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Lin Ye was stunned.

“Abyssal Demon”

Huang Tianqi put down the teacup in his hand and leaned on the sofa.

His face was solemn and his tone was deep.


“These sewer rats that usually dont dare to show their faces have become more and more arrogant recently.”

“Not only did they send thatWhite Clown to provoke the Professional Alliance, but they also brought a student to attack you in broad daylight.”

“Combined with the information we received, the Abyssal Demons have planted many spies in the Professional Alliance…”

“Im almost certain that this group of Abyssal Demons is going to make a big move soon.”

“The Professional Alliance is now secretly imposing martial law on the whole city, just in case.

They are also investigating and cleaning up the members inside, combing out the Professionals who have fallen and temporarily isolating them.”

“They cant let these stinky rats actions affect the students who are preparing for the college entrance examination in Jiang city.”

“So, no news came out…”

Lin Ye touched his chin thoughtfully, “So thats whats going on right now… I understand.”

“Lin Ye,” Huang Tianqi continued, “You dont have to worry about the Abyssal Demons.

The Professional Alliance will take care of it.”

“We know their situation very well.

Even if they have deviants in our ranks, they cant do much.

We can find out if we want to.”

“As for the matter of Hive-like…”

“Dont worry about it either.

When the college entrance examination is over, the Professional Alliance will definitely contact you and tell you the way to get the legendary reward.”

“Even if you know the specific method of entering Hive-like, you havent met the level requirements.”

“Then what level do I need to be at” Lin Ye asked curiously,

Huang Tianqi stretched out his hand and made a gesture of two, “Level 12.”

“This is the lowest requirement to enter the dungeon.”

“If you want to clear as many maps as possible, kill as many dungeon Bosses as possible, and get better rewards…”

“Its best for you to level up to level 15 and synchronize all your equipment and Skills to the highest level.

After youre fully prepared, you can consider officially entering the field.”


Level 15

That wont be too long of a wait.

“Alright,” Lin Ye nodded and said seriously, “I understand.”

After a pause, he asked the question that he wanted to know the most.


Huang, I still have a question.”

“If… The Professionals Awakened Talent is the summoning type, and the summoned creature is a creature from another world with a certain self-consciousness and its own original memory…”

“Is there a possibility that this otherworldly creature will betray us”

“Such things dont exist.” Huang Tianqi answered without any hesitation.

“The Awakened Talent is a power born from each of us.

It is born to serve us.

It is equivalent to our most important brain, and it will live and die with us.”

“So, no matter what the talent summons, no matter which world it comes from, it will never harm us and instead, they will carry out our orders unconditionally.”

“Even when some high-level manipulation Skills target you, it can not affect these otherworld creatures summoned by the Awakened Talent or make them attack their Summoner.”

“Its equivalent to the highest level of mental immunity.”

“I will never betray you.”

“What if the Awakened Talent summons an Abyssal Demon” Lin Ye continued to ask.

“Will there be any danger”

Huang Tianqi shook his head, “There wont,”

“There was an example a few years ago.”

“An Abyssal Demon was summoned by the student with his Awakened Talent.

Not only did it not tempt other humans to join the abyss, but it also took the initiative to integrate into the abyssal forces and became an informant responsible for relaying the movements of the abyssal forces…”

“Its the same for other otherworldly creatures summoned by the Awakened Talent…”

“Theyve all become our helper…”

As he spoke, Huang Tianqi glanced at Lin Ye and asked curiously, “Is something the matter that made you ask these things”

“Or perhaps… Youve awakened the ability to summon otherworldly creatures”

Lin Ye hesitated for a moment and decided to tell the man the truth.

After all…

As Huang Tianqi said, otherworldly creatures summoned by the Awakened Talent would not harm the host.

If he wanted to bring little Mumu into the Hive-like, he would definitely be discovered by the Professional Alliance.

Instead of racking his brain to think of a good excuse later, it was better to explain everything clearly now and then bring her in openly.

“Its not me,”

“Its my friends Awakened Talent.

She summoned a creature from another world.”

“But whats strange about him is that this foreign creature noticed the Hive-like pass I was carrying from the Skill I released.

He suddenly came to me and told me that he wanted to enter Hive-like with me.”

“Its weird…”

“Oh, is that so…” Huang Tianqis interest was piqued.

“Does this creature also have a Hive-like admission pass ”

“He said he does, but Im not sure if hes lying to trick me,” Lin Ye said.

“If he says he has it, then he has it,” Huang Tianqi waved his hand, “These creatures summoned by the Awakened Talent will definitely not lie to their masters friends.”

“Huh So youre saying… I can bring him to Hive-like with me” Lin Ye asked again.

“Yes,” Huang Tianqi confirmed.

“Ill have to go to the Professional Alliance to report this first.”

“You dont have to worry about your friend.

As long as the Professional Alliance can confirm that the creature from the other world came to reality through the Awakened Talent, and not some other messy summoning ritual or some evil dark force, they wont restrict the other partys movements in human cities.”

“They wont investigate your friend either.

“Its the opposite,”

“The Professional Alliance will also value your friend greatly.

They will provide all kinds of resources to nurture her and the otherworldly creatures she summons.

They will even recommend her to a good university and arrange her future employment…”

Upon hearing this…

Lin Ye let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that he did not need to worry about little Mumu or the Big Tree Guardian.


It was just a false alarm…

At this moment, Lin Ye also realized that he was lacking in theoretical knowledge.

He had to work harder and read university textbooks in the future.

He had to seriously study all the advanced theoretical knowledge that he had never understood before.

This was to prevent the possibility ofmistaking the transformation function of multi-form weapons as the exclusive ability of the divine artifact orsuspecting that the otherworldly creatures summoned by the Awakened Talent would suddenly betray the master.

Although it wasnt embarrassing, this would make Lin Ye feel nervous as if the situation wasnt under his control.

He didnt like this feeling.


He experienced this when he was eight years old.

The sudden demon horde broke through the human defense line and entered Jiang City.

Lin Ye had no way to escape, nor did he have any countermeasures.

He could only watch helplessly as his parents ran out of the room to protect him and lured away the otherworldly demons that had barged into his home…

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