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For Professionals, a battle in reality and a battle in a secret dungeon were two completely different things.

The former was far more difficult than the latter.

Mainly because…

In secret dungeons, Professionals could see the system prompt.

You can see what skills you have used, how much damage you have dealt, whether you have successfully hit the enemy, what the enemys attributes are, what the enemys skills are, what effects the skills will have on yourselves, and other information.

While in reality….

The system would only notify you of how much HP you lost, what abnormal status you were under, and the enemys personal level.

As for what the opponents skills were, what equipment the opponent had, what their attributes were, how much HP your skills could reduce… It all depended on your own experience and judgment.

Sometimes, youre clearly stronger than others.

There would also be all sorts of misjudgments, unexpected factors, and a lack of information that would lead to a defeat in battle and defeat at the hands of others.

As for the top students who scored full marks in theoretical knowledge, even if their Awakened Talent wasnt good enough, they would still be given enough “tactical points” and “awareness points” in college entrance examinations.

They would be valued by others and be admitted to a good university.

They could even take on the responsibility of “military counselor” too.

Relying on ones rich theoretical experience, one could analyze the enemys attributes, equipment, and skills for ones teammate and assist them to killing the enemy.

It was like a war between nations in a game with thousands of players.

This kind of genius who could instantly understand the enemys strategic thinking and battle layout was several times more important than the brute force genius who only knew how to fight.

Those people were the most critical soul of the team.

No matter who died, it wasnt going to be them.

Similarly, the two top students, Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan, were already admired and respected by all the students before they awakened their Professional talents.

There were even little fans like Gu Yun.

It was because everyone knew that the two of them could rely on their invincible theoretical knowledge to become famous big shots in the future.

So, they had to build a good relationship in advance…

Back to the main topic…

After Lin Ye was hit by Cao Yuans abyssal version of horizontal slash, he immediately pulled out his famous sword, Hidden Moon, and rushed to Cao Yuans front, slashing at his neck.

Lin Ye wasnt being reckless on purpose.

Instead, he had already discovered it with his invincible theoretical knowledge and his thoroughly meticulous observation skills.

Even with the support of the power of the abyss, Cao Yuan was still no match for him.

He couldnt even defeat the gold-tier Goblin King, which was probably an 8-star Silver-ranked dungeon Boss.

As for Cao Yuans horizontal slash, judging from its special effects and casting speed, it should only be at level 3.

At most, it would deal 300 points of physical damage, which would be reduced by his physical defense.

Taking into account the abyssal power, the sword aura skills damage would definitely increase, but it would only increase physical damage by around 700 points at most.

To ordinary students, this increase was very terrifying.

It was almost like changing from a van to a supercar, which could instantly take their lives.

However, for Lin Ye, who already had more than 3,000 HP and had an Ancient Dragon Necklace that increased his physical defense, this move wasnt as painful as the Hex Teachers Moonlight Burst.

It was just like an itch.

So, when Lin Ye was hit by the skill, he didnt activate his reverse universe talent and revealed his biggest trump card.

He didnt use his second flash to avoid the blade aura attack.

It would be wasting a precious movement skill.

He had to make sure that there were no Abyssal Demons hiding around Cao Yuan who was trying to kill him.

These sixth-ranked creatures from the abyss were the most sinister creature to ever exist.

Those creatures liked to observe in secret.

If Lin Ye casually revealed his talent…

Although the other party might not understand the exact principle behind it, they would definitely be on guard against him and know that Lin Ye had an “invincible” skill.

After it quietly evacuated the scene, it would pass on the news to the other Abyssal Demons…

For that exact reason, Lin Ye didnt use his reverse skill to bombard Cao Yuan from a distance.

Instead, he rushed up with the blade, Hidden Moon, to attack.

This was also to guard himself against the Abyssal Demon, which he still couldnt figure out where they were hiding.

It was fine if it didnt come out from its hiding place.

But it came out…

Now that Lin Ye had the reverse healing package in his hands, he could definitely catch it off guard and take out half of its HP.

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Facing Lin Yes strange sword drawing technique…

Cao Yuan could not help but frown.


The group of students from other schools online communities had actually guessed it right!

Was this guy really a Melee Priest who focused on strength

Otherwise, how could a Priest rush up with a sword and cut people at close range


It didnt matter!

‘Im a Swordsman with an advantage in attributes!

‘And with the additional support from the abyssal power, he would be unstoppable!

‘How could a Priest like you possibly win in close combat…

Bang! Bang!

[-143 HP!]

Cao Yuan Was caught off guard by the notification.


‘How is this possible

‘Why is the damage of your blade so explosive

While he was still in a daze, Lin Yes sword, Hidden Moon, landed on his body again and left two obvious wounds.

A faint green healing light could be seen in the wounds.

If Shangguan Yan, who was also a genius like Lin Ye, was here, he would definitely notice the faint green light and realize that Lin Yes normal attacks not only dealt explosive damage, but also could suck blood to recover his health.

However, this information thief with poor theoretical knowledge and poor observation skills…

Cao Yuan did not have the ability to do so.

He didnt even sense from the pain of the sixth stage that the weapon could not only cause physical damage but also additional second-stage magic damage.

But of course, there was no point in knowing.

Whether it was combat techniques, observation skills, theoretical knowledge, four-dimensional attributes, or combat awareness… Lin Ye completely crushed Cao Yuan in all aspects.

He could kill Cao Yuan like he was crushing an ant.

He did not need any fancy techniques.

He could kill Cao Yuan with the simplest and most ordinary attacks.


If it wasnt for the fact that the horizontal slash sword aura skill was too fast with the additional support of the abyssal power, he wouldnt have been able to escape.

Lin Ye could even avoid them by moving around.

Because this move had long been used by the soldiers of the ghost Kingdom.

Back when Lin Ye was level 6, he could easily dodge them in close combat.

He didnt even take a hit from their blade auras.

Now that his strength had increased in all aspects, he was not just hiding for fun.

Things had developed to this point.

The rhythm of the entire battle was in Lin Yes hands.

The self-deprecating evil, Cao Yuan, was about to die a tragic death under the sword.

The Abyssal Demon that was hiding in the dark didnt move at all.

‘… Is it really not going to step into the scene

Was the newly born evil degenerate, Cao Yuan, not important to it

Do they think that he wasnt worth the risk to rescue him

If he died, he just… died


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