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Chapter 40: Near-Perfect Equipment Before The College Entrance Exam, The Four-Piece Corpse Magician Set

“So youre saying…” Huang Tianqi began with uncertainty, “You want access to all level 10 dungeons in Rivertown”

Lin Ye nodded, “Yes.


Huang, as you know, before the college entrance exam, students will be stuck at level 10.

If we can clear more level 10 dungeons now, we can get more extra free attribute points.

However, the resources given by the school gave so little points…”

“Alright, I understand,” Huang Tianqi waved his hand.

“Ill get someone to handle this matter.

However, Im not at liberty to give you access to all level 10 Instance Dungeons.”

“After all, Rivertown doesnt belong to me alone.

Some people who have control over some dungeons dont get along with me either.

They definitely wont give me such an important resource so easily.”

“It doesnt matter,” Lin Ye said, “Ill take as many as I can.

I only have one month left anyway.

I wont be able to conquer all the dungeons.”

Then there was a knock on the door.

Knock knock knock

“Please enter!” Huang Tianqi said in a loud voice.

A young man in a black suit and black glasses pushed the door open and entered the room.

“Boss, Ive brought what you wanted.

Do you need me to show it to them now”

“Yes, open them” Huang Tianqi ordered.

The bespectacled gentleman nodded.

He opened his system inventory and took out the Priest equipment set that Huang Tianqi was planning to give to Lin Ye.

He also revealed all the attributes and effects that were supposed to be hidden from outsiders.

[Equipment Name: Corpse Sorcerers Robe (Set)]

[Type: Clothes & Armor]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (MAX: level 10)]

[Quality: Platinum grade (High)]

[Equipment Requirement: Priest.]

[Equipment Effect: constitution 15 points, increases self-healing by 10%, has a passiveRejuvenation effect.]

[Rejuvenation: When hit by an enemys attack, recover 10% of the health points of the damage taken (Takes 20 seconds for cooldown)]

[Set Effect (Four-Piece Set): Increases healing by 50%.

All Corpse Magicians Rejuvenation can be stacked.]

[Equipment Name: Necromancers Hat (Set)]

[Type: Hat & helmet]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (MAX: Level 10)]

[Quality: Platinum grade (High)]

[Equipment Requirement: Priest]

[Equipment Effect: intelligence 15, healing effect increased by 10%, has passiveRejuvenation effect.]

[Rejuvenation: When hit by an enemys attack, recover 10% of the health points of the damage taken (Takes 20 seconds for cooldown)]

[Set Effect (Four-Piece Set): Increases healing effect by an additional 50%.

All corpse magicians Rejuvenation passive effects can be stacked]

Lin Ye took a look.

This Priests Corpse Magician set was actually a very common four-piece set that corresponded to the head, shirt, bracers, and pants.

It didnt conflict with the three individual pieces of equipment he was currently wearing.

It wasnt like theblue gem that Lin Ye got at the beginning.

It was a portable piece of equipment that conflicted with the location of theFlickering Stone.

He had to choose one of the two.

The overall effect of their combination was also very simple, which was to increase the users healing, survival, and purely Hp restoration-type Priest equipment.

Take the level 1 Corpse Magician equipment set as an example.

When all of them were equipped, there would be a total bonus of 30 (15 15) intelligence, 30 (15 15) constitution, 40%(10%x4) healing effect on a single piece of equipment, and an additional 50% healing effect after the set was used together.

At the same time, the “Rejuvenation” effect had been upgraded to level 4.

If he was attacked by an enemy, he would be able to recover 40% of his Hp for every 20 seconds.

If Lin Yes current level 4 healing skills were used…

The original 134 Hp he has would be adjusted by 30 intelligence points, and the individual recovery amount would become 145 points.

Then, the X 1.9 times healing effect would directly recover 275 hp in one breath.

After the reversal.

Combined with the damage-increasing effect of the Stars Godly Glory, he could deal 302 true damage in one go, instantly evaporating one-fifth of the health bar of a Gold Boss like the Goblin King.

Sh*t, if he looked at it this way…

Isnt this Priests four-piece set effect a bit too strong

Unfortunately, these four pieces of equipment had to be bound together to obtain a total of 90% healing bonus.

If one of the equipment was missing, the healing bonus would be reduced to 30%.

Whether it was the healing or damage, both would be greatly reduced.

Well, it doesnt matter~

Judging from the overall circumstances leading up to the college entrance exam, this set of Priest equipment is already perfect for him.

It would even be more worth it when he spent forging stones to upgrade it to level 10…

“How is it, Lin Ye Does this Corpse Wizard Set suit you”

Lin Ye didnt lie, “Yes, it suits me very well.”

Huang Tianqi laughed, “Thats good to hear! You can keep it! I dont have the Mage or Fire Swordsmaster sets for Su Mumu and Bai Zhi right now.

I have to get them from other channels or get someone to go to a special dungeon to farm them, so youll have to wait a few more days.”

“Its fine,” Lin Ye reassured.

“Were not in a hurry.”

This conversation once again made Su Mumus jaw drop.

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With that attitude… Lin Ye, why do I feel like youre the real boss behind the Huang Corp

Well, youre indeed a genius who scored full marks in every theoretical knowledge exam and easily achieved an SSS-rank in dungeons… I still couldnt wrap my head around it…

But very quickly, Su Mumu read through and understood where Huang Tianqi and Lin Yes conversation was heading.

“Ahem, um, Lin Ye, I have something I need your help with.

I wonder if you can…”

Seeing Huang Tianqi stammering and feeling a little embarrassed to speak, Lin Ye said on his behalf, “Mr.

Huang, are you referring to the online discussion You dont have to worry Ive already made a statement on our schools forum.”

“Huang Shaofeng and I just had some small conflicts to resolve.

Its just like how other students fight, its not a big deal.”

“Now that both sides have calmed down, and Huang Shaofeng has personally apologized to me, I dont intend to pursue him.”

“So please dont disturb or bother Huang Shaofeng anymore.”

Lin Ye continued,”

“With this post, most of the people who respect me in school will stop attacking Huang Shaofeng on the internet.”

“And Mr.

Huang, you can also put this matter behind with peace of mind.”

Oh You already considered and even resolved this matter

As expected!

I didnt misjudge!

This young man had a bright future ahead of him, and Im sure he has a great talent…


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