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“If you cant kill me today, Ill kill all of you and everyone in the venue!!!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, a white shadow suddenly appeared behind him.

The hidden blade in his hand was like a flying butterfly.

It instantly pierced through Cardsharps chest and pierced his heart.


Shadow Raid!

Teleport to the back of the target, and the next attack will deal additional physical damage and cause the “enhanced bleeding” effect.

The targets HP will continue to drop rapidly for the next 30 seconds!

Backstabbing Silver Blade!

Pierce the heart of the enemy with a dagger, dealing a fatal blow with 1,000% physical bonus and causing a “heavy injury” effect.

All subsequent health regeneration effects of the target will be reduced by 50%!

Cardsharp, who had transformed into his evil Fallen form, roared in anger, “Damned assassin!”


He turned around to attack, releasing a Black Ripple that swept five meters away, but it hit nothing.


“Im in front of you.”

The White Shadow appeared again.

He raised his head, revealing half of his handsome face under the white hood.

Then, he quickly stabbed the hidden blade into Cardsharps back three times.

An Assassins Skill.

Undermoon Triple Strike!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Critical hit! Critical hit! Critical hit!

Cardsharps health dropped to 80%! He had entered an injured state! Affected by the abyssal power.

Berserk! All attributes could not be reduced!

And then—

Water Moon.

Flying Thunder God!

Summoning a shadow clone on the left and right, and switching between the three to confuse the enemys vision while secretly using the main body to deal damage to the enemy!

“Come on!”

“Come and hit me!”

“Hit me and Ill let you hehehe!”

The power of the abyss.

Foulness Burst!

Upon release, it will deal AoE magic damage to all enemies within a certain range and add a “dirty” status, as well as three random debuffs!

Bang! Bang!

When the Skill hit, it caused magic damage and inflicted three negative states of “greatly reduced movement speed”, “greatly reduced attack speed” and “disarm”!

Suddenly, the assassin in whites flying speed slowed down.

He was like a white sports car that had suddenly braked, exposing himself to Cardsharps eyes.

The white-clothed assassin looked alarmed.

‘Sh*t, what bad luck,

‘These can randomly counter my movement speed reduction and disarm

It was a rare opportunity.

Cardsharp used his merciless iron hand and pulled the assassin in white in front of him.

Then, he used the power of the abyss to enhance his fist and ruthlessly hit the assassins face.

Every blow seemed to be a Platinum-grade damage Skill, and in the blink of an eye, the assassin was beaten to a state of less than 60% health.

Seeing this, the Professional Alliances Priest quickly raised his hand and cast two dispel Skills on the assassin.

Purification and Healing!

Heal a single target! It would also randomly dispel two negative states!


Dispel a specific debuff on the target!

As soon as the white-clad assassin removed his slow debuff, he immediately used Catoptric Deflection.

Flying Thunder Gods teleportation ability allowed him to switch positions with the phantom on his left and put some distance between him and Cardsharp, temporarily leaving the battle.


‘As expected of an elite soldier among the evil Fallens,

‘Not only does he have as much HP as the Bosses in dungeons, but his normal attacks also deal such explosive damage!

The other members of the Professional Alliance rushed forward.

They used their Class Skills to provide fire support while shouting at the assassin in white…

“Brother Liu!”

“Were here to help you!”

Tank Skill.

Country protecting Divine Ox!

Summon the brave Bull Bull! Charge at the enemy in a straight line! Deals a large amount of physical damage to the enemy! It would also cause a “flying” effect!

It was a mage Skill.

Entangling Roots!

Summon vines to attack the enemy! It caused grass-type magic damage! It also caused the opponent to enter a “Bind” state! Unable to move!

Saber Light and sword shadows! Spear of Light! Knights charge! Warrior Flying Ax! Killing in all directions!


Facing the Professional Alliances second round of bombardment, Cardsharps health dropped sharply again, falling rapidly to the dangerous yellow line of 50%.

He did not even kill a single person on the other side.

This was also because the card had theabyss panel bonus.

The health bar above the head was several times more than that of ordinary Professionals.

The four-dimensional attributes and ability points were also high enough, which was why it could last so long.

If it was an ordinary Professional of the same level.

The first round of attacks evaporated.

He didnt even have time to heal her.

The following battle didnt need to be mentioned.

The assassins in white had a large number of people and a complete set of Skills.

Even if Cardsharp had transformed into an evil Fallen from the abyss and all his attributes had increased tremendously, he would still be defeated without a doubt as long as he did not have the ability to kill someone in an instant.

It could be said that the way the students ganged up on the secret realms Boss and killed it was how Cardsharp was suppressed by the Professional Alliance.

As expected.

Facing the Professional Alliances cooperative battle…

Without the power of the deeper levels of the abyss, not only was he no match for them, but he had no way to escape.

How despicable….

[Prompt: Your HP has been emptied and you are about to die.]

As the system notification appeared before his eyes, the huge monsters body fell forward like a collapsed building.

It crashed to the ground, sending up a cloud of dust that covered the sky.


He was already dead.

However, none of the members of the Professional Alliance who won were happy.

This was because eliminating the elite evil Fallen was only the foreplay of the battle.

The next operation was the most important.

They would face even more elite evil Fallen and those sinister and cunning Abyssal Demons.

“Report! Target No.

3 has been eliminated!”

“Requesting instructions!”

“Wu Liu, immediately lead the team to the gate of the abyss and join the other troops.” It was still the cold womans voice in the earpiece.

“Well march into the Abyss!”

The white-robed assassin Wu Liu nodded, “Roger that,”

After a pause, Wu Liu turned around and removed the White hood on his head, revealing his handsome face that exuded the vicissitudes of a mature mans life.

He solemnly swept his gaze over the people who were standing straight in front of him.


“Youve all seen it.”

“The upcoming battle will be far more dangerous than any enemy weve ever encountered.

Its no less dangerous than going up against a large-scale mana tide.”

“Its very likely that all of us wont be able to come back.”


“If anyone wants to back out, please step forward.

I wont stop you, nor will I blame you.”

Upon hearing this.

Everyone was silent.

Wu Liu took a deep breath and asked, “So… have you all decided”

“Ive decided!” Everyone said in unison.

“Will you regret it” Wu Liu asked again.

“I wont!” Everyone said.

Wu Liu continued to ask, “Even if you die on the battlefield”

Everyone replied, “Even if I die on the battlefield!”

“Alright!” Wu Liu suddenly raised the hidden blade in his hand.

“Then lets fight our way into the abyss! Take the head of the king of the abyss! Then, well tell that bunch of bullsh*t otherworld beings who think theyre all the best!”

“We humans are not that easy to bully!”

“In this battle!”

“The humans will win!!!”

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