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After he tricked the Hyde Knight into using his white spear and threw it away, this dungeons Boss was no longer a threat to Lin Ye.

All he needed to do was wait for Stars Godly Glorys cooldown time before finishing it off.

For now, he would continuously use a series of reversed Heal Spells.

A few seconds later, he finally defeated the Hyde Knight.

[Prompt: You have killed the Hyde Knight and gained 8,600 exp!]

[Prompt: You have leveled up to Level 7!]


“Its finally over!”

‘As expected of a fragment dungeon that is a branch of a large-scale secret dungeon! The difficulty is just too high!

‘If I didnt have the Universe Reversal talent and with the current stats that I have, I would have been killed instantly…‘ He thought.

Lin Ye couldnt help but look at the hills in the distance.

That was the location of the second Boss, the Hex Teacher.

The Hex Teacher has the highest strength stat in the entire Forest of Fallen Giants.

Its combat power was far beyond that of the Hyde Knight and the Last Giant.

Even if the two Bosses were to team up together, they wouldnt stand a chance.

It really lived up to its reputation as the “Hex Teacher”.

Not to mention, this Boss was an agility-type spellcaster Swordsmaster, and with the additional attribute bonus as a Boss, its attack speed and blood lust were even more ridiculous than the Hyde Knight with an active Holy Light.

Not many people could avoid its attacks.

It also liked to go around the target and attack the challengers back, just like the old version of the AP Swordmaster.

A Q-skill followed by an A to instantly kill its enemy, not giving you any chance to escape or heal.

Even to the extent that…

Hex Teachers battle awareness and intelligence far exceeded that of the Hyde Knight.

It was even up to par with that foul-mouthed Goblin King.

After it discovers your weakness, it will try its best to exploit it and use it to its advantage.

‘How could I fight back

‘As expected, Im not suitable to be a professional.

I should drop out of school and go home to rear pigs…

These thoughts would fly around students minds as their self-confidence decreased with each passing hit.

On the contrary… To Lin Ye, the Hex Teacher would be the easiest Boss to defeat in this entire dungeon.

Even the Hyde Kingdoms Soldiers that Lin Ye first encountered were harder to defeat than the Hex Teacher.


That Boss would have to die today.

‘The record of the Forest of Fallen Giants, which had not been broken in years, will be broken by me, Lin Ye, alone!

It didnt take any time before Lin Ye arrived at the top of the hill.

The Cursemancer with the greatsword on its back was like a reaper, slowly floating in the air.

It was hovering thirty centimeters above the ground, and its entire body was emitting a strong aura.

[Name: Cursemancer (Spellcaster Swordsman)]

[Level: 8]

[Qualification: Gold ★★★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★]

[Skills: Crouching Rising Dragon Slash, Moonlight Thrust, Triple Slash, Moonlight Blade Aura, Curse Release, Magic Enchantment…]

[Description: A mysterious unknown creature.

No one knows why it appeared in the Forest of Fallen Giants.]

“Hi, Hex Teacher!” Lin Ye couldnt help but greet it.

“Ive long heard of your great name, and Ive finally seen your true self today!”


Cursemancer ignored Lin Ye.

It slowly reached out its right hand and pulled out the black iron greatsword on its back.

Then, it used its left hand to cast the Curse Enchantment skill and covered the blade of the black iron greatsword with a light blue glow.

[Curse Enchantment: In combat, it will automatically enchant your weapon.

The enchanted weapon will cause magic damage when attacking.]

Then, it raised its black greatsword and pointed it at Lin Yes eyes, releasing its second skill, Curse Liberation.

[Curse Release: all attributes increase greatly!]

Seeing this, Lin Yes eyes turned cold.

He bent his legs slightly and was ready to dodge his opponents attack at any time.

But …

Moonlight Burst!

Boom! Boom!

Cursemancers movements were as if it was teleported as it appeared in front of Lin Ye in an instant.

Meanwhile, the black metal greatsword stabbed Lin Yes body without surprise.

[ 430 Hp!]


That speed

That high damage

As expected of the Hex Teacher… He would have been dead without help from his Awakened Talent.

After cursing under his breath, Lin Ye didnt waste any more time.

He raised his hand and used the Stars Godly Glory, followed by Divine Qi Therapy and Healing Spell, instantly taking away one-third of the Cursemancers HP.

The Cursemancer did not stay idle either.

It crouched down and used Crouching Rising Dragon Slash, Triple Slash, Moonlight Blade Aura… It used whatever skill it had on Lin Ye.

[ 571 HP!]

[ 489 HP!]

[ 321 HP!]

[ 178 HP!]

[ 666 HP!]

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The Cursemancer was speechless.

Lin Ye didnt waste any time and used this opening to use his Skills to punch its head.

It could be said that they were moving against each other, giving their all.

It was at that exact moment that the Cursemancer noticed that its sword techniques were ineffective against the strange human.

So it immediately switched its attack strategy.

It raised its black iron greatsword and slashed at Lin Yes neck with a simple and plain attack.

Lin Ye tried to dodge, but the huge difference in agility between them made it meaningless.

His neck was like soft tofu as it was cut by the hard black iron greatsword.

[ 301 HP!]

The Cursemancer soulless eyes widened in confusion.

‘Hey, are you dumbfounded

‘The normal attacks that you cast after you enchant your weapon are no longer considered normal attacks, but pure damage-type skills!

‘As long as my Universe Reversal talent is activated, no matter what form you use to hit me, I will only heal!


‘An existence like you, Hex Teacher, who relies on skill damage to survive…

‘Youre done for!

‘Its my turn now!

‘No more nonsense and just die!

‘Reversed Stars Godly Glory!

‘Reversed Divine Qi Therapy!

‘Reversed Healing Spell!


[Prompt: You have killed the Cursemancer and received 9,300 exp!]

[Prompt: You have completed the final quest of the dungeon “Forest of Fallen Giants” and defeated the dungeon Boss, the Cursemancer, without any injuries.

You have obtained the unique reward: “Conjurers Summoning Card” and “Hive-like Admission Pass”!]

[Conjurers Summoning Card (Unique Item): After use, you can summon a Summoner to fight for you.

The summoning level is the same as the users level (no higher than level 20).

The Conjurers aptitude will remain at 10 gold stars.

It will only last for one hour… After using it, you need to wait for a day for cooldown and inject a certain amount of [Fate of Encounter] into the Summoning Card before you can summon again!]

[Hive-like Entry Pass: You have met the requirements to enter the “hell-level secret dungeon”, the Original Sin Scholar, Andal, who guards Hive-like Dungeon, will open the door for you.]

[Prompt: The Cursemancer has permanently disappeared from the dungeon “Forest of Fallen Giants”]

[Prompt: The difficulty of the dungeon “Forest of Fallen Giants” has been reduced to normal.

The special requirements for clearing the dungeon have been changed again.

The four requirements have been reduced!]



“Did I just f*cking killed the Hex Teacher”


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