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200 An Unknown Grade Exclusive Growth Skill Book — Still Mirror (II)



A life-saving divine skill that combined a famous saber and teleportation


This inheritance skill is awesome!

Although there was a 30-day cooldown time, he would definitely get a chance to escape from death.

Wasnt this the same as being reborn

‘Even if I were to face the group of level 50 Professionals from the Church of Healing now, even if I cant beat them head-on, I can still be resurrected in Hive-like dungeon after beingkilled by them and get another chance.

‘But theres also one drawback.

‘The enemy could also send people to wait in advance.

‘Set up an ambush at every resurrection point here and wait for me to teleport over.

Then, attack me and destroy my “rebirth” ability.

He thought.

boxn ovel.


Suddenly, Lin Yes vision turned black.

After a short teleportation, he returned to the ancient cave where he had killed the Knight of Smoke.

The burning bonfire and the black sword were still standing on the ground, without any changes.

Soon, the Original Sin Scholar, Andil, reappeared in front of Lin Ye like a burning tree.

He followed the flames of the Primordial Campfire and said in a sad voice,

“Those who cant reach this place….

They dont know how many times theyre halfway there.”

“Life is bright and beautiful, but it has become a cage for everyone.”

“What is a King tier Hes not a genius, and hes not destined.”

“My name is Andil.

I once challenged Karma, but I did not succeed.

It is your turn to pass on the fire, the one destined to inherit the Lord of Cinders inheritance.”

“May the sun and the Lord of Cinder exist forever!”

“Until the darkness of the world is exterminated!”

“Let all the worlds of nothingness, all the imprisoned souls, and everything in the world return to its original state!”

With that—

Sin Scholar Andils body turned into countless red smoke and flew all over the sky as if he was going through a storm.

The red smoke gathered into a red wave and rushed into Lin Yes body.

[Prompt: You have completed the large-scale secret dungeon “Hive-like”.

You will receive your reward now.]

[Prompt: All hidden conditions have been met.

You have defeated the eight messengers of inheritance without any injuries and cleared the original trial created by Original Sin Scholar Andil.

Your final rating has reached level Ω.

Original Sin Scholar Andil has gathered his power and materialized it as your only exclusive reward!]

[Prompt: You have obtained an unknown grade exclusive growth skill book — Still Mirror (unique) — Priest exclusive.

[Bound to Lin Ye)!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the right to enter “Hive-like” permanently!]

[Skill book name: Bright Mirror Water]

[Type: Unique skill, growth skill.]

[Current Level: LV 1 (Max LV:)]

[Current Level Lock: LV 5 (requires 20 crowns of wisdom)]

[Current Grade: Bronze (Low-grade) (Max limit: )]

[Skill Learning Requirements: Priest-exclusive, Lin Ye-exclusive.]

[Attribute-Devouring Growth: When fed with Priest skills and Priest skill books of the same or higher grade, its grade will be improved.]

[Skill (1) — Mirror of Water: After Active Release, heals the target by 100 points of health (not including equipment and attribute bonuses).

Cooldown: 60 seconds.]

[Linking Effect – Power of Shine: (Passive ability) after using the skill, it will apply a state that greatly increases all attributes to the target of treatment (LV 4).

It will randomly dispel five negative states and randomly apply five beneficial states.

It can not be dispelled.

It can be stacked with other buffs of the same name and lasts for 15 seconds.]

[Linking Effect – Dawn Protection: (Passive ability) after using the skill, a physical/magic attack nullification shield will be cast on the healing target for 15 seconds.

During this period, any normal physical or magic attack can not cause damage to the shield.

Only a shield-breaking skill, normal attack, special damage skill, and so on that specifically counters the shield can break the shield.]

[Linking Effect – Dancing Waves: (Passive ability) after using the skill, restore 100 points of magic power to the target of treatment (excluding equipment and attribute bonuses)]

[Linking Effect – Blessing of Still Water: (Passive effect) after using the skill, the targets maximum HP will be increased by 20%.

