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When the Big Tree Guardian appeared, not only was Lin Ye shocked, but all the students outside the dungeon were also dumbfounded.

“What the f*ck… Is that a dungeon Boss”

“I think so….”

“If its not a Boss, I dont think its possible for it to look like this.

Its so tall and big, covered in golden armor, and even has a horse!”

“The point is, Lin Ye didnt summon this thing, nor did the two girls summon it.

It was the girls clone that rang the bell!”

“So, thatStone Hammer is an Awakened Talent”

“No way.

But if its not an Awakened Talent, what kind of summoning Skill can allow you to make an unlimited number of dolls”

“Im convinced!”

“The main body summons a clone, and the clone summons the Boss.

The clone is also very powerful….

That girl with twin ponytails, has at least a Diamond level— if not legendary level Awakened Talent!”

“No wonder Big Boss Lin Ye pulled her into his party!”

“Its so cool to think about having such a handsome Golden Knight as a teammate!”

“Not to mention that the girl is so pretty!”

“So beautiful~”


“Im so envious Im crying!”

“Boss Lin Ye is so lucky!”

“But what kind of Awakened Talent is this Did any of the top students know her Why do I feel like shes not real”

“I dont know.

I also feel like Boss Lin is good at taking advantage of the situation.

He even chose the fire swordsman from the sewers.

Is she Lin Yes wife”


“Youre so cruel!”

“Maybe its a special buff for teammates”

“Otherwise, Boss Lin Ye can kill a small monster in two strikes and an elite monster in six strikes.

His normal damage is a bit ridiculous.”

“Dont forget that this is a level 10 Hard Mode dungeon.

The monsters inside all have at least 1,000 HP.

Ill need to use at least three Silver-rank Skills to kill one.

Ill also need to add in some basic attack damage.”

“Thats why Im saying its quite ridiculous when you think about it.

We always fight in small groups and work together.

We advance carefully bit by bit and try to find ways to kill the small monsters and Bosses together.”

“But Boss Lin Ye just took a huge knife and cut down all the monsters himself.”

“And hes left the battle almost practically unscathed!”

“Whats even crazy is the fact that hes a Priest who can heal and has a C Support ability.

Dont you think its infuriating”

“Ughh… Im so jealous that my soul wants to depart from my body!”

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At the same time in the Professional Alliance branchs secret room, all the big shots of the Professional Alliance of Rivertown were gathered there.

They were carefully observing the battle situation inside the gate of the abyss with special tools.


It seems like our fishing plan is going according to plan” The head of the logistics department commented.

“The enemy couldnt react in time and couldnt organize an effective resistance.

We took the first two areas of the abyssal territory and killed several high-level Abyssal Demons.”

“I estimate that within half an hour, our people will be able to reach the Abyssal Kings palace to take its head.”

The head of the Abyssal Demon encirclement and suppression Department shook his head.

“Its hard to say….”

“The Abyssal Demons are cunning and full of tricks.

Its very likely that they still have some cards up their sleeves.”

Suddenly the door of the secret room opened and a young man ran in quickly.

Although his expression was calm, the panic in his eyes had completely betrayed the mans state of mind.

“Liu, whats wrong” One of the department heads asked.

“Minister Yao,” The young man called Liu quickly greeted, “We have just received news that a large number of dark wave teleportation gates have suddenly appeared in various parts of the city.

The first dark wave is expected to begin in five minutes!”

Everyone was shocked.


“Can you estimate the level of the dark waves invasion!”

“The exact level of the dark wave is still being calculated, but judging from the size and scale of the portal, it should be a small dark wave, and the monsters of the dark wave are not high level, all below level 20.” Liu replied.

Everyone looked at each other.


“A small dark wave below level 20 ”

“This must be the work of the Abyssal Demons, right”

“They knew that they were going to lose this battle, so in their desperation, they activated the summoning ritual that they secretly placed in our Rivertown”

“I think so too,” Little Liu nodded.

“But we cant rule out the possibility that its an accidental invasion of the dark wave.”

Huang Tianqi stood up from his chair and said seriously, “It doesnt matter if this dark wave was summoned by the Abyssal Demons or if it appeared randomly.

Whats important is that our main force is currently attacking the abyssal plane.

How many people can we mobilize”

“Can we block all the dark wave teleportation portals”

“Unfortunately, no we cant,” Liu replied.

“We can only give up the outer areas and buildings, defend the center and inner city of the city, and wait for the main forces to attack the abyss.

Then, we can launch a counterattack and regain our lost land.”

“Then immediately send out a city-wide notice to let all the residents of Jiang City go to the underground shelter of the Professional Alliance branch.” Huang Tianqi said.

“Send some agile Professionals with high mobility to cover and search for them.

Try to ensure that everyone can escape into the inner city.”

“Minister Huang,” Liu said in a low voice, “Ive already sent out the notice.”

“The city guards responsible for protecting the central inner city have also assembled to set up a defense line.”

“Alright,” Huang Tianqis eyes flashed with admiration.

“Very good.

Youve done very well!”

At this time, the chubby department head in charge of the logistics department scratched the back of his head and asked worriedly, “What then”

“What about the students in the college entrance examination venue”

“Should we let them continue to stay there or send them to the underground shelter together”

“What if we misjudge the level of the dark wave invasion That group of monsters will be more than level 20, and if the inner city walls are unable to be defended, the enemy will rush in.”

“or are sure that there are no dark wave teleportation gates appeared in the central inner city”

“Its fine,” The minister in charge of education said, ”

“Theres also a sanctuary right below the college entrance examination venue.

Even if the monsters from the dark wave charge into the inner city, well have all the students and parents in the venue move underground.”

“The advanced Professionals over there can also protect them.”

The overweight chief heaved a sigh of relief, “I see.”

“Then theres no need to worry.”

After a pause, the chief furrowed his eyebrows worriedly once more.

“But after the invasion of the dark wave, our city will be repaired, and we may not have enough funds.

Well need to borrow money from other cities for repair.”

“Aish… Im worried to death just thinking about it.”

“Money is a small matter,” another younger Minister said, ”

“The important thing to focus on right now is the fact that the residents of the outer city only have five minutes to retreat.

There will definitely be people who cant enter the inner city in time and will be surrounded by the dark wave.”

“At that time, the tragedy from ten years ago might happen again!”

“Cant we just set up a line of defense in the outer city”

Huang Tianqi shook his head and said, “No, the outer city is too big.”

“Once the dark wave teleportation gate appears in the inner city, the dark wave creatures in the outer city will attack from both sides.

Not only will we not be able to save those people, but we might also annihilate the city guards and completely lose Rivertown.”

“Those who cant get into the city center in time can only rely on their own strength to survive until we counterattack.”

“Including my son.”

“Huang Shaofeng,”

“He can only rely on himself to find a way to avoid the dark wave.”


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