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Although Wang Machao was surprised and in awe by Lin Yes performance, he didnt show it on his face.

Instead, he said in a business-like manner, “Lin Ye if this is true,”

“Please cooperate with the investigation of our Abyssal Demons operation team.

Come with us to the Professional Alliances branch in Jiang City and tell us everything that happened.”

“Although this might affect your plans for the college entrance examination, it will also reveal how you fare during your preparations.”

“However, considering the severity of the incident and for the safety of all Jiang City residents, I hope you can understand that this is a process that everyone has to go through.”

Lin Ye didnt have anything to say to refute the man.


‘Im done.

‘Todays Lady Lucks buff is going to be wasted.

Although he could rely on staying up all night to make up for the lost time himself, doing so would cause his fatigue points to increase rapidly.

Not only would this reduce his efficiency in clearing secret dungeons, but it would also slow him down for tomorrows plans he had set up.

And since the investigation might last for a few days…

His plan to grind dungeons all night tonight was probably not going to work either…


He had no choice!

In order to support their work in fighting the Abyssal Demons, he had to go with them!

In any case, the number of free attribute points after level 10 would be dozens of times more than before level 10.

The dozens of free attribute points deducted in the early stages would only be a small advantage in the college entrance examination.

In a Professionals entire career, these free attribute points were dispensable.

Not to mention,

‘I havent fully leveled up yet, but I can instantly deal more than 5,000 true damage.

My combat power has seriously exceeded my level.

He could still afford to suffer this small loss…

Lin Ye was about to comply when Wang Machaos phone suddenly rang.

He took it out and found that the caller was his highest-ranking boss.

If it wasnt something extremely important, the other party would never take the initiative to call him, especially not this kind of private call.

So, Wang Machao excused himself and walked to an empty corner to make sure that no one could eavesdrop on their conversation before he pressed the green button to answer the call.

“Hello, Boss What is it”

The other man didnt waste any time, “Wang Machao, are you planning to bring that Lin Ye student back to the Professional Division for investigation”

“Um… Yes” Wang Machao was a little confused.

“Theres no need.

Let him go.” His Boss said, “This case related to the Abyssal Demon will be put on hold for a while.

Well deal with it after he finishes his college entrance examination,”

“What” Wang Machao was dumbfounded.

“Well let him go, just like that”

“Isnt this a fixed process that must be followed to track down Abyssal Demons”

“If I let him go… Wouldnt the higher ups punish me for letting go of such a great lead”

“You dont have to worry about that.

No one will come to you for trouble,” The Boss reassured, “I wasnt the only one who agreed to this.

The President and all the other ministers have also agreed.”

If his Boss could see him now, he would see his gaping mouth.

‘The f*ck

‘Who is this kid

‘All the Professional Alliances big shots in Jiang City are here to support him

‘They even gave him the green light to let him go, despite knowing the kid might have more information regarding the dangers of Abyssal Demons

“Boss…” Wang Machao slowly began.

“Can you tell me the reason why”

“I dont have his background for the time being.” His Boss replied.

“Hes just an ordinary college entrance examination student to my knowledge,”

“However, his future potential is limitless.

Its very likely that hell become the dark horse of our Rivertowns college entrance examination champion this year.”


“At this stage, we cant let anyone disturb his preparation for the college entrance examination.

It will affect his ability to obtain free attribute points and level up.”

“And you cant reveal his college entrance examination preparation!”

Hearing that, Wang Machao almost knelt down.


Even his Boss got passionate!

“Uh… Okay”

“Also, I noticed it when I was checking the Abyssal Demons corpse and the Fallen student…”

“The student, Lin Yes, combat ability and combat awareness are no less than us members of the Encirclement operation team.

Not only can he kill a level 20 Abyssal Demon by himself, but he can also accurately control the health of the Fallen down to 5%.”

“This way he deliberately leaves the Fallen alive so that we can arrest him for interrogation… Its simply invincible!”

“This is normal,” The other party replied, “Do you know the famousHex Teacher from Bai Ma high school”

“The Cursemancer The secret realm Boss that came from theHive-like dungeon.” Wang Machao confirmed, “The Gold-grade boss that has the ability to defeat a Platinum-grafe Boss… Yeah, I know.”

“Just two days ago,” His Boss began, “Lin Ye killed it without any injuries.”

“He also got the qualification to enter theHive-like secret dungeon.”

Wang Machao stared at the wall across from him for a moment.

Until it hit him.


‘What the f*ck!!

“What the f*ck… Is he a God-tier genius!”

“That Cursemancers skills and stats are insane.

Its IQ is also high!”

“A level 20 university student might not be able to defeat it without getting hurt, let alone an eighth grader!”

“If this kid doesnt have a God-tier talent, how else could he have achieved this”

The other party replied, “Im not sure myself,”

“Perhaps he has awakened a special talent that can restrain the Cursemancers.”

“Or maybe his combat skills are really amazing.”

“But as long as you know…”

“In the future, he will be able to enter theHive-like realm.

Furthermore, his combat strength is very strong.

There is a chance that he will be able to come out alive.”

“So… I dont need to remind you anymore, right”

Wang Machao subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

“Yes Boss, I understand.

Ill personally take care of this kid and make sure that there wont be any problems before the college entrance examination!”

“You dont have to worry, sir!”

There was a pause after that.

Then, Wang Machao asked again,

“By the way…”

“That dead Abyssal Demon…”

“Could it be because of this matter that it specifically came to find him and wanted to eliminate this threat in advance”

“No,” The other man replied, “High-level Abyssal Demons are very meticulous.”

“If they wanted to eliminate the geniuses of our human race, they would not have just sent the lowest level,Abyssal Salesman, and a recently turned Fallen to kill the kid.”

“They would have at least sent out aWhite Clown level Fallen to ensure that they can kill the target without fail.”

After a pause, the person on the other end of the phone continued, “Estimated”

“This Abyssal Demon is looking for Huang Shaofeng because of him, right ”

Wang Machao was stunned.


“Huang Shaofeng”

“His name sounds a little familiar…”

“Hes the son of the Huang Corps CEO, Huang Tianqi.

Hes very adaptable to abyssal power.

He came to us a few days ago and said that an Abyssal Demon tried to lure him, but he rejected it.” His Boss reminded.

Wang Machao reacted instantly.

“Oh… I remember now.

So its that student with a very strong personality!”

“They know each other”

“Several days ago, Huang Shaofeng and Lin Ye had a conflict.

The two of them fought in public.

Then Huang Shaofeng was targeted by the Abyssal Demon.” The other party explained.

“When Huang Shaofeng rejected the Abyssal Demon, he probably said something about Lin Ye, which caused the Abyssal Demon to misunderstand.”

“I thought Huang Shaofeng had a grudge to Lin Ye, but apparently he rejected the demons temptation.”

“Thats probably why it wanted to kill Lin Ye first.

It was hoping that it could prove its worth to Huang Shaofeng.

Then, it can invade his mind and tempt this one in a million Fallen genius to join the abyss faction…”

“Otherwise… I really dont know what it was aiming for.”

“Why would that Abyssal Demon risk its life and reveal its true form to fight Lin Ye head-on”

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