This effect will last until the target is out of combat.

This effect can be stacked to a maximum of 100% HP.]

[Linking Effect – Unparalleled Vitality: (Passive effect) the healing effect of the Mirror of Still Water can not be restricted by anyHealing Ban orHealer Reduction effects.]

[Description: A clear mirror stops water, cleansing the heart.]


‘Its actually a Godkiller-level skill

I thought that after dying so many times in the Primordial Trial, I wouldnt be able to get the Godslayer-level reward anymore.

At most, I would get a mythical-level reward!

He didnt expect this!

Then, Lin Ye took a closer look at the effects of the Bright Mirror Water skill and realized that this skill was the upgraded version of the Stars Godly Glory.

However, he made a small cut and changed it from an area-of-effect skill to a single target skill.

Single target healing.

After the reversal skill took effect.

Although it was very useful when fighting bosses and pk-ing.

However, in a battle with many players, the restrictions were too great.

It was better to contribute all his mana to AoE skills such as the Stars Godly Glory to contribute to the overall team battle.


There was a benefit to this skill.

That was, the five random buffs and the substantial increase in all attributes at Level 4 could not be dispelled.

It also granted immunity to the effects ofhealer andheavy injury.


Buff effects can be stacked.

Combined with the Stars Godly Glorys substantial increase in all attributes, it was equivalent to two level 4 substantial increases in all attributes.

Even if the early support was a small dog, it could still turn it into a terrifying Hellhound Boss.

As for the Holy Light…

All of its attributes at Level 3 had been greatly improved.

It did not have a name for its ability, and it was not called “power of brightness”.

Instead, it was an attribute bonus buff that came with healing, which was exactly the same as the attribute bonus buff of the Stars Godly Glory.


Holy Lights level 3 all-attribute boost effect could not be stacked with the Level 4 all-attribute boost effect of Stars Godly Glory.

If the two were released together, the formers buff would be covered by the latters buff, and the duration would not be extended.

The duration of the buff could only be extended automatically if both of them had a substantial increase in all attributes at Level 3 or at Level 4.


The water-stopping mirror was not an AoE skill, so it could not be like the Stars Godly Glory, which could sweep away thousands of enemies.

Its practicality far exceeded all the other skills that Lin Ye had learned.

He had the absolute advantage.

Not to mention that this thing was only in its lowest form.

After feeding it enough dog food, who knew if it would become a group AoE skill and obtain other combat effects, just like his Hidden Moon blade.


He had to spend a lot of resources to cultivate it first.

Even if he needed 20 crowns of wisdom to break through the level lock of the Bright Mirror Still Water level 5


20 crowns

If youre so greedy, why dont you just rob someone

Lin Ye held his forehead as he thought about it.

He speechlessly learned the Godkiller skill book and closed all the notifications in front of him.

“Ai, ai, ai, ai.”

“Well think of a way to find the twenty crowns of wisdom later.”

‘I should think about my future plans now.

He looked around at the dim layout of the ancient cave, and finally, he looked at the burning Primordial Campfire with the black sword in it.

“It looks like…”

“I can continue to challenge Hive now.”

‘Open all the remaining treasure chests and spend the Bloodsoul Ive accumulated to buy the remaining crown of wisdom and attribute points from the group of NPC merchants.

‘…But I can also leave.

‘When I want to come back, communicate with that Primordial Campfire and directly teleport back to the Hive-like resurrection point.

He thought about it.

Lin Ye felt like he had suddenly lost contact with her for four months.

Little Mumu, who was originally in party mode, was also automatically sent back to the real world by the system.

Who knew what would happen

It was better to return to reality first and check on Mumu and the others situation.

After confirming that there was no trouble, he would come back again to get the full reward.


During this period of time, Lin Ye had to be stuck at level 15.

Otherwise, once he reached level 16, he would be like the silent witch.

Although he could enter the dungeon at any time, he would not be able to challenge the Boss of the dungeon, nor could he form parties with others.

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