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When he got downstairs, Lin Ye took out his phone and was about to call a taxi to take him to school, but someone suddenly appeared in the green garden in front of him.

“Lin Ye! So youre finally willing to come down! Ive been waiting for you here for more than an hour!”

“Huh” Lin Ye looked up from his phone in confusion.

What the–!

Who was this person

He looked a little familiar… Hm Wasnt this the guy who pirated his walkthrough Cao Yuan

Why was he here

Could it be…

Hes here to apologize, right

As he was thinking, Cao Yuan suddenly displayed all the class equipment he had on him.

From a modern persons equipment, he instantly transformed into an ancient Swordsman and received attribute bonuses from all his equipment (it only took effect when the equipment was displayed).

Then, he raised the longsword in his hand and pointed it at Lin Yes throat.

“Lin Ye… You f*cker…” He said through gritted teeth.

“Five days! Five days! Do you know how I spent these past five days Do you!”

“I was destroyed by all the students from school! They fought me from morning to night! They verbally assaulted me from morning to night! Thanks to you, I was forced to turn off my phone!”

“Then, a group of people came to my house and squatted in front of my door! Beat me up every time they see me! I dont even dare to step out of my house! Im trapped in my own home!”

“Even when I didnt go out, there were bastards who threw bricks at my window! They even came to smash my door in the middle of the night! They just wont let me live in peace!”

“And my friend, someone I know, theyre all talking sh*t about me behind my back! My girlfriend also left me! My parents even despise me for being an embarrassment to them! Theyre telling me to die! Everyones turning against me!”

“Everyone was demanding me to give up on the exam, for me to die, for me to disappear from this world!”

“All of this… Is all thanks to you!”

“Its all your fault! You damn bastard! Youre the one who destroyed everything I have! Youre the one who ruined my future!”

“Go to hell!”

After he finished speaking, Cao Yuan could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.

He activated his Profession Skill and aimed his sword to stab Lin Yes chest.

A Swordsman Skill.

Surprise attack!


Lin Ye reacted quickly.

He dodged and took a few steps back, easily avoiding this skill.

“Hey, wait, dont get too excited.

Lets sit down and talk about it slowly.

Ill help you solve this problem…”

However, Cao Yuan was completely controlled by his anger.

He didnt care about Lin Yes dissuasion and just continued to attack him.

Every move was aimed at Lin Yes vital points.

He didnt care that what he was doing was illegal and that he would be severely punished by the Professional Alliance.

Lin Ye had no choice.

The only thing he could do now was to take this guy down.

And when Cao Yuan lost his ability to resist, he would slowly communicate with him and Lin Ye could figure out what was going on and who gave the order to harass him.

After all…

Lin Ye had already told Long Live Lili and the others not to cause trouble for Cao Yuan, especially to do anything unnecessary for him and affect their college entrance exams.

They had also promised that they would not waste their time on such a dangerous thing.

But now

If the teachers in school found out about these extremely negative things…

The lightest punishment they could give was to disqualify them from the college entrance examination, while the heaviest punishment was to send them directly to prison to reflect upon their actions.

Long live Lily and the other students… Would they really do something so stupid

Something in him felt that there was something strange about this.

As his mind continued to think, Lin Ye suddenly attacked and punched Cao Yuans cheek.

Then, he tripped the other boy with his right foot and put the Swordsman, who was completely overwhelmed with anger, on the ground.

Then, he stomped on Cao Yuans leg, using his strength attribute of more than 100 points, which far exceeded that of an ordinary person, and broke Cao Yuans calf bone, temporarily disabling him from moving.

“Hey, Cao Yuan! Calm down!”

“As long as you dont attack me again, Ill treat your injuries and let you stand up again!”


Cao Yuan didnt move at all.

He just gritted his teeth and looked straight into Lin Yes eyes as his hands clutched onto the soft soil on the ground.

All of a sudden, an eerie voice rang out in his mind.


“Ive told you that!”

“With your strength, youre no match for him.

Youre just a clown, a lowly clown that everyone spurns!”

“No one will like you, no one will care about you.

You were born to be a piece of sh*t to set off geniuses like him!”

“So, what do you think”

“Do you want to obtain heaven-defying power and change everything Do you want to become a Professional who can control other peoples lives”

“If you want to… Then throw yourself into the embrace of our abyss!”

“The only person you can rely on now…”

“Is me!”

After many days of physical and mental torture, Cao Yuans rationality was on the verge of collapse.

Now, he personally experienced the frustration of being crushed by Lin Yes strength.

And so when he heard the abyss demons merciless mockery….

His psychological defense finally fell.

“Alright… Lord Meigao…”

“Please grant me the power of the abyss…” Cao Yuan clenched his teeth.

“I wont be… A human… anymore!”

[The contract has been established.

The power of the abyss is about to descend!]


[A new Fallen had appeared!]

Immediately, a large amount of dense black energy began to surge out of Cao Yuans body.

Like black smoke, it instantly engulfed the boy.

Lin Ye frowned as he stared at the phenomenon.

He decisively used the Flicker Stones power and flashed back ten meters.

Then, he watched warily at Cao Yuan as he slowly got up from the ground, and summoned all his equipment.

‘A Fallen!

‘He was bewitched by the Abyssal Demon!

At this moment, Cao Yuans entire body was emitting strange black energy.

It was like a black ember that was burning fiercely on his body, and from time to time, black sparks would splash out of the flames.

“Hahaha!” Cao Yuan began to laugh like a madman.

“Is this the power from the abyss”

“Im so strong!”

“I can feel the power!!!”

Then Cao Yuan turned his head and looked at Lin Ye.

His crazy laughter instantly turned into anger.

“Lin Ye!” He said through gritted teeth, “Thanks to you! Ive fallen into hell! And now! Ive returned from hell!”

“This… Is your retribution!”

“Go to hell!”

A Swordsman skill.

A horizontal slash of Sword Qi.

Abyss version!


The black sword energy instantly streaked across the sky with unstoppable momentum and pierced through Lin Yes abdomen, leaving a visible wound and spurting out a stream of blood.

The black abyssal power started to invade Lin Yes body like a parasite.

[-312 HP!]

[Your body was affected by the abyssal energys invasion! All your attributes have been greatly reduced! Youre starting to lose HP! All incoming damage received will be increased by 30%!]

Lin Ye was speechless.

[Article 11 of the Professional Handbook: When you encounter a Fallen, one who has been bewitched by an Abyssal Demon, every Professional can carry out legitimate self-defense and use all available means of attack to kill the other party as soon as possible to prevent them from harming more innocent lives!]

If Cao Yuan was just here for revenge, Lin Ye could still find a way to make peace.

He would do his best to accommodate his request in order to avoid this battle that would cause the other party to fall into eternal damnation.

But now that the dangerous Abyssal Demons were involved, things became much simpler.

He could either choose to make a move to kill the other or be killed instead.

‘Im sorry!

‘I hope you can become a human in your next life!

The famous saber Hidden Moon… Was unsheathed!

Sword draw!


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