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Chapter 38: Quasi-God Talent — Bionic Tear


She snapped her fingers.

Then a vague white shadow immediately appeared behind Su Mumu.

It was like a flowing spring, gradually transforming into a human figure.

Although the specific appearance of this white shadow person could not be clearly seen, from its lovely double ponytail hair and its long legs, everybody could see that this thing was actually Su Mumus identical clone.

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F*ck! Su Mumu suddenly gives off a “big bro” vibe


“Look, this is my awakened talent!” Su Mumu said a little proud.

“Its calledBionic Tear.

I can summon a shadow fighter with the same ability as me to destroy my enemies.”



Shes really giving off strong big brother vibes.

Lin Ye quickly put down the Oreo milk tea in his hand and moved closer to the Bionic Tear.

He observed it carefully and curiously asked, “It has the same ability as you Then does that mean its intelligence is on the same level as yours”

“What– No!” Su Mumu was at a loss of words.

“Honestly, Lin Ye, Im confused.

Are you not satisfied if you dont reach a certain quota of insulting me everyday”

Su Mumu rolled up her sleeves, reached out her small fist, and angrily hit Lin Yes stomach.

Lin Ye calmly reached out his right hand and held the girls small head.

He didnt let her get close to him by taking advantage of the height difference between them.

“Im not insulting you.

Im being serious.

This “AIs” IQ will determine the specific level of your awakened talent, which is very important.

If its at the same level as you, then its useless, but its still a waste to throw it away.”

“But if its smarter than you, you might be rated as a Quasi God-tier awakened talent.”

Su Mumu, who still couldnt hit Lin Ye, pouted angrily.

“Argh! And you said you werent insulting me Then what do you call this Come on, Little Mumu, show him your unique skill and let him see your true ability!”

The Bionic Tear didnt say a word.

It just raised its right hand and instantly conjured a basketball-sized fireball, but it didnt throw it out.

Instead, it accurately controlled the fireball in its palm, constantly juggling it back and forth, emitting a dazzling red light.

“Oh!” Lin Ye was stunned.

“It has this much control It seems that its combat ability is much stronger than yours!”

Hearing this, Su Mumus eyes glowed red, as if she was going to eat someone up.

She exploded, “Argh! That does it! Do you really have to compare me to it! Cant you change the target of your insult”

Lin Ye ignored her and suddenly punched at the head of the Bionic Tear.

It doesnt matter whether he put in speed or more power to his hit, he adjusted his strength, so he was “slightly weaker” when he tore Huang Shaofeng apart.


Unlike Huang Shaofeng, the Bionic Tear reacted very quickly.

The moment Lin Yes fist was in the air, it started to dodge and easily avoided the attack.

However, because her dodging posture was too enchanting, too alluring that it even shows its “assets”.

She was like a sexy


, it could charm people just by standing still.

Therefore, even if it was just a white girls shadow, people couldnt help but let their imagination run wild.

The simple-minded Bai Zhis face instantly turned red, “Oh… This action ..”

Lin Ye didnt mind and started to analyze, “Not bad.

Its reaction speed is very fast.

It dodged almost at the same time I attacked.

It was like reading a command, even though its still a little shameless.”

“It also has its own consciousness.

When attacked by an ally, it wont just stand there and get beaten up, but it wont attack an ally either.

Instead, it will enter a combat-ready state.”

“Its this dodging posture ..

Mumu, did you secretly practice pole dancing when I wasnt paying attention”

Su Mumu blushed and turned her head away.

“P-practice! I didnt! I dont know why little Mumu likes to use such a strange dodging posture!”


“Did it perform like this in the secret dungeon” Lin Ye then asked seriously, “Full dodging ability All sorts of damage avoidance”

“Yes.” Su Mumu gently nodded.

“Its not just that, in the Beginners Dungeon, while I was being chased by three slimes, it was chasing five slimes.”

Lin Ye was speechless.

Bai Zhi was speechless.

‘Arent you taking the initiative to admit that youre not as good as your talent

Oh, no.

Thats not exactly right,

It should behumans are not as good as Ais, full stop.

Su Mumu didnt seem to realize the seriousness of this problem.

She sat back on the chair and asked in a low voice, “Hey, Lin Ye, do you still want to study little Mumus other abilities If not, Ill take it back, okay”

“Yeah,” Lin Ye replied, “When weve filled up your free attribute points for the level-stuck secret dungeon and can freely form a party to clear the secret dungeon, we can slowly test its various data in actual combat…”

Suddenly something crossed Lin Yes mind, and he quickly said, “Wait, dont be quick to accept it.

I still have a few small questions that might need it!”

“What” Su Mumu instinctively asked.

Lin Ye started to ask, “If this Little Mumu accidentally dies in battle, can she be resurrected Is there a cooldown time for resurrection Will you lose attributes if you summon it afterwards”

“Yes,” Su Mumu seriously replied, “I will have to wait five minutes before you can be summoned again after death.

But you wont lose any attributes if you summon it again.”

“So, how do you train it Does it grow alongside your level and attributes, or does it need to level up by killing monsters itself” Lin Ye continued to ask.

“The first one,” Su Mumu said, “It synchronizes with my strength.

Im level 5 now, and its level 5 too.

Its the same as my attribute points, including skill effects and equipment effects.

The experience from killing monsters will also be shared with me.”

Lin Ye fell into deep thought after hearing that.

A moment later, he asked his last question, “This awakened talent, theBionic Tear, can it be upgraded”

“Yeah,” Su Mumu replied, “I just needed to reach level 10.

But I still dont know what new effects it will have after the upgrade.”

New effect

Is there a need to think about what it would be

Its either reducing the resurrection time the summon needs, increasing the number of summons Su Mumu can have, or adding a plug-in strength to the users main body.


Ill have to let her try all the enhancement packages on the list…

This Bionic Tear was at least a Quasi-God-tier awakened talent.

Its future potential was limitless!

But unfortunately, the difference between its maximum and minimum limits was simply too far apart.

It consumed levels, attributes, equipment, skills… Just like a Summoner who could equip every summoned beast, it was a talent that ordinary people could not afford.

But, since Su Mumu has me by her side, then this wont be a problem at all.

I would have to train her more in the future.

Hm Wait a minute.

A thought suddenly crossed his mind.

My college entrance examination team has two God-Tier talents and one Quasi-God talent… Wont that make us a pile of cheaters

A character from the anime/manga “Detective Conan”


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