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‘Finding some random vessel is really not a good plan,

‘The combat power after conversion is still too weak.

Even with the support of the abyssal power, the four-dimensional attributes and skill damage have increased sharply, its still strange that a swordsman cant beat this Priest…

“Forget it,” The demon said under his breath.

‘This guy was originally the cannon fodder Im going to use to lure Huang Shaofeng into the sea.

‘If hes gone, then hes gone.


‘Lin Ye, you must die today!

‘If you want to blame someone… Blame Huang Shaofeng, that kid, for only thinking about you!

‘Under your influence, his mental state is impeccable.

I cant find any chance to invade his mind! The demon thought.

The Abyssal Demon, Meigaos shadow clone, quietly attached itself to Cao Yuans body and began to pour its own abyssal power into him, taking over Cao Yuans mind and body, and once again greatly strengthening the boys combat ability.

Suddenly, “Cao Yuans” counterattacks became sharper and he continuously blocked Lin Yes normal attacks.

He even used a backhanded Swordsmans instant slash to deal more than 600 damage to Lin Ye.

Lin Ye was speechless.

‘What the–

‘Did this guy just transform

‘How did his combat skills suddenly become so exquisite

‘Even his four-dimensional attributes and damage had increased by a large amount

Lin Ye immediately stepped back to put some distance between them and cast Aqua Tide and use Heal Spell on himself.

Not only did he instantly recover his health bar, but he also dispelled the abyss debuff that was constantly eating away at his body.

He frowned, “You… Youre not Cao Yuan, are you”

“Abyssal Demon” Lin Ye asked.

Cao Yuan revealed a strange smile, “Hehe! Youre quite observant, arent you”

“Unfortunately, the Professional Alliance is already on their way here.

I dont have time to waste with you.

So, you should just die!”


“You can join us if you want!”

“Although your talent for depravity is not strong, its much better than this good-for-nothing Im currently possessing.

In the future, you might become a terrifying depraved person like theWhite Clown!”

Lin Ye wasnt in a hurry to attack when he heard that.

Instead, he acted like he was very interested and began to fish for information, “Oh Join you”

“What benefits can Abyssal Demons give me”

Hearing Lin Yes interest, Meigaos heart was filled with joy.

His performance for this month seemed to have been settled!


“Benefits Youve just witnessed it!”

“The guy Im possessing cant even touch you at first, but under the enhancement of the abyssal power, his combat power has soared instantly.

Although he still cant defeat you, he can at least hurt you!”

“Now that he has my help, his strength has increased again.

Not only can he block your attack, but he can also kill you with a backhand!”

“Furthermore, this is only the level of his newly transformed Fallen!”

“If he has enough time to develop and receive the deep transformation of the abyssal power, he will be able to surpass your power in a month even if he has to lie down and sleep all day!”

“Are these good enough benefits for you”

Lin Ye deliberately put away his Hidden Moon blade and showed a thoughtful expression, earning a delightful yet malicious smile on Meigaos face.

Clearly, the demon was believing that he was interested in the offer.

“Hmm… Sounds interesting.” Lin Ye paused for a moment and acted like he would never attack again.

“Hey, Abyssal Demon! You should know Huang Shaofeng, right” He continued to ask.

“He was invited by your companions to join the abyss, but he rejected you and even gave you a good scolding, right”

When he heard the name of that annoying species, Meigao couldnt help but grin.

His originally indifferent attitude quickly changed, and he said in an extremely displeased manner, “Yes, he did!”

“I was the one who went to invite him, and in the end, that brat didnt know what was good for him!”

“He insisted that he was invincible and wanted to defeat you with his own strength.

Not only did he refuse my invitation, but he also cursed us Abyssal Demons and called us sewer rats that only knew how to hide, he even called our abyssal power trash!”

The more Meigao spoke, the more excited he became.

“F*ck! The more I think about it, the angrier I get!”

“If it wasnt for his amazing adaptability to the power of the abyss, he would be the one-in-a-million Fallen genius!”

“Hed have crushed you to death ages ago!”

“I really cant understand how such a confident weirdo could exist in this world.”

“Doesnt know his own worth”

Lin Ye was speechless.


It seemed that Huang Shaofeng didnt use his “hurt-pride” to deliberately report the Abyssal Demons to infiltrate the human camp.

Instead, he became a real man for once and rejected the evil temptation of the Abyssal Demon without hesitation.

The guy in front of him should be the Abyssal Demon named “Meigao” that he had mentioned on the QQ.


It was indeed as he had said…

This guy dared to give out any kind of information…

He was a silly demon who couldnt control his mouth…

After thinking about it, Lin Ye continued to show off his Oscar-winning acting skills.

As he quietly approached Meigao, he pretended to be disdainful and said, “Huang Shaofeng is a brainless idiot!”

“Its useless to count on him!”

“Even if he has the blessing of the abyss and obtains unparalleled power, he will definitely expose himself!”

“Then, he was chased by the Professional Alliance.

In the end, he died at the hands of those advanced Professionals without any achievements!”

“You might as well share this power with me!”

“With my strength and intelligence, I can definitely make it to the top of the Professional Alliance and gain their trust!”

“After that, Ill secretly stir up the entire human world and destroy this f*cking world!”

After hearing that, Meigao looked at Lin Ye curiously and asked in a low voice, “Oh You want to destroy this world Why Arent you quite popular with the others”

“Youre not like Huang Shaofeng and Cao Yuan, who encountered all sorts of unpleasant things and were spurned and isolated by the people around them.

And a strong sense of dissatisfaction would arise in their hearts…”

Lin Yes eyes were filled with hatred.

“Because, I experienced a large-scale dark wave when I was 8 years old,”

“At that time, Rivertowns Professional Alliance could have sent people to save me and my family, but no one came.

They left me and my parents trapped at home, waiting for death…”

“To protect me, my parents took the initiative to lure away the monsters in the dark wave.

In the end, they died a tragic death under their sharp claws,”

“As a result, my relatives…”

As he spoke, Lin Ye got into the zone and put himself in the shoes of the vengeful people around him, criticizing the darkness of this world with bitter hatred.

Meigao was so moved by his speech and how like-minded they were.


‘Was this person so cynical

‘I thought he just wanted to get stronger quickly…


‘This is great!

‘He had finally found a useful vessel

As he thought about it, Meigao left Cao Yuans body and appeared in front of Lin Ye as an Abyssal Demon.

He planned to immediately give Lin Ye the abyssal power of a Fallen human.

“Dont worry.

Ive already felt your pain!”

“Next, I will grant you the great power of the abyss and let you join our big abyss family.

We will destroy this evil world together!”

Seeing this, Lin Ye reached out his hands as if he wanted to embrace this great power of the abyss.

“Yes, Lord Meigao!”

And then…

Summon! Hidden Moon blade! Destruction form.


He used his active skill and drew his saber!


‘Now, its time for you to shut up!

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