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Since there were only a few days left until the college entrance examination, Lin Ye had already cleared all the difficult dungeons that he could, so there was no possibility of getting better equipment.

And so, Lin Ye began the final step of his preparation.

He would use forging stones to forge equipment and increase the attributes of each piece of equipment, turning himself into a complete level 10 Professional.

When he was preparing for the Land of Death dungeon, he had already bought a portion of the forging stones in advance.

In addition to his three weeks of crazily helping the two girls to farm “dog food” equipment, the number of forging stones accumulated in his small warehouse had already overflowed.

Now, he just had to go through the process of smithing equipment.

Of course.

This overflow was only referring to the current overflow.

After level 10, the number of smithing stones needed to nurture equipment would become an astronomical number.

The stock that Lin Ye had saved up with great difficulty would be gone in a breaths time.

Luckily, the smithing process of these pieces of equipment was not as random as that of holy relics.

They all had a fixed value for improvement, and there was no risk of failure and demotion.

Lin Ye wouldnt say things like “five tree sap a day to stabilize growth” or “I dont have money to protect anymore”.

Every single cent and every minute he spent on this.

It was all worth it.

‘Alright, lets see what my stats have become after I level up all my equipment to level 10.

“Open personal interface.”

[Name: Lin Ye]

[Level: 10]

[Class: Priest]

[HP: 3,212 (1,000 900)]

[Mana: 2,304.]

[Talent: Universal Reversal (Lv2, mana consumption-10%, cooldown-10%)]

[Attributes: strength 154 (90 20 20), constitution 151 (90 20 90 20), intelligence 172 (90 20 90 20), spirit 153 (90 20 20), agility 153 (90 20 30)]

[Skills: Heal Spell (Level 5, single target), Clarity Spell (Level 5, mana recovery), Diving Qi Therapy (Level 5, group healing), Stars Godly Glory (Level 5, group damage immunity), Aqua Tide (Level 5, dispel and recover HP), Holy Light (Level 5, recover HP and all attributes)]

[Additional Equipment Bonus: 60% movement speed bonus, 55% movement speed reduction reduction, 10% cooldown reduction, 90% healing bonus, magic resistance 80, basic health recovery 100%, physical defense 50%, magic resistance 50%, fire resistance 100%, ice resistance 100%]

[Equipment Skills and Effects: Flash (3 times 10-meter), Rejuvenation (40% HP recovery after being hit), Infinite Vitality (increases HP recovery and shield effect by 25%), Moonblades three forms (invisibility).]

[Equipment: Light Spirit Boots (Gold, lvlMax, increase speed and resist movement speed, agility 30), Emerald Ring (Silver, lv Max, reduces cooldown), Flicker Stone (Platinum, lv Max, Flash, all attributes 20), Corpse Magician four-piece set (Platinum, lv Max, increases the healing amount, intelligence 45 45, constitution 45 45), Hidden Moon (silver, level 10, tri-form weapon, all attributes 20), Ancient Dragon Necklace (Diamond, level 10, greatly Enhanced Defense, all attributes 90, health points 1000), Spirit Belt (Platinum, level Max, enhanced magic resistance and recovery power, health points 900, magic resistance 80)]

After he finished reading, Lin Ye could call himself an amazing person.

The attributes and abilities on the paper were not only far superior to other students of the same grade.

Even some dungeon Bosses had to admit defeat.

For example, now that Lin Yes awakened talent was deducted, he would become a ghost creature like the Hyde Knight, who only retained his fighting instincts.

He would be a dungeon Boss in a level 10 dungeon.

Even if he did not receive any additional bonuses from the Boss panel, his current four-dimensional attributes were equivalent to that of a 1 Star Gold Boss.

He could easily beat up the White Wolf King, Scorpion King, and Lizardman Leader in the simple Dungeons.

If he was given the attribute bonus that even a secret dungeon Boss had…

Then, he would be able to reach around 7 Star Gold rank and mindlessly beat the 5 Star Gold grade Goblin King.

At the same time, he would be able to fight the Hyde Knight, a 7-star Gold grade Boss, with a 70 – 30 advantage.

‘I cant beat the Hex Teacher though…

Even if Lin Yes ghost creature template was upgraded to the level of a 3 Star Platinum Boss, he would still be beaten to the ground by the Hex Teacher, who retained his intelligence and combat skills.

He was completely unable to unleash the advantage of his overwhelming attributes.

Even the Big Tree Guardian, which was only a 3 Star Gold grade, could beat Lin Ye, who was equivalent to a 7 Star Gold grade Boss with super armor.


Intelligence and skill had too great of an impact on a battle.

Unless their attributes were completely overpowered and he could blow up their head with one punch, there was no need to talk about any fancy details.

Similarly, Lin Ye relied on his own theoretical knowledge and detailed operation.

Even without the bonus attributes of the secret dungeon Boss and the insane invulnerable special effect of reversing the situation, he could still fight the level 10 Hex Teacher head-on.

He didnt need to use Universe Reversal talent to “absorb” damage, and he didnt need to use reverse Skills to deal real damage.

As long as he kept healing himself and dispelling at the optimal frequency, with the Hidden moons damage increase during Moments of Silence, the Holy Lights attack speed increase effect, and the Ancient Dragon Necklace and Spirit Belts defense enhancement, he would be able to kill the Cursemancer in one slash at a time.

‘Well shi*t!

Wasnt this the template of a cripple in the great world

‘The sense of security you give me is far less than one-ten-thousandth of that of him and her.

‘What a pity.

‘Im still lacking the Skill to put a shield on myself.

‘Otherwise, Ill be easily killed.

‘When the time comes, Ill use a shield first.

After the shield is used up, Ill use healing Skills.

When the healers are used up, Ill use the shield again.

‘Simple, brainless, and brutal.

Im excited just thinking about it.

As he thought about it, Lin Ye closed the personal interface in front of him and got up from his bed.

He walked to the window of his bedroom and looked into the distance with a deep gaze.

“In that case…”

“I basically have no more problems.”

And Mumu has the help of the Bionic Tear and the Big Tree Guardian.

Even if she doesnt do anything during the college entrance examination and lets them play freely, she can still be selected by the admissions officers sent by the top universities.

Not to mention that the Tree Guardian has the special potential to become a human spy.

“She can apply to any University she wants.” Lin Yes eyes turned cold.


‘What should we do with that little loli Bai Zhi

‘Her combat level is the same as Mumus, and her theoretical knowledge is as poor as Mumus.

‘If I dont consider her Awakened Talent, the two of them are completely a real-life version of the Crouching Dragon and Phoenix1.

It gives me a headache just looking at them.

Shes done for.

She even chose the most despicable great Swordsman Class…

‘If she doesnt publicize her talent…

‘Bai Zhi cant be like Mumu and me… She wont have the right to choose whichever university she wants…

‘She might even be given up by all the universities because of her terrible personal performance and become an unwanted student.

“Ai, ai, ai, ai.”

“This is really a problem….”

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