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After deciding on Hidden Moons future path, Lin Ye turned his attention to the two treasure chests he got after clearing the stage.

‘I hope I can be full of luck today.

‘Open the box!

[Prompt: Platinum Treasure Chest (Intermediate) has been opened.

You have received Platinum-grade equipment “Frost Bow”, “Crystal Butterfly”(Item) X3, “Special Feather Arrow” (Item) x10, “Special Medicine” (Item) X1.]

[Prompt: Diamond Treasure Chest (Low) has been opened.

You have received free attribute points x20, Diamond-grade Equipment “Ancient Dragon Necklace”, Diamond-grade Skill “Great Coat of Arms of Attack Speed”, and Platinum-grade equipment “Magic Core”.]

[Frost Bow: A longbow that can cause continuous speed reduction and ice-type damage.]

[Crystal Butterfly: Rare item creation material.]

[Special Feather Arrow: A powerful feather arrow that can be made with fixed materials.]

[Special Medicine (Rare): After drinking it, all injuries can be recovered, but the resistance to it is extremely high, and it will take a long time to recover.]

[Magic Core: A portable equipment exclusive to Mages.

Increases magic power.

Simple and brutal.]

[Great Coat of Arms of Attack Speed: Aura skill, greatly increases the attack power and attack speed of all allies within a large range, including yourself.]

[Equipment Name: Ancient Dragon Necklace]

[Type: Accessory]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (Max level 30)]

[Grade: Diamond (Low)]

[Equipment Requirement: All attributes above 50 points.]

[Equipment Effect: 600 HP, Physical Defense 50%, Magic Resistance 50%, All Attributes 50, Fire Resistance 100%, Ice Resistance 100%, All speed reduction effects reduced by 30%!]


Is it just a usable Ancient Dragon Necklace

This luck, in normal times, couldnt be said to be good or bad.

However, considering that this might be the only Diamond-grade chest ge could get before the college entrance examination, compared to the usual equipment drop expectations, it was still a little–


Wait! Hell take what he thought back!

This accessory should be considered a big catch!

After all, “Great Coat of Arms of Attack Speed” was a wide-range aura skill.

It couldnt be dispelled and the effect will last forever.

It was an invincible strategic skill on the battlefield!

If it wasnt for the fact that Universe Reversal could bite him in the *ss, he would have learned it for himself.

It was equivalent to two usable Diamond-grade rewards from a Diamond Treasure Chest, similar to ten consecutive double yellow rewards–


‘Come to think of it, my luck today isnt too bad, is it

“Ah!” His mood instantly became much better!

Then, Lin Ye exited from the portal into the secret dungeon.

The black hole portal in the Land of Death immediately started to shrink and finally disappeared from the white and flawless wall as if it had never been there.

He didnt care and just raised his right hand, waving it to the sky.

“Personal panel!”

“Come out!”

“Put all your free attribute points into intelligence!”

[Name: Lin Ye]

[Level: 10]

[Class: Priest]

[HP: 2,831 (600)]

[Mana: 1,921]

[Talent: Universe Reversal (Level 2)]

[Attribute: strength 60 (20 1 50), constitution 100 (20 30 1 50), intelligence 140 (20 30 10 1 50), spirit 50 (20 10 1 50), agility 61 (20 10 1 50)]

[Skills: Heal Spell (single), Clarity Spell (mana recovery), Divine Qi Therapy (group healing), Stars Godly Glory (group damage immunity), Aqua Tide (dispel and health recovery)]

[Equipment: Gale boots (increase speed and dodge), Emerald Ring (reduce cooldown), Flickering Stone (3 flash skills), Corpse Magician four-piece set (increases constitution and intelligence),Moon Shadow Blade – Hidden Moon (strong invincibility), Ancient Dragon Necklace (all attributes defense mastery), White Jade Bird (block magic damage once)]

3,431 HP, 131 strength, 201 constitution, 251 intelligence, 131 spirit, 142 agility.

The data on the panel did not seem impressive, as he could not even withstand a dozen skills from a Platinum Boss.

However, in the eyes of other students who were also level 10, his attribute points were like a mountain that was difficult to reach.

Other than the rich players who had mines at home, Lin Ye could easily say that his stats were unrivaled in this competition.


He was still not in his complete form.

Once he leveled up all his equipment, especially after he fed Hidden Moon to high quality and level, and combined with the free stat points from all the secret dungeons he could clear in the next three weeks, Lin Ye would definitely be able to push all his stats to 300 points.

After that, he would try to scam some outstanding university students who had reached level 20.


Simply put…

With his current strength, he could kill at least 20% of the level 20 Professionals.

By the time it was time for the college entrance exam, Lin Yes strength would reach the peak of level 10, and all of his equipment would be upgraded to level 10.

He would be able to defeat at least 60% of the level 20 Professionals.

Together with the two bug existences, Hidden Moon and Universe Reversal, as well as the other God-level geniuses and rich players, it wouldnt be a problem to say that he could kill 99% of the level 20 Professionals.

Just think about it…

In the original world, it was ridiculous for a third-year high school student to be able to beat countless excellent university students when it comes to learning ability…

Lin Yes current situation was ridiculous–


‘I feel like my head is going to expand again!

‘Calm down.

Hurry up and calm down.

This is only the first step to becoming stronger.

You still have a long way to go before you become truly invincible!

‘Dont ever lose yourself in pleasure! He thought to himself.

Lin Ye immediately calmed down his excitement.

He had returned to the calm and collected appearance of the top student God as if everything was within his expectations, and he was full of a mature temperament that made people fall for him.

Then, Lin Ye put the blade and the Ancient Dragon Necklace back into his equipment bar and hid their physical appearance in real life.

He planned to go to school now.

After all…

Conquering the Land of Death was only his first goal for the day.

There was still a pile of level 10 simple dungeon quests for Lin Ye to deal with.

Now, every minute he wasted at home would cause the Lady Lucks buff to be wasted by another minute, losing precious five or more free attribute points.


Lin Ye, who was still wearing his shoes, didnt know.

At this time, a certain someone was standing in the garden of the community below his house, hidden by the surrounding dense bushes, secretly looking at his window with an indescribable fire of anger in his eyes.

“Lin Ye…”

“Damned thing…”

“Today will be the day you die…”

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