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202 Im the Invincible (II)

‘This is the most important thing…

While he was thinking, Lin Ye had already arrived at the entrance of the River City Professional Alliance Alliances branch building.

He passed through the rotating glass door of the Professional Alliance building and went straight to the front desk, which was noisy with people.

He planned to tell the group of female staff why he was there.

He asked them to contact Huang Tianqi, who was a senior member of the Professional Alliance.

It was just like when he came to Huang Tianqi.


Just as Lin Ye passed through the city resident identity detection system set up in the Professional Alliance Division Hall…

Something unexpected happened.

“Warning! Warning! Unable to identify the users ID! Presence of otherworldly energy is detected! Suspect to be an alien creature with unrecorded information!”

“Warning! Warning! Unable to detect!”

In an instant.

boxn ovel.


Everyone in the hall looked at Lin Ye.

The noisy environment also suddenly became quiet.

Even if a needle fell to the ground, it could be heard clearly.

Lin Ye looked on with confusion.

‘What the f*ck

‘How did I become an otherworldly being

‘What is going on

‘Could it be because of the inheritance skills

At this moment, the advanced Professional Alliances in charge of security had already rushed up.

They summoned their equipment and weapons and got into defensive positions.

They looked at the empty-handed Lin Ye and surrounded him.

Lin Ye quickly raised his hands to show that he wasnt a threat and explained.

“Everyone, this is a misunderstanding!”

“Im not a creature from another world.

Im a resident of Jiang City.

My name is—”

He didnt finish speaking.

A leading Professional Alliance member quickly ordered, “Kill him!”

“Be careful of the cunning otherworld beings!”

Lin Ye was speechless.

‘No, big brother, look at the level above my head.

Im only level 15 now.

Even if Im an otherworld creature, I cant threaten you, level 30 Professional Alliances, right

‘Was there a need to give a death sentence as soon as he arrived

‘Cant you at least give me a chance to interrogate me about my background and information


‘Are you really going to kill me

He looked at the Class skills that were flying toward him.

Lin Ye was sure.

If he had not dodged or activated his Universe Reversal, he would have been killed instantly.

Then, he would have been struck by the passive effect of his inheritance skill, Born from the Ashes, and would have to start over again.

And so.

Lin Ye could only summon all his equipment and use the Flickering Stones flash skill to teleport from the building to the street outside the building to avoid the first wave of damage.

However, the group of Professional Alliances also rushed out and continued to release their long-range skills.

They were like countless cannonballs that landed on Lin Yes head.

He had no choice.

Lin Ye had to use his flash again.

He avoided the second wave of damage.


“Were on the streets!”

“There are so many passers-by nearby.

Instead of covering for them to retreat, you directly released a high-level skill at me.

Arent you afraid of causing accidental injuries”

At this moment, Lin Ye already felt that something was wrong.

The group of high-level Professional Alliances was like a group of hotheaded youths who could not understand the situation at all.

They only knew to quickly kill him, the “otherworld creature”, and did not consider the safety of the civilians as their priority.


Even if Lin Ye was a creature from another world, the Professional Alliances first decision should be to capture him without him attacking.

They shouldnt waste a chance to obtain information from another world by killing him on the spot.

This was simply too contrary to common sense.

‘The f*ck

‘Could it be the people from the Church of Healing

‘Did those bastards predict that Id come out of this Hive-like secret dungeon today

‘Did they come all the way to this plane to test my combat data

Lin Ye did not voice any of his thoughts.

He raised his hand and used the last Flicker Stones flash, once again increasing the distance between him and the Professional Alliances.

At the same time, he flew to an open space with fewer people.

Then, Lin Ye used Living Summon and summoned the powerful Fire Dragon, Stryde, under everyones eyes.


With a loud dragons roar, Lin Ye jumped onto the giant red dragon and rose into the air.

Like a rocket flying into space, he quickly flew 100 meters above the city.

According to the information given by Wang Machao, although the members of the Church of Healing had a long-range observation ability similar to Eagle Eye, the range of observation was not large, and they had to occupy a high vantage point with a wide field of vision.


‘If this whole thing was the work of the members of the Church of Healing…

Lin Ye rode on the Fire Dragon, Stryde, and flew around the Professional Alliance building.

‘I would definitely be able to find their tracks.


“I found them!”

“As expected, its those groups of people!”

Lin Ye took a deep breath and controlled the tension and anger in his heart.

He ordered the Fire Dragon to fly above the two members of the Church of Healing.

Then, like a master assassin who used the leap of faith, he jumped to the roof of the tall building, rolled and got up handsomely, and arrived in front of the two people aggressively.

Level 50…

The white priests robe….

The young man and woman…

Blue pupils with the characteristics of otherworldly creatures…

Both of them had short brown hair.

Height: 175 and 165

The man had a black bracelet in his right hand.

In that case, it could basically be confirmed that the members of the Church of Healing who came to earth this time were the two members of the Church of Healing who had tested Su Mumus strength back then.

They did not change people, nor did they change their contemptuous attitude toward humans.


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