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[Name: Big Tree Guardian (Knight)]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Gold ★★★]

[Skills: Shield Strike, Heavenly Strike, Triple Death Slash, Guardian, Desperate Strike…]

[Description: A spirit soul from another world.

Information unknown.]

Looking at the Big Tree Guardians overbearing body, his handsome warhorse in golden armor, and the sharp and mighty golden halberd, Ling Yis eyes were filled with awe.

This creatures Boss and Classs double-panel bonus was as ridiculous as the Hex Teacher.

Lin Ye almost couldnt breathe.

‘No way!

‘This thing is a 3 Star Gold rank Professional Boss creature

‘Your Bionic Tear was able to summon this thing with just a bell

‘Im convinced.

He was really convinced!

High intelligence, full automation, Max logistics ability, no summoning restrictions, 24 hours a day to work 007 styles, personal combat ability is off the charts… And now, she can even summon a Boss-level creature to be her fighter!

‘If this isnt a God-tier talent, I would immediately livestream doing a handstand and sh*t!

‘Thats enough!

‘Say no more!

‘But I do have to say one thing…

‘My team for the college entrance examination is a completebugged team!

They have Awakened divine-cheats Talents…

Meanwhile, in complete contrast to Lin Yes shock, Su Mumu was confused.

“What the– Big Tree Guardian” She mumbled to herself.

“What a strange name.

Why isnt he named the Golden Knight Isnt he wearing golden armor all over his body”


Lin Yes jaw almost hit the ground when he caught what she was saying.

“Mumu, why are you so calm Didnt you see his attribute panel”

Su Mumu turned around.

“Ah I didnt see it,”

“Isnt he just a little cannon fodder summoned by little Mumu”

“Is he very special”

Lin Ye helplessly held his forehead.


“Little cannon fodder…”

“Miss Mumu, please take a look at his attribute panel and the effects of his Skills.

Only after that, you can express your opinion to me…”

“Will that work”

Upon hearing this, Su Mumu softly replied with an “Oh”, turned her head again, and called out the attributes of the Big Tree Guards panel.

She wouldnt have known if she didnt check, and now she was shocked as well.



“So the Big Tree Guardian is actually a 3 Star Gold rank creature”

“Ive never seen one before…”

Lin Ye looked like he expected better from her.

“You really are…”

“I already told you to read more Professional theory books outside of school!”

Lin Ye paused and sighed helplessly.

He started to explain to her.

“This spirit souls 3 Star Gold rank aptitude isnt the main point!”

“The point is… This big boy has a Class panel, which can adjust his attributes.

He also has a Boss panel, which can increase the dungeons bonus!”

“The Cursemancer in the Forest of Fallen Giants, the Hex Teacher.

You should have heard about it, right”

“Why is it such a strong opponent to fight”

“Its because it also has a Boss panel and a Class panel! Attack speed double A! His intelligence is off the charts! Explosive speed! He switched to the back row in the opening! He knew how to interrupt others Skills! He knew how to avoid damage! Furthermore, its attributes are superior to that of a normal secret Boss!”

“Thats why countless students failed!”

“This creature can even face a Platinum Boss of the same level and not be at a disadvantage!”

“As for this Big Tree Guardian of yours, other than its slightly inferior aptitude, its almost exactly the same as the Hex Teacher.

Its an abnormal Boss that can easily persuade a large number of students to retreat!”


“YourBionic Tear talent is also a true God-tier talent!”

Su Mumu was petrified on the spot.


“This guy is on par with the Hex Teacher”

“And summoning little Mumu is also a God-tier talent”


“Yes,” Lin Ye said, “Your college entrance examination results this time have already secured you a place in the top row.”

“Even if you dont team up with me, just by calling little Mumu and herBig Brother, every university would definitely want to recruit you.”

Lin Ye sighed, “Its really infuriating to compare…”

“Although I can also summon the Hex Teacher as my fighter… The conditions to obtain the Hex Teachers summoning card are ridiculous…”

“I have to defeat it without any injuries…”

“Theres also a limit to the summoning.

Ill have to use the precious Fate of Meeting and wait until the next day before I can summon it again…”

“As for yoursecond brother, he can be summoned as soon as he enters the dungeon.

There are no restrictions.

The only downside in all this is the fact that he cant be brought out of the dungeon…”

“Alright, I admit it.

Im really jealous of your Bionic Tear talent…”


Su Mumu revealed a cute smile.



“Although I can hear the gloating in your mouth, Im still very happy.

I didnt expect little Mumu to be so powerful.

In the future, I can be a salted fish with more peace of mind!”

“Lets go, lets go!”

“Lets go and fight the Lizardmen!”

“I want to see how strong the Big Tree Guardian is!”

“Okay,” Lin Ye nodded and said, “Lets go,” he said.

Soon, the four of them arrived at the Lizardman Tribes outpost.

There were a total of ten 1 Star Silver rank Lizardmen patrolling inside.

It was a small test for the challengers to test their skills.

Su Mumu waved her hand and said, “Tree Guardian, go! Destroy these little Lizardmen!!”


After the order was given, the Big Tree Guardian, who was as intelligent as the Hex Teacher, immediately used his legs to drive the Golden Warhorse under him.

He rode the wind and rushed to the front-line outpost where the Lizardmen were.

The Lizardman was immediately on guard.

“Jingijing guagua!” (F*ck, an enemy is breaking in!)

“Guaguagua!” (Brothers!)

“Kapakabaski!” (Attack him!)


1-Star Silver rank vs 3 Star Gold rank…

A dungeon monster vs a dungeon Boss…

This kind of resistance was like a mantis trying to stop a car.

It was truly overestimating its own ability.

Riding on the golden warhorse, the Big Tree Guardian leaped high into the air.

The golden spear in his hand glowed with a dazzling light, and he swooped down like a meteor, smashing the heads of the three Lizardmen.

Heavenly Strike!

[Heavenly Strike: Big Tree Guardians exclusive skill.

The Big Tree Guardian jumps high into the air while riding on his warhorse, then smashes his spear at the enemy, causing a large amount of physical damage in the first wave and a small amount of splash damage in the second wave.

The enemy hit by the first wave of the attack will be forced tofall to the ground.]


With a loud boom, the Big Tree Guardian landed on the ground and shot the three unlucky Lizardmen!

The second part of his shot produced a large-scale shock wave that instantly killed the remaining seven Lizardmen.

Not a single one was left alive!


“Nothing but an ant…”

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