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As soon as Cursemancer appeared, that terrifying pressure immediately shocked everyone present.

It had a tall and strong body, pitch-black full-body armor, a pair of red-eyes glow under its helmet, a powerful black iron greatsword on its back, and strange incantations that were floating around its body, spinning around like ants.

It was simply too cool!

Not to mention, the Cursemancers power could make itself float more than 30 centimeters above the ground like a god, which further highlighted its domineering talent.

What is invincibility

This is invincibility!

However, now was not the time to praise his companions ferocity.

Killing the two secret dungeon Bosses in front of him was the most important thing.

“Hex Teacher…” Before he could finish his words, the Cursemancer quickly extended its right hand and pulled out the black iron greatsword from its back.

After that, a scene full of déjà vu appeared.

Hex Teacher used its left hand to cast a spell enchantment skill, covering the blade of its black iron greatsword with a light blue halo.

It then immediately raised the weapon and pointed it at the undead army in the distance, releasing its second skill.

Curse Release.

All of its attributes greatly increased.

In the end, the Cursemancers movements were almost like teleportation, directly passing over the heads of the hundreds of skeleton soldiers and making their way to the Lich.

Moonlight Burst!

Boom! Boom!

Accompanied by the dull sound of the sharp blade piercing into flesh, the black iron greatsword that emitted a light blue halo pierced through the Lichs stomach with lightning speed!

[Inflicted 441 Damage!]

The Lich looked surprised by the sudden attack, but a creepy grin made its way to her face.

‘Ha! You, a mere Gold quality low-level creature, dare to charge into our main camp and fight me, an invincible Platinum-grade Lich

‘Youre really looking for death!

“Little ones, lets use our spells to evaporate this idiot!”

As soon as the order was given, the surrounding liches turned around and released all kinds of magical attacks at the Hex Teacher.

It was like a tsunami of death sweeping across the earth, making people feel hopeless.

A disdainful smile appeared on the Lichs face

“Hehe… You truly have made an idiotic choice–”

But at this moment, a scene that the Lich would never forget for the rest of her life appeared.

The Hex Teacher raised its left hand and threw it into the sky, summoning a large black shield that could cover half of its body.

Then, it placed the shield in front of itself, and black runes appeared on the shield, instantly producing a powerful magic that formed a semi-circular spell barrier that covered its entire body.

[Cursed Shield: Can be cast with a shield.

After casting, it will summon a cursed barrier that can reflect all magic damage, returning all magic damage received within three seconds to the original path!]

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


The small liches were mage units with low HP and low movement speed, and they did not have a flash skill like the Flickering Stone.

They couldnt avoid the magic attack that was quickly returning their way.

They could only stand there stupidly and let their own magic attack hit them square in their faces.

Seeing this, the Cursemancer decisively chose to press on with its victory.

It raised the black greatsword in its hand, gathered the power of the curse, and slashed forward.

[Moonlight Sword Aura: Imbues moonlight power into the blade in the form of a curse, causing a large area of high magic damage to anything in its path.]


[-1075 HP!]

The entire path was instantly cleared!

The Lich was scared witless by the explosive effects of these two moves.

“How is this possible… You… Your talent is obviously weaker than mine…”

In the face of the Lichs question, the Hex Teacher remained silent and cold.

It only raises its black iron greatsword and launches another attack at the Lich.

‘Rising Dragon slash!

The Hex Teacher was floating!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three consecutive slashes!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

‘Spell Blast!


‘Normal attack!

Bang! Bang!

After a set of standard combos, the Platinum Boss, Lich, didnt even have time to react.

She suddenly lost one-fifth of her health and entered a critical state where all her attributes were reduced.

However, since she was still an undead creature, she wouldnt be affected by her injuries.

Thus, all of her attributes were still at their peak, without any changes.

But… Would it still be of help

The Hex Teacher raised its black iron greatsword again, and a moonlight-winged cavalry landed on the Lichs face, starting his second round of damage, and rapidly reducing her health bar.

The Lich tried to counterattack.

But, other than Death Wave and Black Hole which could cause large AoE damage, all of her other ballistic magic skills missed their intended target.

None of them could hit the agile and evasive Cursemancer at all.

Not only that, but after suffering a loss, the Hex Teacher also had crowd-control skills.

When the Lich was about to cast a wide-range skill, it would swiftly interrupt the attack before it was cast.

Causing all the Lichs magic skills to be silenced instantly…


Was this something she could win

Just like that, Lichs mental state exploded, but she didnt choose to give up.

Instead, she used her spiritual connection to the Skeleton King to ask for help.

‘Hurry up, Skeleton King!

‘Quickly come and help me!

‘Im going to be killed by this weird armored swordsman!‘

However, the Skeleton King, who was at the front line, was also in a state of a bitter battle.

Although his health bar was more than that of Lichs, it was affected by the two negative states,weaken andwither.

Every step he took was like a snail race, and he could not move his feet at all.

The army of Elite Skeleton Soldiers that the Skeleton King was so proud of was also wiped out by Lin Yes AoE skill.

Not a single one of them survived.

Their losses were several times more severe than the long-range undead on the Lichs side of the battle.

The Lich was speechless.

‘F*ck! This situation is ridiculous!

‘Forget it.

Ill end this quickly.

Im tired!

The Lich gave up on dodging and stood on the spot like a piece of wood.

She then aimed at the Cursemancer, who was slashing at her body and released her strongest spell.

[Frozen Blood: The Lich sacrifices its own soul, emptying all remaining HP, and releases a large area of ice magic, causing high ice magic damage (the more health points left, the higher the damage), and applies a freezing effect for up to five seconds.]


“You should… Die with me…”

Sensing the terrifying power of this powerful spell that was about to explode, the Hex Teacher still did not say anything.

It only raised the black iron greatsword in its hand, aimed at the Skeleton King in the distance, and released the signature skill.

Moonlight Burst!

The Lich was instantly dumbfounded.

“What… This…”

“Wait… You cant…!”

Along with the desperate cry from the Lich, the Frozen Blood skill came into effect.

The Lichs body instantly exploded into countless blue ice crystals like dust, drowning all the rotten soil within 30 meters and freezing all the enemies on it.

On the other hand, the Hex Teacher suddenly flashed and appeared behind the Skeleton King, perfectly avoiding this large-scale magical impact, not affected in the slightest.

After that, it finally spoke.

“The target… Has been cleared…”

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