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Chapter 8: I want To Be Lin Yes Dog!

Lin Ye and Su Mumus conversation was overheard by a male student who happened to pass by.

The boy quickly came over curiously and asked, “What Who was the big Boss What are you guys talking about And that dagger… Holy sh*t! A High-Bronze grade weapon!”

The boy, Zhao Qian, exclaimed loudly.

And coupled with his exaggerated expression and gesture, it didnt take long to catch the classrooms attention.

The students who were in the middle of a heated discussion all quieted down and turned to look at the three of them.

“Whats this High-Bronze grade Did you say a weapon or a skill”


“Wait… Let me take a good look … F*ck.

It really is a High-Bronze weapon!”


“Who got this”

“Lin Ye Su Mumu It cant be you, Zhao Qian.

So, who did it”

“It could be me, *sshole!” Zhao Qian said in a bad mood, “But if I were that awesome, I wouldve killed you by challenging the Boss in the Beginners Dungeon.

I wouldve bragged.”

“Thats true.” Zhao Qians good friend agreed, “If this brat could achieve something like that, even the aliens wouldve heard this blabbermouth! He wouldnt be able to keep it the second he returned from the dungeon.

So, its definitely not him.”

Zhao Qian looked at his friend and waved his hand irritatedly, “Get lost! Dont tease me! Ive awakened a trashy talent.

Im feeling depressed now!”

He paused.

He turned his head and looked at Lin Ye, “Im guessing… Lin Ye, you must have obtained this weapon, right After all, youre the top student in our class.

He got full marks in all the exams and everything.”

“Other than you… I really cant think of anyone else who can be fierce.

He has just awakened his talent and dares to run to challenge the Boss all on his own…”

Beside Lin Ye, Su Mumu mumbled in a low voice, “I could have done it too… They didnt even give me a second glance…”

Lin Ye ignored his silly and cute deskmate.

He nodded at Zhao Qian and admitted, “Yes, I did.”

Once the words left his mouth, his classmates looked at him with a mix of envy and jealousy.

Lin Ye ignored this and asked loudly, “Does anyone in our class need this High-Bronze Assassin weapon Im planning to sell it,”

A few students who had chosen the Assassins class immediately raised their hands.


“Me, me, me!”

“And me!”

“F*ck! Arent you a warrior Its useless for you to have this Assassin-exclusive weapon! Why are you snatching it from us”

“Cant I buy it for my brother”

“Your brother is also awakening today”

“Yeah, he just texted me.

Hes right next door!”


Just like that, a few students who were envious of the High-Bronze grade weapon gathered together and discussed it seriously.

They even contacted their respective parents.

They intended to see who could offer a higher price to get the Shadow Dagger.

The other students gathered around Lin Ye and asked him all sorts of questions, wanting to learn his techniques for killing the Beginners Instance Dungeons Boss.

Lin Ye repeated what he told his deskmate, “If you want to kill the Boss, the most troublesome thing is not the Boss itself, but the small monsters that are protecting it.

After all, their group tactic is too much of a threat to us.

So, as long as we wait patiently for the monsters to leave the camp, we can defeat them in smaller groups and then go…”

After hearing Lin Yes analysis, the group of students slowly realized that the monsters in the forest could move freely like any other animals.

This is terrible!

I thought they would stay where they were to protect the final Boss!

If I had been more patient and waited for the monsters to leave, I would have been able to… Wait Thats not right.

Even if the group of monsters left, I cant beat the final Boss either!

The final Boss would be tough to deal with the group of small monsters surrounding it!

After all… The group of monsters didnt leave alone.

They were basically in groups of two or three.

Ordinary newbies would attack if they came even a little too close.

Getting a bit once or twice might be fine.

But once they bit you more and more, their health bar would drop from 50% to 30% in seconds flat.

And that would be very dangerous.

Especially when you cant have any teammates or recovery potions, they were immediately entrusted into Beginners Dungeon without any preparation whatsoever.

If one wanted to recover Hp after being injured, they had to travel a long distance to the “Healing Pond”, a place to receive treatment.

And you can only use this place once during their first dungeon exploration.

Once they used up the chance to heal, no God could save them even if their Hp was low and they were on the verge of death.

So, they have to think about their next move carefully.

Whether they could defeat the final Boss and get the hidden chest is not the issue.

Its not a matter of strategy but a matter of strength.

To be able to kill monsters and solo Bosses without being injured, one had to meet these two basic requirements at least before they were qualified to open the hidden chest.

Otherwise, they would just be sending themselves to the final Boss on a silver platter.

Sh*t… I guess

Not only was Lin Ye invincible when it came to knowledge, but his awakened talent made him invincible too.

How could he perform such an incredible combat operation by himself


They needed to be with Lin Ye!

They had to find a way to get on Lin Yes good side during the college entrance exam!

I want to be Lin Yes dog!

If he asks me to lick his shoes, I will!

Suddenly, the group of students became enthusiastic.

They all talked about their talents and classes, hoping that Lin Ye would form a team with them for the college entrance exam.

Lin Ye listened and watched quietly.

Then he calmly responded, “Im really sorry, but Ive already decided on the candidates for my team, and there wont be any changes.

Please go find someone else,”


Seeing that they couldnt win against Lin Ye, the others didnt bug him.

After a few polite words, they dispersed.

There were also more stubborn and thick-skinned students who continued to surround Lin Ye and warmly asked about his well-being, hoping to gain more favorability so that Lin Ye could bring them to his college entrance examination team.

Unfortunately for them, Lin Ye sees right through them.

He had already decided from the very beginning that at the college entrance examination, one month from now, he would only bring Su Mumu alone to form a two-person team.

The reason was simple.

Su Mumu was not only his deskmate but also his childhood crush.

They are still very close.

If Su Mumu was a boy, the two of them could almost wear the same underwear and sleep in the same bed.

As a good friend, Lin Ye felt it would be no problem to help Su Mumu during the college entrance examination.

And… Long ago, Lin Yes family had a serious accident, and he almost had no way out.

At that time, everyone, including Lin Yes relatives, avoided him like the plague.

It was thanks to selfless Su Mumu and her parents that had saved his life.

Lin Ye owed su Mumu a huge favor.

He felt even if he gave his body to her; it still wouldnt be enough to repay her.

So, as long as this girl needed him, he would help her.

Even without the free attribute points given after passing the college entrance exam Instance Dungeon, Lin Ye would also do his best to help Su Mumu pass the high-difficulty dungeons and help her get a good score.

Moreover… The death rate of the students in the college entrance examination was very high.

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