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“Holy f*ck!”

“Youre playing dirty with me–”

Before he could finish his words, Hidden Moons energy instantly cut through the air like a flash of lightning in the sky.

It carried a terrifying aura that could destroy everything in the world and pierced through Meigaos short and ugly Abyssal Demon body.

[-312 HP!]

[Prompt: when you cast Silence, you will be buffed by the power of moonlight.

All subsequent damage will be increased by 50% for 10 seconds!]

It was a reversal.

Stars Godly Glory!

Increase injuries!

It was a reversal.

Aqua Tide!

The Abyssal Demon was in a state of burn!

The Abyssal Demons attack power was greatly reduced!

It was a reversal.

Divine Qi Therapy!


It was a reversal.

Heal Spell!


Lin Yes burst of power, including the corpse magicians four-piece set that gave a 90% healing bonus, the 50% damage increase from Hidden Moon, the 10% damage increase from Stars Godly Glory, as well as the new equipment and free attribute points that he got after finishing the land of death…

In an instant, 4,074 HP was reduced from the Abyssal Demon and added to his HP!

Furthermore, this was only the initial damage of the healing package!

If he included the bleeding damage caused by Divine Qi Therapy, the damage caused by equipment skills during Silence, and the dot damage caused by burns…

It was equivalent to Lin Yes first round of skills dealing 5,236 explosive damage!

This was more than 20,00 more damage than the 3,163 damage he inflicted in the Land of Death.

It was a qualitative leap!

So, even though the Abyssal Demon, Meigao, was now level 20 and had more than 20,000 HP, Lin Yes sudden attack scared it half to death.

It lost its will to fight and turned around to run for its life.

“Hell!” It was really like a ghost!

What was wrong with this human

‘Just one round of skills had dealt more than 4,000 damage! He even caused me to bleed and burn! Even when his attack power was greatly reduced!

‘Isnt this f*cking damage output even more ridiculous than a level 10 Platinum Boss

‘His power was almost the same as a Diamond-tier monster!

‘A divine level talent!

‘This kid must have a God-tier talent!

‘Damn it!

No wonder Cao Yuan was not his match even after he had given the boy the blessing of the abyss!

Even if Huang Shaofeng was here, he wouldnt be able to handle this!

Were done for!

‘I have to leave this place as soon as possible!

Seeing Meigao running away, Lin Ye immediately grabbed the hilt of the Hidden Moon with both hands.

Like the Sword Saint who had activated his Highlander bloodline, he chased after the Abyssal Demon and kept slashing at its butt.

On the way, he even sneered, “Running away”

“Youve already revealed your true form and entered a state of combat.

You cant rely on the phase-shifting ability of your shadow clone to perform long-distance teleportation!”

“Do you think you can run away now”

The Abyssal Demon felt a chill in his heart.

‘Damn, this guy even knows about my phase-shifting ability

‘Is this the power of a top student

‘Wait a minute…

‘In other words, what he did just now… Was it all a ruse to gain my trust He tricked me into switching places with my shadow clone and coming to him on my own!

‘And then destroy my main body


‘Arent you too cold

‘Not only did you deceive my feelings, but you also deceived my body.

Do you know how much this will affect my young heart


He had no choice…

‘Since he had seen through my plan to escape, and were not far apart in speed, theres no way I can escape from this.

Only by taking the risk and killing this weirdo would he have a chance of survival!

With that thought in mind, Meigao made up his mind and gave up on the idea of escaping.

It turned around and faced Lin Ye, who was chasing after it with his blade, and released its abyss skill.

The hand of the abyss!


Flash! Skill miss! Avoid damage!

Meigao was shocked by what just happened and cursed.


He had actually forgotten that this kid still had the flash ability!

‘But… Would Flashs cooldown be that fast How long has it been It didnt even take three minutes, right

While he was thinking, Lin Ye teleported to its face and swung his blade directly at its head, dealing critical damage that only a vital point could deal.

[- 597 HP!]

Seeing this, Meigao raised his skinny right hand and forcefully grabbed onto Lin Yes blade.

Then, he gathered a black abyssal power in his left hand and turned it into a Black Wolf Claw, slashing toward Lin Yes stomach.

The claw of the abyss!


[-587 HP!]


‘The skill hit

Looking at the bleeding from his wound… The damage caused by my skill isnt low, which means that this guy is a player with a high attack but a low defense.

Hes not a hexagonal Warrior who can attack and defend at the same time!


‘But if thats the case… Shouldnt I be able to counter-kill his wave

And so, Meigao, who was scared to the point of peeing his pants from Lin Yes explosive damage output, regained his confidence and felt that he could do it once more.


What Meigao did not know was…

Lin Ye was still holding onto his last Flash…

He couldve used flash to increase the distance between him and the Abyssal Claw the moment Mego raised its hand to release his skill, avoiding all the damage from the abyssal claw…

Or, he could directly activate the Universe Reversal to gain no injury…

But he did not choose to do so.

Mainly because when Meigao possessed Cao Yuans body and wanted to finish Lin Ye off as soon as possible, he only dealt 600 damage.

Lin Ye noticed it.

The Abyssal Demon in front of him was merely the weakestabyss salesman in the abyss.

It ran between cities every day, promoting the power of the abyss to targets that met the conditions, luring them to become evil degenerates who despised mankind.

It was a hard worker who had to worry about its performance every day.

Not only that…

Abyssal demons were generally weaker than Professionals of the same level.

Their greatest advantage was that they could create Fallen whose strength far exceeded that of the same level.

They could also possess the Fallens body and use them to command the battle from a distance to ensure that their main body would not be killed.

If they fought alone, even a lower-level Professional could kill them.

So, even though Meigao had already reached level 20…

Even if this guy had been so arrogant earlier…

Lin Ye could also conclude that Meigaos skill damage couldnt do anything to him now.

It was even worse than when Meigao possessed Cao Yuans body.

It couldnt even reach the damage requirement of 600 points.

He didnt need to risk exposing his Universe Reversal talent to fight this Abyssal Demon with all his might.

Who knew if this thing had some sort of way to tell the other Abysmal Demons about his trump card…

Lin Ye saved his last Flash and didnt use it.

This was also due to the fact that he had a displacement skill that could send him flying more than ten meters away.

He also had to ensure that he could stick to Meigao and prevent it from leaving his combat state.

Otherwise, if Meigao found an opportunity to escape he would definitely use the phase shift skill at the first opportunity to switch positions with the shadow clone and escape.


Looking at Meigaos reaction and performance to the second Flash, it seemed like he hadnt learned any movement skills.

*Cough, cough!*

‘Well then, Im sorry!

‘Ill take your first blood!

‘The second round of skills!


Hidden Moon…


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