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Chapter 27: Godly Equipment Godly Skill

Just as Lin Ye had expected, with the help of loli Bai Zhis talent, he would receive 15 free attribute points after clearing the dungeon.

The equipment and skill books he received would also be upgraded from Gold to Platinum.

This… Is too good!

He felt like he had found a rich woman who could save him 30 years of hard work!

Wait, no no no.

Thats not right.

I should have said, I have found a rich loli that could save me 30 years of hard work!

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[Skill Book: Holy Light]

[Quality: Gold] [Low.]

[Learning Requirement(s): Holy Class (including Priest)]

[Initial Effect: Consume a certain amount of magic to attack the enemy with holy light, causing magical damage with divine effects.

It has a restraining effect on the undead and demon-type creatures]

[Equipment Name: Flickering Stone]

[Type: Portable Equipment]

[Current Forging level: Level 1 (Unforgeable Item)]

[Quality: Platinum [Intermediate]]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: After equipping, all attributes will be increased by 20 points, and the user will have the active skillFlicker]

[Flicker: Charge mana every five minutes.

Can be charged up to three times.

After use, consume 10% of mana toFlicker 10 meters in the designated direction]

[Skill Book: Stars Godly Glory]

[Quality: Platinum] [Intermediate]

[Learning Requirements: Priest, level greater than or equal to level 5, Intelligence 20 points.]

[Initial Effect: Consume a certain amount of magic to summon the brilliance of the stars to a specific target within a 20-meter radius.

Immediately restore 300 Hp to all targets, and apply aDamage Reduction effect that lasts for 5 seconds]

[Damage Reduction: Reduce damage received by 10%]

[Great Recovery Potion X: Immediately recover 200 Hp after consumption]

[Flame Pot: Throw it at the enemy and cause 100 Fire Magic damage]

[Sandstorm Bow: High Gold grade.

When shooting, there is a chance to summon a sandstorm to attack, causing an additional earth elemental magic damage.

It is a weapon exclusive to the Archery Class]

After reading through the details of the items and skills he received, Lin Ye couldnt help but rub his eyes to make sure that he wasnt seeing things.

Good God! What kind of heaven-defying luck is this

There were two Platinum grade items.

The first one is an item called Flickering Stone which has an extremely rare effect called Flicker, or otherwise also known as Blink.

The second item is a skill book, Stars Godly Glory, which would allow him to recover his teammates health while also gaining group damage immunity.

It is a strategic buff skill!

Anyone who had played MOBA games before would know that Displacement and Blink were two completely different concepts.

Not to mention that Flicker was a charging skill that could be used three times in a row and would be able to move the “target” within 10 meters radius.

Such an interesting item!

So if for example, the Goblin King used “Earthquake”, with the help of this stone, he would be able to easily dodge the attack.

There was no need to clench his teeth and take the hit.

This would make him invincible!

Not to mention, it also gave him a bonus of 20 points to all of his attributes.

Although to many intermediate and higher level players would feel as if 20 points doesnt mean anything, it still meant a lot to players who are still struggling to reach level 10.


The equipment and skill drop rate was high.

At least, he has one cooldown equipment.

It was probably the equivalent of a standard ten rolls in a raffle.

Which is why the selling price of this Flickering Stone, an unforgeable item, was not as high as the Emerald Ring.

The normal selling price was around five to six hundred thousand Yuan.

After some further speculation, it could be estimated to cost seven to eight hundred thousand Yuan.

However it will not cost more than a million.

Next, is the Stars Godly Glory.

It had a larger Hp recovery range than Divine Qi Therapy, and it also restores more Hp.

Although he had lost the healing ability that could continuously restore health and could not deal with situations where his health was continuously reduced such as burns and poisoning, he had an invincible damage reduction buff.

Its strategic value far exceeded the skill Healing Spell, which could only restore health.

Damage Reduction.

What does this mean Well, I dont care as long as its a damage skill

Whether it was magical damage, physical damage, burn damage, bleeding damage, poison damage, or othereffect damage, all these effects will reduce the opponents Hp by percentages.

This was much more powerful than simply increasing physical and magical defense.

Due to the systems rule, the maximum damage immunity was 90%, and it couldnt be stacked.

As long as he could find a way to increase his damage immunity to 100%, he would become an invincible existence.

Uh… Though it might not be the case.

It seemed that the Reversed skills could ignore damage immunity and would lose health…

After the reversal, not only did the Stars Godly Glory have a larger damage range, but it also had a higher instantaneous output ability.

It could guarantee higher damage when fighting monsters, and there was no need to delay the damage like his Healing Spell.

As for the damage immunity ability, after it was reversed, it had become susceptible to damage.

It could offset the opponents damage immunity effect, or increase the damage the opponent received.

In other words… Whether it was a reversal or not, the skill Stars Godly Glory was a strategic AoE skill.

His healing skills could assist and protect his teammates, while his martial skills could increase and injure his enemies.

It was a proper early-game godly skill.

Wow, godly equipment, godly skills, and 15 free attribute points.

He had profited greatly this time.


The other few spoils of war were slightly worse.

Holy Light was an offensive skill, but if it was turned into a healing skill, not only was ineffective, but it would also change “counter undead” to “strengthen undead”, so it had to be paired with a Necromancer Class in order for it to be useful.

Even if he used the skill as it is to attack…

Lin Ye already has a single-target Healing Spell, a multiple target Divine Qi Therapy, and a large-scale Stars Godly Glory.

Why waste your mana on such a trashy Holy Light skill

So, he decided to just sell it off.

And since Lin Ye could tank, fight, and heal himself, the Great Recovery Potion X and the Flame Pot were useless to him too.

He could just give it to Su Mumu and be done with it.

The last item was a Gold grade Sandstorm Bow.

It was a good weapon with decent strength, but no one in Lin Yes team could use it, so he had to sell it.

Ignoring the fact that there would be spendthrifts competing for it at a high price, this thing could be sold for 80,000 to 90,000 Yuan.

It was more valuable than the Shadow Dagger and the Hunting Greatsword, but it was far less valuable than the things Lin Ye decided to keep for himself…

Lin Ye reached out and touched the Goblin Kings iron throne.

He exited the Underground Goblin Kingdom and returned to the dungeon hall at school.

He looked around and realized that there were fewer students loitering around the premises.

It was probably because it was already ten at night, and most students went home to sleep.

He considered for a moment and finally decided to go home first tonight.

Then, he would put the Goblin Dungeon Walkthrough on hisshelf anddistribute it to the new customers.

And after he was done with his money-making business, he would come back to the dungeons tomorrow.

After all, at the end of the day he was just a human, and all humans had limited energy.

Lin Ye couldnt keep on running high-intensity Dungeons all the time, twenty-four seven.

Not only would he fall into a “fatigue” state where all his attributes would be reduced, but if he were to continue in that state, he would likely enter a “heavy fatigue” state where he would continuously lose health, which would seriously affect his judgment and operating ability.

And if that were to happen while he was clearing a dungeon, it might cost him the SSS ranking.

Not only will he lose his chance of getting a high quality equipment and weapons, he would also permanently miss his chance of getting free attribute points.

And since he could only complete a dungeon once, he knows he would regret it, immensely.

It would be a huge loss.


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