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In the deep mountains and old forests, ancient trees reached the sky and covered the sun.

The gloomy and bleak sun shrouded the strange forest, and the surroundings were so quiet that it was as if they were sleeping in the fear of death.

Together with the strange plants that towered into the sky and the nameless insects that had enchanting colors, everything looked so unusual.

Lin Ye looked at the ground that was covered in rotten branches and leaves, as well as the tall ancient trees that reached into the clouds.

He couldnt help but comment,

“This is the famous Forest of Fallen Giants It does look that spectacular, as I imagined,”

As soon as he finished speaking, two humanoid monsters suddenly walked out from behind the ancient trees.

They were wearing black tattered armor, so tattered that Lin Ye could see their rotten skin peeking through every gap and hole.

And in their hands was a rusty iron sword that looked worse for wear.

They let out beast-like roars at him.

Then they raised their weapons over their heads.

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[Name: Hyde Kingdom Soldier (Warrior)]

[Level: 6]

[Qualification: silver ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★]

[Skills: Horizontal Slash, Forward Charge, Jumping Slash, Straight Stab…]

[Description: Hyde Kingdoms warriors.

They sacrificed themselves in the battle against the Giants.

After their death, their soul was imprisoned by an unknown force in this place, unable to rest in peace.

They turned into malicious ghosts, wandering the forest of the Fallen Giants, attacking every living being that dared to trespass their territory.]

These are the Hyde Kingdoms warriors.

“Normal” monsters with a 7 Star Silver rank.

Although they arent as strong as the Goblin King, they still could beat all the monsters and bosses that Lin Ye had encountered before.

They also had a corresponding Profession system.

Not only could they adjust the attributes of their professions, but they could also use their own Profession skills.

What kind of concept was this

If it wasnt for the fact that their intelligence was almost the same as the undead creatures, and their attack and skill patterns were too rigid, it would be the same as fighting against another person.

Just by relying on those silver-grade class skills, they could kill more than 90% of the students who entered this dungeon.

After all …

From the dungeons description, these spirits were once battle-hardened advanced Professionals when they were still alive…

Ten years old veteran vs newbies.

‘Isnt this as good as asking for a beating‘

Thankfully, their strength had been weakened due to their deaths, and their intelligence had also become extremely low.

However, to the students who were not fully equipped, it will still be a challenge.

He could kill a full-health level 6 student with just three or four slashes.

But here… It was as if there was no room for mistakes in this fight.

The majority of the students who wanted to challenge this dungeon would first reach level 8, obtain a full set of class equipment, and then upgrade their weapons and equipment to level 8 before considering entering.

Moreover, they would not enter the arena alone.

Instead, they would form a team with other students and fight together.

It was too dangerous to enter the dungeon alone.

Especially when they could be surrounded by several Hyde Kingdom Soldiers of different Classes.

They were fully equipped with Combat Classes, Magic spells, and bow snipers… It was very likely that you would be killed by a series of combo attacks.

You wouldnt have the time to use escape items to run away.

Even for Lin Ye, who had the “Universe Reversal” talent, these ghost warriors with their class panels were also the most troublesome enemies to fight.

Their damage output wasnt a problem, but their normal attacks…

Under the influence of the Warriors main attributes, their attacks became really powerful.

Almost every slash was equivalent to a small skill.

Even though Lin Yes current Strength was 70 points, his Constitution was 101 points, and he had over 1,500 points of HP, he still wouldnt be able to withstand ten consecutive slashes from these guys, even with his current defense.

And these Warriors loved to follow up with a large number of normal attacks to add up the damage…

But the biggest problem for them is…

Lin Ye could heal himself.

There was also the minor divine skill, Stars Godly Glory, which reduced the damage from normal attacks by 10% for 5 seconds.

In addition, he had “Heal Spell” and “Flicker” to heal him through the entire process.

As long as he did not stand still and take these Hyde Warriors normal attacks head-on, he would have no problem dealing with the two of them at once.

And so, after thinking of the strategy carefully, Lin Ye felt that he had to go easy on them and fight them in close combat to test their strength.

This wasnt to sell guides to earn money.

