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The next morning, Bai Zhi met up with Lin Ye at his house as promised and gave him Lady Lucks Gaze.

Then, she and Su Mumu went out together, planning to have some fun in the morning to watch a new movie.

After lunch, they would go to school to train in dungeons and level up.

They were not slacking off.

Instead, they arranged the schedule to strike a balance between work and rest, so that they could get twice the result with half the effort.

After all… Not everyone had Lin Yes terrifying willpower.

Not everyone could resist the temptation of being lazy and continue the high-intensity dungeon-clearing process without stopping.

And Lin Ye didnt judge their methods.

He returned to his room, took out the Stone Sword Key from his backpack, aimed it at a bare white wall, and inserted it.

[Prompt: You have used the Stone Sword Key on the wall.

You will be summoning the one-time secret dungeon “Land of Death”.

Opening portal!]


With a dull sound, the Stone Sword Key was inserted into the white wall with slight resistance, like a knife cutting through a slab of beef.

Then the wall rolled up black ripples that were visible to the naked eye and finally expanded into an oval black portal.

It kept spinning clockwise on the white wall.

[Prompt: You are about to enter the one-time secret dungeon “Land of Death”!]

[Prompt: You have chosen [Hell Mode] for difficulty!]

[Secret Dungeon: Land of Death]

[Level: 1 – 10]

[Difficulty: Hell-mode (Extreme danger)]

[Description: A forbidden zone shrouded by death.

Any living thing that enters will become food for the undead army.]

After a short moment of dizziness, Lin Ye regained consciousness.

He immediately opened his eyes and activated his Reverse Universal talent.

Then, he crouched down, not taking any chances of being hit by some stray projectile, and carefully observed his surroundings.

After all, it was a high difficulty secret dungeon that he had never come into contact with before.

There was no pre-existing strategy or information about this particular dungeon.

Whos to say that theres monsters by the entrance, ready to ambush him once he stepped foot into the dungeon

Better to be careful.

“Huu… Its alright.”

‘The entrance point isnt as close to any Boss monsters like the Forest of Fallen Giants.

‘This secret dungeon shouldnt be ashellish as I thought… He thought to himself.

Lin Ye put down his right hand that was holding the Flickering Stone.

He stood up from the ground, and remained alert to his surroundings as he continued to look around, observing the overall environment of the land.

In the dark, cloudy night sky, blue lightning flashed from time to time, as if the sky was watching him.

In the humid and heavy air, there was a stench that smelled like rotting corpses, making him feel uncomfortable with how his stomach churned.

Looking further ahead, the dark land was full of rotten soil that represented death and bones, like small hills.

‘This place is…

Before he could finish his thought, the system notifications kept popping up.

[Prompt: The life force in your body has alarmed Deathwing.

You have awakened the Deathwing!]

[Prompt: The life force in your body has alarmed the Skeleton King.

You have awakened the Skeleton King!]

[Prompt: The life force in your body has awakened the Lichs Curse.

You have awakened the Lichs Curse!]

[Prompt: The life force in your body has alerted the Giant Loathing Butcher.

You have awakened the Giant Loathing Butcher!]

[Prompt: The life force in your body has alerted the Lady of Death.

You have awakened the Lady of Death!]

[Prompt: A massive undead army is coming!]

[Prompt: The undead are rioting.

The seal has been lifted.

The holy sword Joy Flames that is suppressing this place is about to materialize.

Please pick it up and use it.

You will temporarily obtain unparalleled power!]

[Holy Sword • Happy Flame: Unknown artifact, unknown level.

After equipping it, all attacks will deal 500% damage to undead creatures.

It has a healing restriction effect and a 50% damage immunity effect.

Attacks carry the Holy Fire attribute (fire attribute, but not restrained by water attribute and other elements).

It can cause a large area of Holy Fire damage.]

[Prompt: The following are the basic and additional requirements to clear the land of death.]

[Basic Requirements (choose one of the two below)]


Survive for two hours under the attack of the Undead Army and wait for the support from the Holy Knights!]


Kill any secret dungeon Boss!]

[Special Requirements]


Kill all the secret dungeon Bosses!]


Annihilate the Death Altar that is constantly producing undead creatures and eliminate all undead creatures in the Land of Death!]


Dont use the Holy Sword•Happy Flames!]


Complete the first 3 missions within 2 hours, before the arrival of the Holy Knights!]


(Will only be revealed once the first four special missions are completed)]

‘What the…!

‘Holy Sword

‘Happy Flame

Wasnt this just like Bone Soup Dungeon, a lazy dungeon with a guaranteed bottom line

Suddenly a purple lightning bolt flashed across the dark sky between the black, angry clouds, making a deafening sound.

Then, the entire space seemed to be torn apart by the hand of God himself as a black teleportation gate opened up.

A domineering red sword slowly emerged from it and gradually descended to the ground.

As long as Lin Ye stretched out his right hand…

He would be able to obtain this holy sword weapon called “Happy Flames” and obtain unparalleled power to crush this one-time secret dungeon.

However, he ignored the red holy sword that had flown to his face.

It was just short of sticking the words “almost” and “Im invincible” on the sword, and he went around it.

What a joke!

‘I can only use this holy sword for one dungeon at most!

‘However, if I can get an SSS rank and get a Diamond Priest equipment, I can use it for at least half a year!

‘Was there even a need to choose

As he thought about it, Lin Ye took out his Star Healing Staff and held it in front of his chest with both hands.

He looked at the black rotten soil that stretched as far as the eye could see with full concentration.

Suddenly, the rotten soil around them began to tremble, and countless sleeping skeleton creatures were awakened.

They stretched out their dry and yellow skeletal arms from the rotten soil, waving them like shovels, constantly digging out the black rotten soil and digging out their own skeletal bodies from the ground.


“Its a living person!”

“A Delicious Living person!!!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a magnificent scene like the Twilight of the Gods appeared in the dark sky, emitting a red light like the end of the world.

It shone on the Elite Skeleton Soldier and burned its soul, causing it to lose 754 HP!

The Elite Skeleton Soldier looked on in confusion.

‘It was a reversal.

Divine Qi therapy!




The total damage in one second!


Instant kill!

‘Sorry, but with the level 10 buffs and the 90% healing buff from the corpse magicians four-piece set, my instant damage output can reach over 2,000!

‘Youre just 1 Star Gold rank Elite Skeleton Soldier with less than 1,000 HP!

‘Youre not my match at all!

‘I havent even used my other ultimate skill, Aqua tide yet.

I dont know what kind of debuffs this thing will give you…

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