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On the other side, after little Mumu used the Soul-Summoning Bell to summon the Big Tree Guardian, Lin Ye and the others continued to move north.

Killing these monsters was too easy, and the Big Tree Guardians strength had greatly increased.

He had already surpassed the Hex Teachers ability in a one-on-one fight.

Lin Ye wont be surprised if he could press the Hex Teacher to mop the ground.

So, just like before, Brother Tree didnt use any of his Skills and basically killed the surrounding enemies with his normal attacks.

It was similar to Lin Ye, who had been using his sword to cut these creatures out of their way.

As for the students who were watching the battle, they didnt realize the true strength of this Golden Knight and how abnormal it was.

Very quickly.

Lin Ye and the others arrived in front of the three lonely Yanan brothers who were in black robes.

Their attributes also appeared in their field of vision.

[Name: Yanans Shadow Brothers (Boss Panel)]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Gold ★★★★★]

[Skill: Weapon Enchantment•Flame, Tai Sword Five Consecutive Strikes, Horizontal Slash, Block]

[Description: These three creatures were originally three brothers of the church passing by the Yanan Forest, but they were infected by the snakes on the way and became crazy monsters with a broken consciousness.

They still recognize each other and will attack, even kill, any other creature that appears in front of them.]

“Hey, Lin Ye,” Su Mumu quietly called.

“How are we going to fight these three black-robed men”


“Its simple,” Lin Ye said, “Let the Big Tree Guardian start a group.”

“First, let him use theKnights Charge Skill to knock away the Yanan Shadow Brothers.

Then use theHeavenly Strike Skill.

Predict where it will land and change its flying state to a knocked down state.”

“Since the Big Tree Guardians normal attacks have high damage, once this Yanan Shadow falls and is stuck on the ground, they basically cant stand up again.”

“You and Bai Zhi can take the opportunity to attack it like crazy.

If you have any long-range Skills, just use them.

Theres no need to save your mana here.

Anyway, you and Bai Zhi wont be participating in the battle later on.

The mana you saved up earlier was to quickly get rid of this Boss.”

“After we kill the Big Brother, the remaining Yanan Shadow, the shadow with candle and the hammer weapon, the two younger brothers, will be left,”

“Just kill them.”

Su Mumu nodded in understanding.

“Alright,” She said.

“Thats easy.”

“Then lets just go up, yes”


“Yes” Lin Ye nodded, “Lets go,”

“Little Mumu, stand by.”

“You have to save your mana and Skills to deal with the new monsters that appear later.”

Upon hearing this, little Mumu gently nodded her head.

Unable to speak, she could only use this simple way to express herself.

After that, the battle began.

The Big Tree Guardian immediately activated the Knights Charge Skill and ran towards the three lonely Yanan brothers.

His movement speed began to increase continuously.

When it reached the maximum value, it entered the state of holding a gun.

It could knock away the first enemy that was hit and cause a large amount of physical damage.

The Yanan trios response was also very fast.

When they sensed the enemy approaching, they immediately pulled out the Tachi, candle tray, and thunder hammer from their waists and looked at the Big Tree Guardian, who was charging towards them like a heavy tank.

Theyre here!

Positioning and dodging!

The Big Tree GuardianKnights Charge was a lucky miss!

However, this area was a wasteland with little junk.

Although the Tree Guardians first round of charge didnt land its hit, he could continue the second round of charge as long as he maintained his maximum speed and circled back.

And so, the Tree Knight charged once more!

Charge again!

This time, Yanan Shadows luck wasnt so good.

His shoulder was pierced by the Tree Guardians golden spear, and he was quickly lifted into the air like a balloon.

Then he fell heavily on the ground seven or eight meters away.

[Prompt: The Big Tree GuardiansKnights Charge Skill has hit the Shadow of Yanan.

Oldest Brother had dealt 1,021 damage points.

The opponent has been sent flying!]

Heavenly Strike!


The Big Tree Guardian jumped high on his golden warhorse, like a meteorite falling from the sky, and fell on the Yanan Shadow, who had not had time to get up, and suddenly stabbed its belly.

The first damage landed on the ground!

[-1,920 HP!]

The second shock wave dealt damage!

[-1,112 HP!]

The Yanan Shadow•Oldest Brother has fallen to the ground and can not get up for two seconds!]

“Now!” Lin Ye shouted.

Su Mumu immediately raised her Meteorite Staff in her hand and used Fireball, Firestorm, Ignite, and Frost, setting up for the Melting effect.

Meanwhile, Bai Zhi waved her flaming red greatsword in her hand and released a flaming bird, which instantly flew to Yanans shadow.

The eldest of the trios face was hit with the Firebirds accumulated damage.

[-167 HP!]

[-237 HP!]

[-102 HP!]

[- 513 HP!]

[-1,012 HP!]

Immediately after, Su Mumu once again waved the staff in her hand, releasing Wind Butterfly, Poison Bubble, Wind Blade, and other Skills, all of which hit the Yanan Shadow in one breath.

Right of its face!

Bai Zhi didnt have any other long-range Skills.

If she fought in close combat, it was very likely that she would be targeted by the other two brothers and could get seriously injured by their Skills, even to the point of dying.

Therefore, she could only put away the big sword in her hand, take a few steps back, and silently watched at Su Mumu as she cast spell after spell.

As for Lin Ye—

The toughest of the three lonely Yanan brothers, “Tachi Brother”, was already a dead man.

If he used his Skills on it, it would only cause damage to himself and waste his mana.

It was far better to use them on the second, “Candle Brother” to hastened up the overall speed of clearing the game.


Lin Ye didnt expect this.

The Big Tree Guardians damage output had completely exploded.

It also had a new passive Skill, which would reduce the cooldown of his Skills after killing an enemy.

That was why Lin Ye had just fought Candle Brother in close combat.

He was planning to use Hidden Moon to chip the guy a few times and reduce its HP.

Then, he heard the system prompt that the Big Tree Guardian had already killed the Tachi wielder shadow brother.

“Master Lin Ye!”

“Let me deal with this ant!”

The Tree Guardian descended from the sky and pierced the neck of “Candle Brother”, causing a bright red critical damage number.

Leap Slash!


[-2,620 HP!]

Despair Strike!


[-1,503 HP!]

Deaths Triple Slash!

Bang! Bang! Bang

[- 987 HP!]

[- 876 HP!]

[- 912 HP!]

The third hit of a normal attack!

Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz!

[- 571 HP!]

[- 497 HP!]

[- 612 HP!]

[Prompt: A total of 8,578 damage was dealt.]

[Prompt: The Yanan Shadow•Second Brother has been killed.]

Then, the Big Tree Guardian once again leaped high up, taking advantage of the new reducing Skill cooldowns feature, and suddenly jumped on top of the Yanan Shadows Thunder Hammer Brother.

Heavenly Strike!

He fell to the ground!

Jump slash!

Bang! Bang!

Despair Strike!

Bang! Bang!

Deaths Triple Slash!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The horses hooves flew!

Bang! Bang!

[Prompt: The Yanan Shadow•Third Brother had died!]

In less than fifteen seconds, the three lonely Yanan brothers were killed by the Big Tree Guardians golden spear.

They didnt even get to use a single effective Skill to retaliate.

They were on the ground the entire time.


Everyone was silent.

Lin Ye stared blankly at the scene before him.

Bai Zhi and Su Mumu also stared at the scene blankly.

Everyone in the college entrance examination venue:

‘What the f*ck

‘Is that a sword cosplaying as a man with a horse

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