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The Abyssal Lord wasnt angry at the Smoke Phantoms rejection.


The four Fallen in front of him were different from the other Fallen.

They were unique demonic geniuses like Huang Shaofeng and the White Clown.

They had great potential and their future was limitless.

So, these four people had the privilege of refusing to carry out the orders of the Abyssal Demons, and they rarely participated in head-on battles.

They were all kept as “trump cards” and would never be exposed to others unless for necessary instances.

In fact, even in critical moments, the Abyssal Lord would rather sacrifice some low-level Abyssal Demons than sacrifice them.

After all…

The Lord of the Abyss could call over as many “sales agents” from the abyss who could bewitch the humans as he pleases.

However, it was not easy to find powerful Fallen geniuses.

“I understand,” The Abyssal Lord began slowly, “The White Clown wont be working with you in Jiang city.

Hes going to complete your original assassination mission and cover all your new mission.

“A new mission” Smoke Phantom instantly latched onto the key information in his words.

“Yes,” The Abyssal Lord replied, “The following arrangements are as such.”

“All of you will give up on the Shangguan Yans assassination assignment and let the White Clown take care of the matter.

After he has drawn Rivertowns Professional Alliances attention, finds an opportunity to kidnap a man namedHuang Shaofeng.”

“Im sure all of you know who this young man is,”

“Hes the same as all of you, a one-in-a-million Fallen genius.

Hes even more talented than Black Fist.

Hes almost in the top ten of all the Fallen!”

“I have to pull him into our side,”

“I cant let him escape,”

“Then, after the first two things are done, you all can go and deal with the student who killed Meigao.”

“Lin Ye.”

“As for how to deal with him…”

“Well use the same assassination plan we have in store with Shangguan Yan.

Well secretly put Campfire Explorer into the college entrance examinations dungeon and increase the difficulty of the realm, and well leave up the rest to the Platinum Bosses to do their course.

“You dont have to expose your identity and existence throughout the entire process.”

Smoke Phantom looked confused, “My Lord, I know Huang Shaofeng.”

“But whats up with this Lin Ye guy”

“Is his growth potential worth us investing in a precious item that can permanently farm for Diamond-grade equipment”

“Ill sure you, it will definitely be worth it,” The Abyssal Lord said solemnly.

“Although Rivertowns Professional Alliance tried to hide his information, the mole I planted in the Alliance still found out about him,”

“Not only did he kill the level 20 Meigao, but he also obtained the entry pass to Hive-like He also obtained an SSS rank in every dungeon he entered.

In the eyes of Rivertowns Professional Alliance higher-ups, hes several times more important than the head of the profound spirit sect, Shangguan Yan,”

“Most of the Masters who were secretly protecting Shangguan Yan have been transferred to him,”

“Even if the four of you and the White Clown attack together, you might not even be able to hurt him,”

“I can only rely on the Campfire Explorers special function to have a chance of killing him before he goes to university.”

Smoke Phantom frowned.

“Alright,” he said, “I understand.”

“Are there any other missions for us to do”

“Nothing else,” The Abyssal Lord said, “These are the only two important targets for now,”

“When these two matters are resolved, you will immediately withdraw from Jiang City.

At that time, I will let the new Abyssal Demons open the door for you and bring you into the abyss to accept the baptism of my King and become a true Abyssal Warrior.”

“But if the mission were to fail…”

“Youre not qualified to accept the deep abyssal power.”

“I have to make another contribution to gain the kings approval.”

“Do you understand”

“Understood!” The four of them said in unison, “We promise to complete the mission!”

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The next day, Lin Ye received a call from the Professional Alliance as soon as he woke up.

They asked him to check the commendation email from the Professional Alliance and choose the Platinum equipment and Gold Skills he wanted from the list for his rewards.

Lin Ye quickly looked over the email that the other party gave him.

First of all…

There was no need to even think about Hidden Moon and the Ancient Dragon Necklace.

These two pieces of equipment were of high quality, strong abilities, and high growth potential.

They were definitely not easily replaced by the Platinum-grade equipment given by the Professional Alliance.


He doesnt want to change his Corpse Magicians four-piece set either.

If one of them was removed, the other three would immediately lose their combination effect and become ordinary equipment with average effects.

Unless he could find four similar high-level substitutes or a high-quality item with a particularly abnormal effect, will he then consider replacing them.

After that…

Although the attributes and abilities of the few Platinum rings given by the Professional Alliance were good, they could not replace the Emerald Ring without the crucial core attribute of cooldown reduction.

That was why Lin Ye had to give up on this option with tears in his eyes.

Similarly, the attributes and abilities of that portable equipment were not bad, but they still did not have an active Skill like the Flickering Stones Flash, which was particularly convenient to use.

He could only helplessly give up.

In the end, Lin Ye thought about it for a long time before choosing a waist accessory that specialized in Magic Defense from the foot gear and waist accessory.

This would strengthen his survivability against magical Classes.

As for the Skills, there was nothing to pick.

He could just choose the most powerful one.

[Equipment Name: Spirit Belt]

[Type: Waist Accessory]

[Current Forging level: Level 1 (Max level 10)]

{Quality: Platinum grade [Low]]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: HP 450, magic resistance 40,100% base HP recovery, has theUnlimited Vitality effect.]

[Unlimited Vitality: Increase all healing and shield effects by 25% (not effective on others)]

[Skill Book: Holy Light]

[Quality: Gold [High]]

[Learning Requirement: Priest]

[Initial Effect: Consume a certain amount of magic to cast holy light on a single target, immediately restoring a certain amount of hp and greatly enhancing all attributes of the target for 10 seconds.

Long cooldown.]


Wasnt this the ultimate move of the Hyde Knight in Forest of Fallen Giants who liked to sneak around and set people up


‘Thinking about it made him feel a little nostalgic.

Back then, after that Knight had cast Holy Light on himself, all his attributes had increased greatly, and his attack speed had also become extremely outrageous.

He could almost hit three normal attacks every second!

He was like a small whirlwind motor.

Da da da da da!

Fortunately, I was careful enough to trick it into letting go of its spear by positioning and mechanics.

‘Without his spear, no matter how fast his attack speed is, he can only scrape my skin.

He cant threaten my life at all.

‘Eh… Wait a minute!

If he thought about it… wont the reversal version of it be extremely outrageous!

Wouldnt it be able to reduce the enemys attributes


‘Isnt this the permanent dog-headed goat1 technique


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