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Meanwhile, in the college entrance examination venue, just outside the dungeon, all the people sitting in the audience were watching with fervent focus the live broadcast on the screen.

At this moment, it was playing the scene where Lin Ye, Su Mumu, and the rest of the team just entered the dungeon and summoned all their Class equipment.


“It cant be”

“Brother Lins weapon is a sword”

“Is my Prince Charming really a physical damage dealer”

“Im convinced.

Brother Lin is really awesome.

A physical Priest with a sword is even more ridiculous than a Priest with a hammer.


“What a smart move! Our everlasting Priest! One slash, one kill!”

“I cant wait to see Boss Lin Ye kill the last dungeons Boss with the sword!”

“F*ck! Did you guys see that girls Skill! She had actually summoned a white shadow that looked exactly like her And shes holding the same weapon as her!”

“Uh… That should be her Awakened Talent, right”

“It looks a little fierce.”

“It must be.

Its impossible for a clone to bring equipment.

Its not like its a summoned beast.”

“I can only say that anyone who can be brother Lins teammate is definitely not an ordinary person.

I can tell at a glance that this girls clone isnt human.

Shes definitely unrivaled!”

“Strength aside… Those girls are so cute!~”


“Im a fan.

Im a fan ~”

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Looking at the students who were immersed in excitement, the evil Fallen, Cardsharp, snorted in disdain.

“Hmph, a bunch of idiots.

The genius you all admire is about to be crushed to death like an ant.”

“Forget it,” He muttered to himself.

“How boring.”

‘Every time I see these pieces of trash, they remind me of my good-for-nothing younger brother… Whats the point of only being envious of others

‘Cant he think of a way to become stronger


Thinking back to the past made Cardsharp a little annoyed.

He took out a black cigarette from his pocket and wanted to take a puff, but only to realize that he didnt bring his lighter.

He usually borrowed the fire from Smoke Phantom.


‘Ill just head back,

With that in mind, Cardsharp took out his phone and took a picture of Lin Ye entering the dungeon and sent it to Smoke Phantom.

Then, he walked out of the emergency exit in the corner and disappeared into the dark and quiet corridor.

After he left, his previous hiding spot suddenly blurred as if space was distorted.

Then an assassin wearing a white hood and a white robe quietly appeared.


“Target No.

3 has left the venue.”

“Please confirm if target No.

1 has opened the gate of the abyss.”

“Please wait…” A womans voice came from the earpiece.


After a long time, the cold female voice was heard again, “Confirmation successful.”

“Target 1 has opened the gate of the abyss.”

“You can reel in the net now.”

The assassin in white nodded his head slightly.


After that, he touched the button on his headset and changed the backstage communication channel to the team communication channel.

Abyssal Demon encirclement and annihilation operation team, second division!

“Everyone! Begin the operation! Capture the third target!”

“The Fallen, Cardsharp!”


Walking out of the college entrance examination venue, Cardsharp raised his head and looked at the glaring sun in the sky, as well as the white clouds that were slowly floating around.


The weather is really good today.

— It had somewhat improved his foul mood.


‘To hell with that stupid student!

‘To hell with my stupid little brother!

‘Dont try to destroy my sharp heart!

‘Today will be the day I officially join the abyss and transform into an Abyssal Warrior.

No one can stop me from giving up this great power!

‘I… Am no longer who I used to be!

‘I am… Cardsharp!

He was an avenger who had been reborn after falling into the abyss!

‘In the future, I will trample the entire world under my feet and let everyone in this world experience the pain I have experienced!

As he continued to hype himself up, a mans voice suddenly came from the distance.

“Fallen, Cardsharp, Ill give you 10 seconds to disarm yourself and dispel the Abyssal Power in your body.

Raise your hands and surrender to us!”

‘Huh! It caught Cardsharp off guard.


“The Professional Alliance”

“How did you find me Sh*t, Ive been betrayed! Theres a mole in the team!


“Who is it”

“Tell me who is the little mole you put among us!”

The leader of the Professional Alliance did not answer Cardsharps questions.

Instead, he raised his right hand, and counted, “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

“Bastard!” Cardsharp spat angrily.

“You want me to surrender with just you small fries”


Materialization! Professional equipment! Diamond Mage set! Diamond Mage weapon! An all-purpose card!

[Obtained equipment attribute bonus!]

[Abyssal power bonus obtained!]


Magic Skill.

An all-purpose card— Yellow card!

Seeing this, the Professional Alliance members only snorted.


“Youre so stubborn, darling, attack!”


Silent arrow!

The Skill hits! Interrupt the casting! The all-purpose yellow card switch failed! The card entered a state of silence where it could not release any Skills!

Sheep Transformation!

The Skill hit! The card turned into a sheep for a short period of time! Unable to attack! Unable to release Skills! User could only move slowly or use dispel Skills!

Flame Strike!

The Skill hit! Deals fire-type magic damage to the card! It also had a burn effect!

Heavenstone Pillar!

The Skill hit! Deals Rock-type magic damage to Cardsharp!

The sword light was like him, cutting all the chaos!


The weapon hit! The Skill hit! It would cause physical damage to Cardsharp! It would also deal additional lightning-based magic damage!

As he was surrounded by the Alliances members, the health bar above Cardsharps head began to drop rapidly.

However, he was not panicking at all.

All he had was a deep hatred for the mole and a monstrous anger that made him want to kill everyone in front of him.

The power of the abyss.



Devouring and removing all debuffs on oneself! It would also increase his own attack power! The more debuffs he had! The attack power increased by more!

The power of the abyss.



All his attributes had increased greatly! The power of the Skill increased! He ignored all the pain in his body! It ignored the heavy injury effect caused by the decrease in HP!

The power of the abyss.



Gain a rapid HP recovery effect every second!

The power of the abyss.


Darkness descended!

Creates a wide-range dark barrier.

When within the barrier, the users movement speed will be greatly increased, and the movement speed of all enemies within the barrier will be greatly reduced.

When thedark effect is applied, all enemies vision will be limited.

At this moment, Cardsharp had completely released the abyssal power in his body.

His body rapidly expanded, and his eyes emitted a red light.

The fangs in his mouth were faintly discernible, and the Wizard robe he was wearing began to distort, transforming into black armor filled with evil energy.

Right now, he looked like an evil spirit that had crawled out of hell.

He did not look like a normal human at all.

“Come on!”

“You pieces of trash from the Professional Alliance!”

“If you cant kill me today, Ill kill all of you and everyone in the venue!!!”


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