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Chapter 29: Dont You Understand The Meaning Of The WordLoli

Lin Yes honesty once again won the group members favor.

They started to admire Lin Ye even more, and they all offered their wallets to buy the three new monster luring guides without any hesitation.

Even the students who were confident in their own strength to complete the first four floors still took the initiative to buy the monster luring guide.

They just wanted to see what Lin Ye was capable of and support him.

After all, some people had guessed correctly that Lin Ye was in need of money …

Lin Ye arranged the new buyers and told them to follow the rules.

He sold the Stone Cave Walkthrough and monster luring guides in one go.

Bam! And just like that…

283,500 Yuan had entered his account!

Meanwhile, Holy Light and the Sandstorm Bow had also found a good master to take ownership!

After rounding up, he made a net income of 440,000 Yuan in one night, which was one step closer to Lin Yes goal of repaying his debt of gratitude.

Also, thanks to the group members publicity, Lin Yes reputation on the school forum skyrocketed.

Almost everyone in school knew there was a big boss who was “well-versed in both literature and martial arts”.

Lin Ye was extremely fair when doing business.

Whether it was the guides or the weapons and equipment, he made the stakes clear.

He doesnt let other people spend their money in vain.

He was becoming an equivalent of a Prince Charming sharing his special trove!

I love you, I love you!

‘ Many people would chant.

However, Huang Shaofeng, who had a high opinion of himself, never paid attention to the school forum, nor was he interested in school affairs, so he had no idea what kind of bloody storm he was about to face …

… …

“Personal panel, come out!”

[Name: Lin Ye]

[Level: lv5]

[Class: Priest]

[Health: 731]

[Mana: 678]

[Talent: Universe Reversal (LV1)]

[Attributes: Strength 18 (20), Constitution 46 (20), Intelligence 50 (20), Spirit 21 (20), Agility 19 (20 10).]

[Skills: Healing Spell (Single), Clarity (mana recovery), Divine Healing (group healing), Stars Godly Glory (group damage immunity).]

[Equipment: Gale boots (Increase speed and dodging rates), Emerald Ring (lower cooldown time), Flickering Stone (Flicker skill)]

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As the panel suggested, as a priest, Lin Yes strength and intelligence points were far superior to his other attributes.

This will allow him to have more Hp and mana than the others.

However, the way to add points to attributes in this world is very unique.

It isnt a good idea to specialize in just one attribute.

Instead, in the case of sufficient free attribute points, the priority was to increase the main attribute points, and then evenly distribute it to the rest attributes, which was a more cost-effective way to strengthen yourself.

This was because the fixed bonus brought by attribute points would decrease as the players attribute points increased.

For example, if he wanted to increase his main bodys attack power by 10 points for the later stage, the strength attribute points required would be dozens of times more than the strength attribute points required in the early stage.

Instead of spending all 100 free attribute points on strength alone to get an additional 10 points of attack power, it was better to invest in his physique, which he had not added much points to.

That way, he would gain more than 1,000 Hp.

10 attack points or 1,000 health points, it was clear which one was more benefitting.

Also, there was another important feature to this attribute points.

Each attribute would not change a specific ability of the Class individually, but would change all the abilities to different degrees according to the different Class.

For example, the main attributes of a Warrior were strength and constitution.

In the early stages, he could add 10 points of strength to increase his attack power by 50 points, 30 Hp, 10% speed, 5 points of magic power, 1 point of magic attack, and so on.

For a Swordsmaster whose main attribute was agility, 10 points of strength in the early stages would become an increase of 40 attack power, 20 Hp, 15% speed, 10 points of magic power, 3 points of magic attack, and so on.

For a Priest whose main attribute was intelligence, adding 10 points of strength in the early stage would increase 5 points of attack, 20 Hp, 5% speed, 50 points of mana, 20 points of magic attack, and so on.

This meant that there were no attributes that were completely useless.

He could only spend his free attribute points on attributes that had a low cost-performance ratio.

There was a lot of knowledge behind attribute points distribution.

Randomly distributing the rain and dew, or only knowing how to increase their own main attributes, would inevitably cause a large loss of ability points.

He had to be like Lin Ye, to see, learn, and calculate more to find the most suitable way to add points and maximize the correction value of his attribute points.

The most important thing was.

He had to obtain enough free attribute points to add to his stats like Lin Ye…

This was because the two main attributes were already enough.

That was why Lin Ye decided to put all the free attribute points he got into strength and agility to solve his shortcomings of low defense and slow speed.

The spirit attribute was mainly used to adjust the magic attack power, and the other abilities were only slightly improved.

That was why Lin Ye had the least need for it, so he didnt consider it for now.

He would level it up slowly when he had enough strength and agility.

As soon as the secondary attributes reached the 50-point attribute boundary (excluding equipment bonuses), they would immediately stop investing resources and start investing in the two main attributes again.

This would ensure that Lin Yes ability points were at their peak at each stage to maximize the value of free attribute points.

This method is commonly known as… The Water Bucket.

The next day, Lin Ye woke up early in the morning.

He casually washed up, then ran downstairs to buy some fried dumplings.

While sitting in his seat and eating his breakfast, he waited for Su Mumu, who liked to sleep in a little more before heading out.

“Morning– Uh… What are you doing”

“Wear a mask to cover your face,” Lin Ye says, “I was too over the top about selling guides and walkthroughs yesterday.

A bunch of people in school are planning to look for me.

I dont want to be constantly stopped by them.”

“Hmmm,” Su Mumu hummed in understanding.

“So are you trying to show off now, Prince Charming Lin”

Lin Ye tilted his head and said, “Well, you can say it that way.

In junior high, you were the goddess of the whole school, and in senior high, I am the Prince Charming.

The tables have turned, theres nothing wrong with that.”


Look at how smug you are,” Su Mumu cutely pouted her little mouth.

“By the way, what is todays plan And what about the new member Arent you going to introduce me to her”

“Todays plan is simple.” Lin Ye said, “Im giving you a day off.

So you take the new member and both of you can slack off together”

“Ill probably finish todays dungeon by 7:30 tonight.

And by that time, Ill come to find you two to give you both tonights homework.

Then you will use my guidance to clear the dungeon and get attribute points.”

Su Mumus head was full of question marks.

“What So let me get this straight.

Im going to slack off for the whole day Your plan makes me look like Im just waiting for death!”

Lin Ye crossed his arms, looking at Su Mumu slightly amused, “Werent you just sitting around and waiting to die when you copied my answers during the theory exam”

“…I cant even make a retort…” Su Mumu grumbled under her breath.

“Fine! Whos the new member Ill take her to the movies, and well eat snacks all day.

Is that a good enough plan for you”

Lin Ye shrugs, “I told her to wait for us at the school gate.

Youll know her when you see her later.”

“Hey, hey, hey… Is she really cute” Su Mumu asked again with a smirk in her face, “Im curious~”

“Shes cute, “Lin Ye replied seriously, “Its the kind of cuteness that makes you feel unworthy.”


ust kidding! But she wont understand the true weight of the wordloli.

Some people are just born with this word.

They were just born to be cute!

And someloli doesnt understand that they themselves areloli, like a certain twin-tailed girl I know,


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