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Although there was a simple strategy for this area, Lin Ye didnt consider using this method to test the Big Tree Guardians combat data.

His plan was to let the Big Tree Guardian charge into the city wall and fight the three hundred Lizardmen Warriors head-on, while also attacking their leader at the same time.

Su Mumu was very puzzled when he explained the plan.

“Huh Isnt this too dangerous”

“There are more than 300 level 10 Lizardmen in there, plus a dungeon Boss.

Even if they spit on us, theres enough of them to make it seem like its raining!..”.

“Dont worry,” Lin Ye said, “Im here, he wont die,”

“My HP bar capacity has already broken through the sky.”

Hearing that, Su Mumu was still a little hesitant.

However, with her strong trust in Lin Ye, she finally gave in.

“Uh… Alright then….”

After all…

The system simply said that the Big Tree Guardian would not resurrect after dying in battle.

It didnt give any more specific information.

It was completely different from little Mumu, who could resurrect in five minutes after death.

And after resurrecting, she would not lose any attributes… The description was clearly and plainly written out.

So, Su Mumu wasnt sure.

Does that mean he would not resurrect in this battle, or does that just mean he could not be summoned again

What if, after the Big Tree Guardian died, this soul Summoning Bell Skill will disappeared

Wouldnt that be the end of it

They definitely wouldnt risk the Big Tree Guardians life and lose a Boss-level big brother for no reason!

Contrary to Su Mumus worry, Lin Ye was different.

He knew very well that the Lizardmens scraping damage alone would not be able to hurt the Tree Guardian, which had ridiculously high defense.

Unless he could get three hundred Lizardmen to attack at the same time, they shouldnt be able to kill little Mumus summoned beast.

However, according to the terrain of the Lizardman Tribe, including the archers on the city wall, there were only about 30 Lizardmen who could attack the invading enemy at the same time.

At this time, the other Lizardmen would only be blocked by their companions and the residential buildings, and were forced to stand outside the encirclement, unable to help at all.

This gave the Big Tree Guardian a lot of room to operate.

He could bathe in Lin Yes holy light healing without any worry.

He could tank the enemys crazy attacks and continuously recover his HP while killing the Lizardmen monsterlings in batches.

He didnt have to worry about being instantly killed by the enemys encirclement.

Despite the 300 Lizardmens fearlessness, they took turns to fight, which would be a slight advantage for them.

The Big Tree Guardian was surrounded and did not have any time to catch his breath.

He also could not rely on the Skills cooldown time like Pull and Positioning.

That was why he could only go all out and use all his Skills so that Lin Ye could evaluate his true strength in detail.

At the same time, he tried to think of a way to get rid of the Big Tree Guardian–


Other than that.

Lin Ye also wanted to use this opportunity to test out his own stuff.

He had already seen the Blade of Destruction forms normal attack damage, Time of Silences Skill damage and bonus efficiency, Moon Shadow Blades attack and lifesteal effect, and Blade of Redemptions HP recovery effect.

Now, he only needed to see the effects of the two skills, Moon Shadow Gap and Ocean Moon Oath.

If he didnt really use it, he would definitely miss out on a lot of details.

But now, with the Big Tree Guardianian taking the damage for him, he didnt have to be so stupid as to get cut by others for nothing.

Wasnt this a heaven-sent opportunity for a test


“Lets go! Tree Guardian! Kill them all!”

“Yes, Master Lin Ye!”

Vocational Skill.

Knights Charge!

The Big Tree Guardian began to charge! The summoned beasts movement speed continued to increase! The Tree Guardians impact charge began to increase!

[Big Tree Guardian has enteredMounted Gun Charge mode!]

[Mounted Gun Charge: When the tip of the spear hits the target, it will deal high physical damage to the target and apply theknock away effect!]


With a loud bang, the tree guard, who was running against the rain of arrows, stabbed the gate of the Lizardmen Tribe like a heavy tank at full speed, directly smashing the entire gate into wood chips.

In an instant, the Lizardmens Troops panicked, and all kinds of screams rose and fell.

“Galak! (Were finished!)”

“Quieset! (This guy has rushed in!)”

“Toliagto!” (Quick! Go and kill him! Dont let him break into our camp!”

“Hasalok!” (Dont panic!)

Lin Ye took advantage of the Lizardman Archers attention on the Big Tree Guardian and teleported 30 meters away with three Flashes.

At the same time, he activated the Hidden Moons Moon Shadow Gap ability.

He turned into a transparent shadow with an unclear appearance and quickly rushed into the city gate.

‘The f*ck

‘This skills effect is a little cool

Although it only lasted for three seconds, he would be immune to any damage during this period.

It was as if he had a speed hack on, greatly increasing his movement speed, and he could run dozens of meters in one breath!

Wasnt this a godly skill that could be used for both survival and pursuit


During Time of Silence, he could receive a 50% increase in all damage, and during intervals, Moon Shadow could provide immunity to damage and speed up the journey… Then, what kind of ridiculous healing power would the Ocean Moons Oath have

As he thought about it, Lin Ye decisively switched to Hidden Moons stealth mode.

He raised his sharp blade which was gradually glowing with yellow light and pointed it at the Big Tree Guardian that was fighting the Lizardmen Army inside the city wall.

Five, four, three, two, one!

[The switch was a success!]

[Surge, the covenant of the seas, the blessing from the deep sea!]

[Prompt: The Phantom Moon Jellyfish has been summoned (Unable to be selected)!]

[Prompt: All debuffs (including debuffs and crowd control effects) on you and the target have been removed!]

[Prompt: The Phantom Moon Jellyfish is gathering moonlight power.

You and the target have been blessed by the moonlight.

512 HP will be recovered every half second for 15 seconds!]

[ 512 HP!]

[ 512 HP!]


‘You mean to say…

‘That this blue jellyfish would jump every half a second and heal 500 HP each time for 15 seconds

‘This was a super-evolved version of Divine Qi Therapy!

The key was…

The healing effect that pulsed every half a second was almost an uninterrupted healing effect.

Compared to the same healing effect that pulsed every second, it was more practical and perverted!

For example,

If Lin Ye were to fight against the Hex Teacher right now, assuming that it could use a combo to instantly kill Lin Ye, which would take one second to use all of its Skill, Lin Yes situation would be even worse off if he only had one healing Skill to continuously recover his health.

Especially if his other Skills were all on cooldown.

Even if he could heal up to 5,000 HP per second…

The Hex Teacher would also notice this obvious weakness and use the gap between the healing effects to kill Lin Ye with its set of skills, not giving him a chance to regenerate.

On the other hand, the healing effect of Phantom Moon Jellyfish would be obvious and useful.

By the time the Hex Teacher dealt half of his damage, when the green text of 500 appeared on Lin Yes body, it would only pull a small amount of his health.

After the Hex Teacher used all its Skills, Lin Ye, who was supposed to die, gained 500 HP out of thin air.

With the new green text that was added one second later, he recovered more than 1,000 HP…


Or die

There was only half a second of difference between them!

This wasnt something that could be made up for with just a bit more HP!


The Blue Jellyfishs healing power was quite high, so…

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