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Then, after they finished talking business, Lin Ye and Huang Tianqi relaxed.

They ate all kinds of dishes as they talked about astronomy, geography and national affairs.

The more they chatted, the more Huang Tianqi grew fond of the young man.

Smart, polite, neither too humble or too arrogant, he has a very good understanding of how the “real world” works… He was simply a hundred times better than his own good-for-nothing Huang Shaofeng.

He was more and more convinced that Lin Ye would surprise everyone in this years College Entrance Exam.

Even if he couldnt get the title of the top scorer, all the top universities in the world would definitely want to recruit him.

He had to befriend this young junior.

He would have a bright future ahead of him.

I cant let him slip out of my grasp.

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Meanwhile, Huang Shaofeng, who was locked up in his villa, looked at the black shadow in the bathroom mirror with a strange expression.

“What the hell are you”

The black shadow whose shape could not be seen clearly, smiled sinisterly back at him, “Me I am from the abyss.

You can call me Lord Meigao!”

Huang Shaofeng furrowed his brow, “The abyss Youre a demon”

“In human terms… Yes, I am a demon, a pure-blooded high-level demon with powerful strength.” Meigao replied.

Huang Shaofeng snorted in disdain, “F*ck you! You bunch of trash! You tried to invade our world, but you were completely defeated by the Professional Alliance in just a month.

Youre even weaker than the Goblin army in the Dark Wave!”

“And you still have the nerve to act in front of me”

Meigao was speechless, but soon became annoyed, “What do you know Thats called a strategic retreat!”

“Rather than sacrificing eight hundred of our own to injure a thousand enemies, its better to sneak into your world and find suitable humans.

Well give them powerful strength to make a deal and make them pledge loyalty to us.

Well break down the human race from the inside!”

“And Im not bragging! Weve already bewitched many Professionals in your so-called Alliance.

We can fight at any time and cause all your human countries to fall into chaos!”

“Haha!” Meigao laughed evilly.


“Hows that Although youre very weak now, you have good potential.

Do you want to be like them and make a deal with us demons You can rise and become a powerful evil degenerate in an instant! I can give you unparalleled power!”

But instead of being lured by the tempting offer, the fire within Huang Shaofeng burned brighter.

He was already in a bad mood because of Lin Ye, and when he heard Meigao call him weak, he couldnt help but start cursing, “F*ck you!”

“Youre just a useless abyssal demon! You only know how to hide in the sewers, like rats.

Youre just a bunch of cowards that hide in your “shadows”!.

Who do you think you are to call me weak Do you think youre worthy of me, Huang Shaofeng, to submit to you and be your lackey”

“And! Do you really think Im that dumb to not know what happened to those who listened to your nonsense”

“So Im warning you, you f*cker! Youd better get out of my body now while Im still stuck in this villa, or, Ill force you out myself, and kill you with my bare hands!”

Mei Gao was speechless.


‘This brat is really something.‘

‘Even I, an Abyssal Demon, couldnt help but want to give him a hard slap to his face!‘

‘Forget it, Ill bear with it.

This months performance isnt up to standard, and its not easy to find such a perfect vessel.

I cant give up this easily.

I have to be patient…‘

“Ha! Youre right!”

“There are indeed many fallen Professionals who have been caught and executed by other humans!”

“But thats because theyre too weak… Youre different.

If you become a Fallen, youll definitely become an extraordinary user of abyssal power.

Not many people can do anything to you!”

“Do you know about theWhite Clown that the Alliance is trying to capture”

“Hes a Fallen who is loyal to us abyssal demons.

He was originally an ordinary person who was stuck at level 10.

He became a Fallen three months ago, but look at him now! He has such powerful strength.

He kept toying with and killing the Alliances Professionals, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldnt even touch a single strand of his hair.”

“With your talent, within the same amount of time, youll be two times— No, three times stronger than him!”

“With this power… You can have your little revenge.

You can kill that pheasant of a student who beat you up this morning, and escape unscathed!”

“Oh… Dont tell me you dont want that.

Dont you want to get back at him for the humiliation you suffered this morning”

“Dont forget, you werent just beaten by him.

You are a Warrior who was defeated by a Priest in public.

Youve become the laughingstock of the entire school!”

“And not only your best friend and father left you for good, but they even licked that person like a dog and helped him teach you a lesson!”

“So… What will it be Are you willing to become a Fallen”

Huang Shaofeng was furious when the demon even mentioned what Lin Ye did to him.

He recalled Lin Yes calm expression, the scene of him stomping on his stomach, and the hatred in his heart became even stronger.

“Willing Are you crazy”

“Lin Ye… That guy, I admit, hes quite powerful and he does have some skills,”


“I was just a little careless and underestimated the enemy!”

“When I have the chance to fight him one-on-one in the future, I will never make the same mistakes again nor will I show him mercy… Instead, I will show my true strength and use my invincible Awakened Talent to defeat him!”

“Then! I will let him know!”

“That I, Huang Shaofeng, was born nobler than him.

Im an existence thats more powerful than him.

A lowly guy like him who came from the bottom will never be able to surpass me and step on my head!”

“And you useless Abyssal Demon!”

“When the time comes, Ill let you know that I, Huang Shaofeng, am a genius among geniuses.

I dont need the pity of a sewer rat like you!”

“I dont need your bullsh*t power that you give to poor and useless people!”


“What—” Meigao stuttered in surprise.

‘I actually fired this weirdos spirits up What the hell‘

“Hmph, forget it.

If thats what you think, I wont persuade you!” Meigao said.

“But… If you ever change your mind…”

“Ill just be one call away.

Call my name and Ill be the first to come to you.

Ill grant you the great power of the abyss and turn you into a fearless Warrior.”

“I believe that it wont be too long before that happens, hehehe…” Meigao chuckled amonimously.

Truthfully, despite Meigaos undeterred and confidence, he was actually rather disappointed by the turn of events.

So he uses his secret skill.

He removed his demonic shadow from Huang Shaofengs body, not giving him the chance to find someone to catch him.

Huang Shaofeng, on the other hand, suddenly calmed down.

He looked at himself in the mirror with a firm and serious expression.

‘Lin Ye… The strength-based priest!‘

‘Just you wait, Im going to get serious now.

One day youll be trampling under my feet, and wagging your tail like a dog to beg for my forgiveness!‘


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