a problem with that, right”

“Oh, oh, not at all! It makes no difference if your Dad uses it, its all the same.” Huang Qide replied with a smile but his heart was dripping blood; a top Grade Four Spirit Dan ah! He had kept it for more than ten years!

A short while later, Huang Qide, Huang Ming, and Huang Peng left the small courtyard.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong didnt join them in the feast.

The feast was held in the front hall, and just like the previous years, it was a lively, grand, and festive occasion, but somehow, Huang Qide, who sat in the main seat, wasnt feeling the festivity at all.

In contrast to the liveliness of the front hall, Huang Xiaolongs small courtyard was quiet. Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the cold jade bed, running the Asura Tactics exercise to absorb the netherworlds spiritual aura as it gushed down on him.

Huang Xiaolong had now reached the second stage of Asura Tactics.

According to the illustrations, when one reached the highest level of Asura Tactics, he could open the Asuras Gate connected to the Asura Realm. But he wasnt sure if it was true.

Two days passed quickly, and New Year arrived.

This New Year, the Eastern Courtyard was livelier compared to previous years and Huang Xiaolong spent time with his parents, his little sister and his brother. The air was filled with laughter.

For Huang Xiaolong knew, the next time he would see his parents, little sister and brother would be in a year.


New Year came and went.

The next day, Huang Qide, Huang Ming, and all of Huang Clan Manors elders, and housekeepers stood at the square before Huang Clan Manors main entrance: everyone was there to bid Huang Xiaolong farewell.

Her son was about to travel far away, Su Yans eyes were red-rimmed as she hugged Huang Xiaolong tightly. “You must be careful while traveling.”

“Mom, I know.” Huang Xiaolongs eyes too were red, and he quickly turned away and left with Fei Hou.


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