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After making sure that the Big Tree Guardian was his good friend, he was finally able to make it out.

Lin Ye immediately changed the topic.

He began to ask Huang Tianqi about the Platinum set and the Proof of Hero.

“The two Platinum-grade sets”

“Unfortunately, not yet.

We ran into some trouble on the way.

Weve been detained by the Professional Alliance of other cities.

“It will probably arrive in Jiang city by Wednesday.”

“Ill send someone to deliver it to your house.

You dont have to trouble yourself by coming here to get it.”

“As for the Proof of Hero, hehe.”

“This item is too valuable.

Other than getting it from a secret dungeon, almost no one would sell it.”

“Is it because of the hidden Class” Lin Ye asked.

Huang Tianqi nodded.

“Other than allowing the user to change their Class to a regular Class, the Proof of Hero also has a chance of allowing the user to change their Class to the hidden Class.”

“The improvement brought about by this is very large.

If it were me, I wouldnt be willing to sell it either.”

“Okay…” Lin Ye sighed with regret.

“I thought that the matter of changing to a hidden Class was just a rumor.

I didnt expect it to be true.”

“Then forget it.”

Lin Ye then picked up the purple teacup on the coffee table and took a sip of the steaming Longjing tea.

He leaned back on the sofa comfortably and started to look around at the layout of the entire office.

Huang Tianqi saw the hidden meaning behind his actions, “Do you have any other questions”

Lin Ye shook his head, “Mr.


Ive found out everything I wanted to know,”

Huang Tianqi smiled, “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions”

Lin Ye immediately looked at Huang Tianqis face.

“I dont mind,”

Huang Tianqi stood up and walked to his desk, handing him over a document with the words “number 31, Abyssal Demon, Meigao” on it.

“This is the detailed autopsy report of the Abyssal DemonMeigao that you killed yesterday.”

“According to the first witness, you hacked it to death with a blade.

However, after an autopsy by a high-level Professional, they discover that these knife wounds are not fatal.”

“The real cause of its death is the sudden failure of its internal organs and cells, causing its body functions to quickly dissipate.

It seems to be a special magic attack, and its specific effects are similar to theHundred Grass Wither that could poison people to death in the old era.”

“I think it was killed by your Awakened Talent, right”

“Poisonous HP”

Lin Ye was surprised.

‘Did you just reveal the effect of my reverse healing skill

‘Isnt this Professional in charge of the autopsy too powerful


It didnt matter.

‘I didnt intend to completely hide the existence of the reversal skill.

‘Since I was accidentally discovered by my own people, I might as well take the opportunity to show off the value of my talent and gain more attention and benefits from it.

Lin Ye nodded and admitted, “Yes.

Its my awakened talent.”

“It can give me the same damage output as the Wizard Class.”

Upon hearing this, Huang Tianqi smiled with satisfaction.

He picked up the purple clay teapot on the coffee table again and poured tea for Lin Yes empty purple clay tea cup.

“Thats good.” He calmly said.

“We were just discussing it.”

“Is the injury in this Abyssal Demons body caused by another Professional It came to attack you with a serious injury, and you picked up the opportunity.”

“And should the head of this Abyssal Demon be counted on your head”

Lin Ye didnt understand for a moment.

“Huh What do you mean”

Huang Tianqi was confused, “Dont you know about the reward for killing an Abyssal Demon”

When Lin Yes confused expression didnt change, he explained, “Actually, its like this.”

“The Abyssal Demons are highly dangerous otherworldly creatures.

They are very difficult to deal with.

Finding their traces are very challenging, let alone kill one.”


“The Professional Alliance will reward first-Class merits to every Professional who kills an Abyssal Demon.”

“According to the Abyssal Demons level, qualification, and the items on its body, the killer will be given a corresponding reward.

This is to encourage more Professionals to take the initiative to hunt Abyssal Demons down.”

“Oh, so thats how it is,” Lin Ye said.

“Ive seen this news before, but I thought that the final reward would only be provided to the internal members of the Professional Alliance, so I didnt pay much attention to it.”

“No,” Huang Tianqi said, “This bounty mission is for everyone.”

“Even an ordinary person can be rewarded with first-Class merit if they kill an Abyssal Demon with a knife.”

“But of course, ordinary people definitely cant defeat Abyssal Demons.”

“So, as long as you can provide information about Abyssal Demons, you can get some monetary rewards from the Professional Alliance.”


After a pause, Huang Tianqi continued, “Since Ive confirmed that you killed this Abyssal Demon from yourself, I dont have any more questions to ask.”

“You can wait for the Professional Alliance to give you a reward.”


Huang, what kind of reward will I get for the first-Class merit” Lin Ye asked curiously.

“In addition to the basic monetary reward, theres also Platinum-grade equipment for you to choose your position and profession, as well as a Platinum-grade Skill book for your profession.” Huang Tianqi replied

“However, the drop rate of Skill books is much lower than equipment.

If the Professional Alliance doesnt have any in stock, they will probably only give you a Gold Skill book and some rare items and materials.”

Lin Ye asked again, “Gold-grade skills are no problem, but can you replace all the additional rare materials withFate of Meeting”

“The other rare materials are not of much use to me at the moment.”

“Even if you gave all those rewards, itll just be left in my bag to eat dust.”

“When its usable in the future, Ill already be in University.

I can spend money to buy it or fight to get it myself.

Theres no need to stock up in advance.”

“Fate of Meeting” Huang Tianqi was confused, “Did you get a summoning card”

Lin Ye nodded, “Yes.”

“Alright, I can ask them to give you those instead.” Huang Tianqi said, “Although theFate of Meeting is precious, there are still a lot of them in the Professional Alliances inventory.

They wont be as reluctant to give it up.”

Lin Ye quickly thanked him, “Alright, thank you, Mr.


Huang Tianqi showed a faint smile, “The pleasure is all mine.”

“Its just a small matter that I can do.”

After that, the two of them chatted for a while.

When the clock on the wall pointed to one in the afternoon, Lin Ye casually glanced at it and touched his nose.

He took the initiative to say, “Mr.

Huang, I still have to bring my friends to clear some dungeons in the afternoon.

If theres nothing else, Ill take my leave first.”

Huang Tianqi nodded, “Well, you can go now.

Im about to start working.

Lets have a meal together next time when were both free,”

Then, he made a fist gesture to cheer him on.

“Good luck in the college entrance examination,”

“Hope you strive to snatch the title of this yearstop scorer of the college entrance examination and let our Jiang City be proud!”

“Yes, Mr.

Huang!” Lin Ye smiled.

“I will work hard!”

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