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The sun was shining brightly, the sky was blue, and the clouds were white.

A gentle breeze was blowing, and the old teaching building was covered in green vines as they stood under the sun, casting a long shadow.

On the quiet path of the campus, a gentle breeze blew, and the Poplar trees swayed with the wind, sprinkling down a few fallen leaves.

Su Mumu looked at Lin Ye, who was beside her, with some doubt.

“Lin Ye What happened”

“I feel… After you came out of the Lizardman Tribes dungeon you have been a little absent-minded,”

“Oh,” Lin Ye reacted, “Its nothing,”

“Im just simulating the battle with the Big Tree Guardian.”

“This guy is very strong.

I havent thought of a better way to attack him yet, so Im a little upset…”


Bringing Mumus Bionic Tear along to Hive-like

According to basic common sense, a Professionals Awakened Talent, whether it was a Skill, a passive, or a summoned creature… they all would definitely be loyal to the summoner!

Even if there were some side effects, it definitely wouldnt compare to the benefits it brought.


The two were in a symbiotic relationship.

Only with a Professional could an Awakened Talent be born, and with the birth of an Awakened Talent, the Professional could become stronger and survive in dangerous battles.

Once a Professional was sacrificed in battle, the talent that he awakened, no matter how powerful it was, no matter if it had intelligence of their own or not, even if it could be resurrected infinitely, would immediately be annihilated from this world.


Awakened creatures with the nature of summoned creatures, especially those with high intelligence, would risk their lives to protect their summoner.

They would rather die countless times in battle than let their master get injured even once.


Mumus Bionic Tear could actually summon a creature from another world and make the other party call her his “master”.

She could even obtain a pass to enter Hive-like!

What was going on

Was it really reasonable

After all… A foreign creature with self-awareness and a summoned creature that only listened to orders were two completely different concepts!

The uncertainties of the former were too great!

Who knew when they would break the rules, disobey the summoners orders, and stab their ownmaster in the back!

More importantly.

Even if the Big Tree Guardian was a trustworthy partner, even if Lin Ye and Su Mumu could trust him with their backs…

It didnt change the fact that the Big Tree Guardian was a creature from another world.

He thought about the Abyssal Demon, Meogao, and the angel, Kro, who treated humans as cannon fodder.

Would there really be a good result for humans to deal with them

Which was why…

No matter what the reason was.

He did not care about the identity of these otherworldly creatures.

For the safety of the entire human race, the Professional Alliance would launch a targeted attack on such dangerous behavior as communicating with unknown creatures.

They would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go.

This undoubtedly put Su Mumu in an extremely dangerous situation.


He had no choice…

Since this matter involved Mumus life and safety, it definitely could not be left for later.

It must be resolved immediately…

With that in mind, Lin Ye turned to look at Su Mumu and said calmly in his usual tone.

“Mumu, You can go home first.”

“I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do.

I need to meet someone, and it might take a while.”

“Dont wait for me if you still have to clear the dungeon in the afternoon.”

“Oh, okay.” Su Mumu nodded obediently.


The two of them walked out of the school gate together.

After Su Mumu got into a taxi she called on her phone app, Lin Ye immediately called Huang Tianqi.



Are you free now”

“Yes, I have something important to ask you.”

“The office on the 20th floor”

“Okay, Ill be right there.”

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On the 20th floor of the Tiandu building, in the chairmans office…

Huang Tianqi sat on the leather sofa in his office and picked up the purple teapot on the coffee table.

He poured Lin Ye a cup of high-quality Longjing tea and gently pushed it in front of him.

“What is it Why are you in such a hurry”

Lin Ye got straight to the point, “Mr.

Huang… With your connections, you should know that Ive obtained the right to enter Hive-like, right”

“Yes, I know.” Huang Tianqi nodded.

“So youre here to ask about Hive-like”

“Yes, my teacher said that someone from the Professional Alliance will contact me and tell me about it.” Lin Ye said.

“But it has been a week and no one came or contacted me.”

“In the end, after I killed a certain Abyssal Demon yesterday, they gave me the green light again.

They let me go without any interrogation or investigation.

its obvious that the Professional Alliance already knows my background, but they deliberately didnt send anyone to contact me…”

“Dont tell me… Are they worried that my preparation for the exam will be affected, causing me to lose in the college entrance examination”

Huang Tianqi listened carefully to Lin Ye.

Then he picked up the steaming teacup on the tea table and took a sip.

While savoring the tea in his mouth, he replied calmly.

“Thats one of the reasons,”

“The Hive dungeon is extremely difficult to clear.

Its dozens of times harder than all the dungeons youve seen so far.

There might even be Boss creatures with Diamond-grade aptitudes.”

“Many challengers who encountered them didnt even have the chance to run before they died tragically.”

“However, the group of genius students who have obtained admission passes will still enter without fear of death… Do you know why”

“Because we can get legendary equipment and Skills” Lin Ye tentatively asked.

“Yes,” Huang Tianqi said, “And not only that,”

“If I can conquer all the maps in Hive-like, its very likely that Ill get mythical-level equipment and Skills…”

“Think about how great of a temptation this is.”

“And how many genius students who think highly of themselves would overestimate their own abilities and run to challenge this dungeon alone, only to, unfortunately, fall in the end”

After listening, Lin Ye understood.

It turned out that the Professional Alliance was afraid that he would be too arrogant.

Just like that unkillable Huang the cockroach, he felt that his talent and strength were invincible in the world.

After knowing a way of entering Hive-like, he would definitely rush in without thinking and be taught a lesson by those crazy dungeon bosses, wasting his life for nothing…

“However,” Huang Tianqi continued, “Other things will affect your college entrance exam,”

“The Abyssal Demons and Fallen who have suddenly become active recently is also another reason.”

“In order to track down the Abyssal Demon forces that are lurking in Jiang city, the Professional Alliances division has basically deployed all the available manpower to guard every corner of the city.”

“So, they dont have the time to care about you now.”


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