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Su Mumu looked confused.

“What do you mean I cant play to my advantage Why dont we be simple ”

“I cant use it!”

“Little Mumu can be used!”

“Hurry up!”

“Hurry up and calculate the formula!”


Lin Ye touched his nose.

“Then why dont you send me your body data”

“We wont need to re-test you or your Bionic Tear.”

“Just use the physical report that our school gave to all the students before the Awakening.”

Su Mumu was confused.

“Huh That report”

“Ive already thrown it away, I think”

“Its fine.

Log into the schools official website.

Theres a backup on it.

Make a copy of it and send it to my QQ.” Lin Ye said.

Su Mumu unhappily pouted her little mouth.

“Oh! Then wait a moment!”


Although she was angry at Lin Ye for insulting her whenever he found an opportunity, Su Mumu still handed over her physical data without any hesitation.

There was no other reason.

It was like the feeling of hugging a fluffy pillow, happy and blissful.

‘Isnt it good to be the little follower of a Big Boss

‘Why should I work hard

‘Im sorry!

‘I just want to be a little salted fish who just eats and waits for death!

‘I just want to slack off every day!

‘No one can stop me from being a good-for-nothing b*tch.٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*.


As for being shy…

Physical data was nothing much.

Anyway, the two of them stuck together every day.

They even bathed and slept together when they were young.

They had already seen what they should and shouldnt have seen.

It was a feeling.

‘My little bear biscuit1 is a little too small.

‘Ive clearly eaten so many papayas since I was young, and Ive also drunk so much milk, but it doesnt grow at all.

Im really going to die from anger.




The more she thought about it, the more she felt cold!

Lin Ye will definitely use this to laugh at me!

‘*Sob* Im done for.

I can already imagine his face full of “See!” when he got my stats!


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‘169cm, type A blood, 48kg, B80, W59, H87… Shes a little small

‘Did she usually stuff things in

Lin Ye began to recall Su Mumus usual style of dressing.

He then reached out his hands and roughly simulated it.

The left side showed the size of the data on paper, and the right side showed the visual size.


There was indeed a problem!

Now Ive got a little handle on you, right

Seeing this, Su Mumus face instantly turned red.

She bit her cherry-like lips, her face full of unwillingness.



“Im not!”

Lin Ye calmly added, “Its fine.

Theres a good thing about being calm.

You can pat your biscuits when youre feeling uncomfortable and tell yourself that youre a man and you have to be strong.”

Hearing that, Su Mumu angrily punched Lin Yes shoulder with her small fist and said through gritted teeth, “Im stronger than your head!”


Then, she turned her head, crossed her arms, pouted her little mouth, and whispered,

“Hmph! Im ignoring you!”

“Im going out to buy some milk tea!”

“Dont ask and dont shout.

Theres no share for you.

Im only buying it for Bai Zhi.

Youre not getting the massage set either tonight!”

With that, Su Mumu walked out of the library in a huff, leaving Lin Ye sitting alone on the black chair with his phone in his hands and a helpless expression on his face.

Fine… She was so angry that she left.

Forget it.

It was better to quickly calculate the formula.

‘Im sorry, my lovely brain cells.

Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

I wish you all a good journey, and I hope that heaven doesnt have any formulas.

As mentioned before, calculating the most optimal point formula for a Professional was an extremely troublesome matter.

The steps were complicated and messy.

Different heights, different weights, different lengths, different cloaks… All of these would bring about different variables.

It would take a lot of time to repeatedly calculate and apply different formulas and data to find the best solution.

It was like drawing a nuclear bomb with bare hands.

Not everyone could do it.

And the physical data contained in it was too detailed and private.

If it was not someone you trusted very much, almost no one would take the initiative to say it.

This led to…

Even some rich second-generation heirs who could find a top student to help them calculate the formula were not willing to do it and let others know about their physical defects.

Especially some people who had plum blossom disease…

In any case, with enough free attribute points, everyones final perfect form would be a “bucket” with average attribute points but uneven ability points.

There was a small flaw in the process of adding points to this attribute.

He had less ability points than other Professionals of the same level, so the impact was not big.

After all…

Not everyone could take advantage of this slight difference in ability.

It was like not just anyone could play as a Professional.


At first, Lin Ye didnt want to calculate the formula for Su Mumu.

Instead, he just gave her a lazy equation, up, down, left, right, B, A, and mindlessly made it into a bucket Mage.

However, now that she had the Bionic Tear, he couldnt be so casual.

When he asked Su Mumu if she wanted to maximize her profit, in fact, what he meant was, do you want to give little Mumu some fanciful operation space

For example, in the eyes of the jungler in a fish pond game, there was no difference in whether he ate river crabs or not in the early stages.

Wasnt it only 70 yuan each

Im not interested in it.

Ill give it to you.

However, in the eyes of a wild king in a high-end game, this river crab would determine whether the opponents lane would collapse or not.

Whether the first Canyon and the Dragon could be snatched.

Whether his teammates would die or survive…

It would ultimately affect the outcome of the entire battle.

The method of calculating the optimal point formula was equivalent to giving the jungler the first river crab to eat.

Whether the other party could make use of the subtle difference in ability was equivalent to whether the jungler could lead the overall rhythm after eating the river crab.

The details could decide the outcome of the battle.

However, some of the pigtailed girls didnt even know the details.

What are you counting on her for

*Cough cough*…

In fact, Lin Ye didnt mind calculating the best point-adding formula for little loli Bai Zhi.

He found out her three sizes.

However, considering that the relationship between the two was not very intimate, it was more like a cooperative relationship between allies.

Moreover, the two were of different genders, so it was not appropriate to disclose the privacy of their bodies.

So, he didnt tell Bai Zhi about this.

Instead, he wanted Su Mumu to ask for the other partys opinion on his behalf.

‘If shes willing, Ill kill more brain cells and calculate the formula for her to help her build an advantage as much as possible.

‘Its okay if youre not willing, lazily adding points with your big sword.

‘After all, she was the God-tier buff that gave all her “Lady Lucks” talent to Lin Ye to farm for equipment.

Not to mention calculating and adding points to Bai Zhis formula, even if Lin Ye raised her like his ownfather and fulfilled all her needs…

It was no problem.


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