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The Big Tree Guardians explosive output and Skill refresh mechanism stunned everyone present.

Even the teachers and University observers who were invigilating the exam couldnt help but show a surprised expression and stood up from their chairs.

One of the University observers said with uncertainty, “That thing should have a Platinum-grade dungeon Boss panel, right!”

“He should!” An observer from another famous university said,

“Each of those three lonely Yanan brothers of Yanan should have 8,000 HP, and high defense.”

“But this Golden Knight only used five Skills to kill one of them.

This means that his Skill damage has reached more than 1,500 points, completely crushing the three shadows of Yanan brothers.”

“Looking at the effects of his Skills, its obvious that hes a Knight whose attributes can be adjusted according to the enemy.”

“Youre saying—” The third University Observer choked “That thing is a summoned creature with a Class Panel and a dungeon Boss Panel”

The famous school observer nodded and said, “Eight or nine out of ten,”

“I can only say that this female student is a pearl covered in dust.

Her Awakened Talent should be the one to get the status of a special enrollment student.”

“That Priest student— who decided to take the close-combat route, isnt good.”

“Although it looks like his damage is very high, and he can also heal himself and his teammates to dispel the negative states, the price is that he has to fight the enemy in close combat.

This is undoubtedly putting himself in an extremely dangerous situation.”

“He doesnt have the power of a Tank, the parry of a swordsman, or the lifesteal and super armor of a Warrior.

He doesnt have the multi-displacement and mobility of an Assassin.”

“Think about it,”

“In a real battlefield, facing those powerful enemies, especially those with strong crowd control Skills, wouldnt he be easily beaten”

“By the time he realized this, he wont even have the chance to escape.

Hell be instantly killed by the enemys concentrated fire, without any damage output throughout the whole battle.”

“Then, could it be that this kid deliberately held back a trick, not wanting us to know his true strength” A certain observer assistant who didnt know anything asked curiously

“After all, hes a special enrollment student recommended by the members of the Professional Alliance in Rivertown.”

“If his Skill level is really that average…”

“It wouldnt make any sense.”

The observer from the famous school shook his head.

“No,” He said.

“Youre mistaken.”

“Im not saying that hes bad.”

“Its the opposite,”

“This students detailed performance is the best among the three.

Whether its the timing of his moves, the timing of his dodges, or his reaction to the enemys attack, hes at the top of the class.”

“In the official college entrance examination, he could get the highest score in all aspects, including tactics, awareness, and personal performance.”

“All I wanted to say….”

“This students train of thought as a close-combat Priest is too restrictive.

If his Awakened Talent doesnt give him enough survival ability, putting him in a chaotic battlefield is almost equivalent to taking the initiative to throw his life away.”

“Its better to just be a backline Priest, only in charge of healing and dispelling.”

“Even if his Awakened Talent gives him a certain degree of survival ability, allowing him to become an existence that can resist, fight, and heal, he is only an all-around Professional with strong combat power.

There are too many geniuses and experts who can replace him.”

“Theres nothing special about it.”

The school observer continued, “but that female students awakened talent is different.”

“She could summon a clone of herself.”

“Not only does the clone have high intelligence, but it also has a strong combat awareness and perfect operational details.

It can also synchronize with the owners equipment and Skill effects, and call a Boss-level creature with two panels to be its helper, hehe.”

“When she grows up in the future, that female student can completely hide in safety and let her summoned creatures go to the front line alone to fight the enemy, becoming a combat personnel behind the scenes.”

“Even if the clone cant defeat the enemy, her life wont be in danger.

Only the summoned clone will die.”

“Not only that.

The beast summoned by this Awakened Talent usually comes with the ability to resurrect, even if its accidentally killed in battle, it can be summoned again and re-enter the battlefield after a moment.”

“If used properly, this doppelganger is equivalent to an immortal human-shaped combat weapon.

It can enter dangerous foreign planes at will and investigate the enemies and environment inside.”

“Think about it.

How much strategic value does that Priest kid have”

“Is he worthy of the special enrollment student status”

“F*ck…” The observers assistant reacted.

“It seems to be the case”

“No matter how high the damage output is, there are always substitutes.

However, it has the only special ability, and that is the treasure sword.”

“However,” The school observer continued, “What you said also makes sense.”

“This Lin Ye student might still have some hidden cards that hes not using.”

“After all, out of all the hard-level dungeons, Yanan Forest is just the simplest sample.

The difficulty of conquering it is not high, so there is no need for him to show his arrogance—”

Halfway through his words, the observer from the famous school suddenly froze.

He realized that after the Tree Guardian killed the Yanan brothers, the dungeon didnt have a “teleport gate”, which meant that they had not cleared the dungeon.

Which shouldnt be the case.

Those three brothers should be the end of it!

He watched as Lin Ye and the others continued to move north as if there were other dungeon Bosses that they needed to defeat.


“Whats going on”

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