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“You guys…”

“You dont care about martial virtue…”


[Prompt: You have killed Lady Death!]

With the sound of ecstasy, Lady Deaths slender body leaned forward and fell to the ground powerlessly.

She unwillingly closed her beautiful big eyes.

Then, the corpse of Lady Death began to disintegrate, turning into dust that filled the sky and dissipated into the dark night sky with the wind.


She was such a pretty elf lady…

But just like that…

It could only be said that the king of the undead was guilty of the most heinous crimes!

‘Dont let me see you in a secret dungeon in the real world, or Ill make sure you suffer!

After retorting.

Lin Ye ordered the Hex Teacher to continue on and destroy the last two Death Altars, then clear out all the undead creatures, leaving no one alive.

Lin Ye himself went back the way he came and went to find the Giant Loathing Butcher.

He planned to burn the bridge after crossing it and get rid of the “ally” who helped to clean up the remaining undead creatures.

As the Death Altars along the way had all been destroyed, no new undead creatures were born from the rotten soil.

The first batch of undead had been killed by Lin Yes unknown AoE in the previous battle.

So, Lin Yes journey was much smoother, and he soon saw his “partner”, eating monsters like a hungry ghost.

It was as expected.

The undead creatures in the first area had already been eaten clean.

This guy even ran to the second area and ate a lot of the Skeleton King and Lichs underlings.

He was so crazy that even the Cursemancer wanted to beat him up.

Lin Ye didnt waste time talking to it.

He started off with a standard four-combo healing set and evaporated more than 4,000 HP from it, causing this big guy, who was still doing nothing, to instantly fall into a state of confusion.


‘Who am I

‘Where am I


‘A human

‘It looks appetizing!

After discovering Lin Yes existence, the Giant Loathing Butcher immediately came back to its senses.

It excitedly raised the butchers knife and chains in its hands and ran towards Lin Ye at full speed like a heavy tank.

Its heavy body, which was as big as a small mountain, also caused the ground to tremble as it stomped on the ground.

It constantly made loud thuds, and the sense of oppression was very strong.

It was not any weaker than Deathwing, who was a frost dragon.


“Iron hook grab!”

[ 110 HP!]

[Dispels a “dizzy” effect!]

[Dispels aforced displacement effect!]

[The plague broke out!]

[ 431 HP!]

“Corpse Poison!”

[You have obtained the healing effect!]

[ 50 HP!]

[ 50 HP!]

[ 50 HP!]

[ 50 HP!]…

Although the Giant Loathing Butcher was the same as the other four Bosses in the secret dungeon, having the powerful strength to crush ordinary creatures, it was still too weak.


However, its intelligence was basically negative, and it fought without any rules.

It was a combat weapon that only knew how to kill creatures and eat.

The other high-level undead creatures would only treat it as cannon fodder.

It would never be like the Skeleton King and the Lich, who had become good friends who fought together and relied on the dirty tricks of a mixed male and female duo to destroy other people.

So, this guy couldnt even tell the effect of Lin Yes talent.

It didnt think about why it couldnt pull Lin Ye in front of it like the other low-level undead and let the mouth on its stomach munch on him when its chain hook pierced through Lin Yes shoulder…

‘Anyway, it will just go and do it!

‘If I win, Ill eat!

‘If I lost

‘Uh… Its better to continue eating and drinking to my hearts content!

And so, Lin Ye had no difficulty in defeating this big dumb guy.

He could just kite it around, wait for its skills cooldown to start, and then use a few healing packages to empty its health bar.

When the Giant Loathing Butcher triggered its passive skillsplit and was reborn into two little Loathing Butchers, Lin Ye would use the same trick, sending the two little foodies to heaven together.

Throughout the whole process, the passiveregenerative physique that constantly regenerated health was the only troublesome thing.

He needed to continuously grind its HP…

[Prompt: You have defeated the Giant Loathing Butcher!]

After dealing with the Giant Loathing Butcher, the remaining undead monsters were even easier.

Lin Ye and Hex Teacher each took charge of one side.

They surrounded Gods descent and fought five people at the same time.

It would take at most half an hour to finish the battle.

It was impossible for him to finish the two hours given by the special requirement.

After that, with Lin Yes last Divine Qi Therapy, all the undead in the Land of Death were wiped out, and the system notifications popped up.

[Prompt: You have eliminated all remaining undead in the Land of Death!]

[Prompt: You have completed the first four special requirements!]

[Prompt: Two-winged Angel Kros shadow clone is about to descend!]

Thank you for reading on myboxnovel.com

[Prompt: the fifth special requirement “Choice of Fate” has been activated!]

[Choice: (1) AcceptDivine Gift: Accept the two-winged Angel Kros reward and hand over the Holy Sword, Happy Flame, which has absorbed all the souls of the undead.

Leave the Land of Death.]

[Choice: (2) Decision: Kill the two-winged Angel Kros shadow clone.]

[The result of choosingDivine Gift: You will immediately receive an SSS rating!]

[Result of choosingDecision: After killing the Angel Kros shadow clone, you will receive a higher rank of Ω.

If you fail, your clearing rank will be reduced to C!]

Lin Ye looked surprised.

‘Ah, this An electric resistance level clearance score


‘So the SSS rank wasnt the highest rank for clearing the secret dungeon


‘This is interesting! Is this information something that no one else knows

‘Or is it deliberately blocked by an advanced Professional

If it was the latter… Why did they block the news

This score was obviously not something that ordinary people could get, right

While he continued thinking about this, a pure white beam of light descended from the dark sky, and the two-winged Angel Kro slowly walked out of the white light.

He had an arrogant and cold expression as he glanced at Lin Ye, who was standing not far away.

[Name: Two-Winged Angel Kro (shadow clone)]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Diamond ★]

[Skills: Divine Power, Sacred Flame Sword, Light of Recovery, Divine Flash…]

[Description: Angels are powerful creatures born in the Holy Kingdom and are sworn enemies with the undead creatures in the Land of Death.

They have holy power that can restrain death aura, but they are also restrained by death aura.]

“Human, youve done well,”

“On behalf of the Holy Kingdom, I would like to express my gratitude for your achievement.”

“You can leave this place now.”

“These evil undead creatures should obediently rest in the cemetery, not come out and cause trouble…”

With that, Kro reached out his long, white arms and summoned Happy Flame, which was floating at the entrance of the secret dungeon.

He was going to leave the Land of Death with the holy sword.

Lin Ye looked at him curiously.

“So… You clearly have more power than these undead creatures, but you dont intend to help.

You just want to wait for me to kill them, or for me to be killed by them”

“Alright,” he said.

“I can tolerate this.


“I worked so hard to help you deal with these undead creatures, and I almost lost my life!”

“Yet you only gave me a verbal thank you, and no practical benefits”

“F*ck this operation!”

“Even capitalists will cry when they see this!”


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