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The Lich self-destructed, the Elite Skeleton army was completely annihilated, and the long-range undead units were either dead or injured.

The undead creatures that the Death Altar had just summoned were still slowly making their way over, and with the speed they were going, they wouldnt reach the battlefield in time.

Although the Skeleton Kings intelligence wasnt high, it could still have the capacity to understand what was going on.

His undead army had lost their advantage, and they were about to follow the Lichs footsteps of being killed by the extremely strange human in front of them.

“Ha… Weak human… The true despair is yet to come…” The Skeleton said before he ate Lin Yes last wave of healing spells.

With the combination of Hex Teachers cool sword moves, the Skeleton Kings HP dropped by more than 2,000, and its bones instantly fell to the ground.

[Prompt: Skeleton King has died!]

[Prompt: The basic requirements have been met! You have killed the secret dungeons Bosses and opened the portal.

You can leave through the portal now and get the corresponding score according to the requirements of the secret dungeon!]

Seeing this, Lin Ye waved his right hand and closed the two system notifications.

Then, he deactivated Universe Reversal talent and used Divine Qi Therapy to replenish his HP and the Hex Teachers.

At the same time, he also added a healing state that lasted for ten seconds.

After waiting for a certain cooldown time, he would cast Healing Spell and Clarity Spell, bringing its HP and mana to its best state.

Meanwhile, he was taking health potions and mana potions to recover his status.

This was to ensure that they did not waste any time.

After a while, the two of them were well-prepared, and they broke through the blockade of the undead army by force, destroying the two Death Altars guarded by the Skeleton King and the Lichs.

Without the Death Altar, there wouldnt be more undead regenerating in this area, which means one less threat to worry about.

He could wait until the end to slowly clean up.

And so, the two of them continued on their way and came to a small hill that was formed from a pile of endless black rotten soil.

Finally, they reach the final two secret dungeon Bosses.

[Name: Deathwing]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Platinum ★★★★★]

[Skills: Frost Breath, Dragons Might, Frozen Aura, Absolute Zero, Dragon Claw…]

[Description: A great dragon that was worshiped by everyone when it was still alive.

After its death, it was resurrected by the undead king into a terrifying frost dragon.

Although it is not as powerful as it was when it was alive, with the blessing from the Breath of Death, it has super control over ice magic.

It can lower the temperature within a certain range and cause continuous damage and slow effect to any creature.]

[Name: Lady Death]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Platinum ★★ ★ ★★]

[Skills: Frost Arrow, Silence Spell, Trueshot Aura, Archer Talent, Charm, Dark Arrow, Life Drain…]

[Description: She was originally an elven Paladin who fought for justice everywhere.

After she died, she was resurrected by the king of the undead and became a dark Paladin who spread death everywhere.

She is agile, and the magic bow and arrow in her hands can carry the power of frost and death.

The Frost Arrow can slow the enemy down, while the Dark Arrow can turn the enemy they kill into their own dark slaves.]


His next battle would be another double battle again!

Moreover, one of them was a Deathwing that could fly in the sky, and the other was a high-agility Paladin who had a professional panel like the Hex Teacher and had a high evasiveness.

‘Im curious…

‘Is this one-time secret dungeon meant for other challengers to clear

Oh… No, thats not the right question to ask…

‘The question is, is this dungeon meant for any challengers to get an SSS rank

After all, he had the help of the divine weapon, Happy Flame, which represented the weak.

With this weapon by his side, it wasnt difficult to clear the dungeon.

The only thing that was troublesome was killing the Bosses.

It was not completely hopeless…

With that in mind, Lin Ye decided to strike first to gain the upper hand.

He reversed the Stars Godly Glory to increase his damage and then reversed the debuff on the Aqua Tide.

In an instant, the two secret dungeon bosses each had lost 1,555 HP.


Feeling the pain in their souls, Deathwing and Lady Death immediately realized that they were being attacked.

They turned their heads from the hill and looked down at Lin Ye and the Cursemancer, standing not far away.

“Tsk! Despicable human ant!”

“You only know how to sneak attack” Lady Death screeched angrily.

She then took the bow off from her back, and drew the bow in an elegant and charming manner.

She then aimed her arrow at the humans armorless body.

On the other hand, Deathwing let out a deafening dragon roar and flapped its tattered dragon wings.

It flew tens of meters into the air and opened its bloodied skeletal dragon mouth and used the wide-range skill, Frost Breath, on Lin Ye and the Cursemancer, spitting out a blue flame-like breath.

Noticing the incoming attack, the Hex Teacher decisively used the displacement skill, Moonlight Burst.

However, its target wasnt Deathwing or Lady Death.

Instead, it aimed at the undead small Lich that was 30 meters to Lin Yes left.

The reason was simple.

The enemys combat power was not any weaker than its own.

If it rashly charged at the enemys face, it would definitely be surrounded by Deathwing and Lady Death, and lose half of its HP.

He had to wait for Deathwing to separate itself from Lady Death before it could find an opportunity to fly to Deathwings face and solo this undead Boss, the easier monster to beat

As for why he didnt use a Cursed Shield to block the ice dragons breath for Lin Ye…

‘No matter how many times you slashed this human for half a day, nothing would happen to him.

‘This frost dragon has the same nature as mine.

Every move it had and every form is skill damage….

It wouldnt do a single thing,

‘So, why should I care about him

‘He basically used his Healing Spell to deal with me…

And just like that…

As the extremely cold blue dragons breath descended from the sky, followed by Lady Deaths Frost Arrow in the center aimed only at Lin Ye, who was “waiting for his death” alone.

[You have been attacked by Frost Breath!]

[ 545 HP!]

[Your movement speed has greatly increased!]

[Dispel a freeze effect!]

[You have been attacked by a frost arrow!]

[ 478 HP!]

[Your movement speed has greatly increased!]

[Your attack speed has been greatly increased!]

[Your attack power has increased by a small margin!]

Lady Death looked on with confusion.

As a paladin, Lady Death had very good vision.

She clearly saw that her Frost Arrow had pierced through Lin Yes chest, but there was no frost effect on him, nor was there any blood.

Was… Was her skill ineffective

Or was this human invincible

Does this human have an overlord body that was immune to her effect

With her growing suspicion, Lady Death raised her head and shouted at Deathwing in the sky, “Wait! Somethings a little strange!”

“Deathwing, you firs need–”

Unfortunately, before she could finish her sentence, Deathwing, who wasnt very smart, had already flown above Lin Yes head and started spitting another round of blue dragon breath at the human like a bomber plane.

[ 512HP!]

[ 539HP!]

[ 499 HP!]

[Your movement speed can no longer be increased (skill effects do not stack)!]

[You have dispelled a freezing effect!]

[You have dispelled a freezing effect!]

[You have dispelled a freezing effect!]

Seeing this, Hex Teacher decisively ran in Lady Deaths direction.

Dozens of beautiful black runes floated up from the black iron greatsword in its hand, creating black ripples in the air.

‘Ha! A perfect opportunity!

‘My big sword is already thirsting for blood!

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