It wasnt to help Su Mumu and Bai Zhi clear the dungeon alone.

He wanted to personally experience these “Undead Warriors” combat, and understand their strengths and weaknesses so that he could learn in advance for future real-life PvP.

After all…

Although this dungeons description was marked as “difficult”, or as most students call it, the “hell dungeon”, it was an interesting topic that nobody had thorough research on yet.

Dont even talk about finding a “cheat” in this dungeon.

Even if there were many people in a team, there was no way to cheat their way out of this.

This dungeon is a true test of strength.

All they could do is to rely on their power to fly through it.

In fact, it had been years since Lin Yes high school had a team that could clear the Forest of Fallen Giant.

And all of them were stuck at the “cursed” level.

The Boss monster was a Swordmaster, and its attacks were erratic.

He had a variety of moves that were reminiscent of an elegant dance.

It was the most powerful dungeon Boss in the eyes of all the students.

It was almost impossible to win.

And many students, after encountering the Cursemancer, were beaten into depression by its gorgeous moves, immediately giving up the college entrance examination and choosing to drop out of school instead.

They no longer took interest in the life-threatening path of fighting monsters.

And they wanted to go home and start a peaceful life in the countryside to farm.

It was as its the Cursemancers way of saying, “This is why you shouldnt become Professionals.

You wont survive, so know your place.”

Which was the reason it earned the title of “The Hex Teacher”.

And it was very popular.

Almost every high school student in Rivertown knew that there was a dungeon Boss in school that detested students.

And that Boss is the “Hex Teacher”.

At the same time, a heated debate was taking place on the “Newly Awakened Talent & Class” forum, which was jointly created by all the high schools in Rivertown.

[Crooked Babu: This video… I feel like its just hype.

A Priest tearing apart a Warrior with his bare hands… That in itself is already too ridiculous!]

[Antenna Baby: How can it be hype That person being beaten up was clearly Huang Shaofeng! He is Huang Corps young master! You cant use that for clickbait or hype news!]

[Shenluo Tianzheng: I think this video is real.]

[Shenluo Tianzheng: But…]

[Shenluo Tianzheng: All I can say… This Lin Ye guy is walking on thin ice.]

[Shenluo Tianzheng: Hes a Priest.

Looking at his performance in the video, his strength attribute should be about 50 points.]

[Shenluo Tianzheng: With this method in the early stages, you can indeed heal yourself while tearing your enemies apart.

You have a particularly big advantage.]

[Shenluo Tianzheng: But after level 10, this advantage will gradually turn into a disadvantage.

He doesnt have any healing, physical damage, or magic damage… Its definitely going to be hard!]

[Fanatic Zhang San: Is that even possible]

[Fanatic Zhang San: Im saying… Big Boss Lin Ye has enough free attribute points.

Enough points to, not only, add 50 points to his strength, but also added more than 50 points to all his other attributes]

[Noxus: No way! Thats impossible.]

[Noxus: If hes so strong, its probably because he has some equipment on him, right Normally, even if hes not a rich kid, he should have gotten a few pieces of Priest equipment, right]

[Demacia: Maybe he does, but its not eye-catching enough for any one of us to see.

Its probably some kind of hand accessory.]

[Demacia: Lets not talk about that.

Boss Lin Ye posted a picture of an Emerald Ring that reduces a 10% cooldown on our school forum.

He mustve been wearing it.]

[Lonia: An Emerald Ring with a 10% cooldown reduction Really I dont believe you without evidence!]

[The Royal Familys 3rd Young Master: Forget it! Stop showing him off! I think only Shenluo Tianzheng has a good head on his shoulders!]

[The Royal Familys 3rd Young Master: This person is just a small-town dog who uses crooked ways to gain advantages in the early stages by overdrawing his future potential!]

[The Royal Familys 3rd Young Master: What kind of Priest would start off with a strength attribute]

[The Royal Familys 3rd Young Master: 50 points in one go]

[The Royal Familys 3rd Young Master: Even if its because of his Awakened Talent, wouldnt he choose a Class that is more suitable for strength attribute]

[The Royal Familys 3rd Young Master: Do you really have to be an “intelligent” Priest]


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