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199 An Unknown Grade Exclusive Growth Skill Book — Still Mirror (I)

The so-called Primordial Trial was actually to challenge the entire dungeon again using the normal flow of the map.

However, it was different from a secret dungeon.

The Hive-like in the Primordial Trial abandoned all factors of being a Professional, including skills, equipment, attributes, summoning cards, and items.

In this place, you could only use the most basic attacks and dodges, coupled with some low-level recovery items and equipment exclusive to Hive-like, to fight against the Boss creatures in the secret land that had also lost their stats and skills and could only use normal attacks.

Originally, Lin Ye thought that he could fight very easily with his many years of martial arts practice.

However, he was wrong.

He didnt practice martial arts systematically all year round, and he didnt have a strong opponent to practice his skills with every day.

Lin Yes movement and techniques were all based on the additional stats from his Class and the help of the skill mechanisms, which made him so flexible and powerful.

Without attribute bonuses and skill support, his martial arts attainments could only be used to abuse ordinary people who knew nothing or newbies who had just come into contact with martial arts.

He ran into Hyde Knight, Spellcaster, Dragon Knight, and other veteran warriors who had been licking blood on the tip of their blades all year long.

They wouldnt be beaten so easily at all.

As a result, Lin Ye encountered unimaginable setbacks in this Primordial Trial.

Other than the first one, which he could quickly clear, he was stuck in the other maps for a few days.

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For example, the Hyde Knight of the Fallen Forest.

The first time Lin Ye met him, he couldnt even block three moves before his head was cut off by the Hyde Knight and he was sent back to the resurrection point to die.

In the second challenge, Lin Ye managed to last seven moves, but he still made a mistake in his positioning.

The Hyde Knight took the opportunity to use a series of spear techniques and instantly killed him.

In the third challenge, Lin Ye used his skill summary and backstab to bring the Hyde Knights HP down to the last bit.

He only needed to hit it two more times to kill it.

However, the Hyde Knights normal attacks suddenly changed.

With lightning speed, it turned a stab into a sweep and lifted Lin Yes body up.

With a set of spear techniques, it instantly drained Lin Yes health and killed him.


Lin Ye had challenged the Hyde Knight nine times.

Only then did he manage to kill this guy.

Lin Ye didnt feel angry or upset about this.

Instead, he felt very excited.

This kind of basic attack was not only more challenging to fight, but it could also train his combat skills that lacked actual combat experience, increasing his overall combat power.

Why did Lin Ye go easy on those Class-holders that could be killed in a few moves

Wasnt it to use them to train his actual combat skills

But unfortunately…

The monsters in the secret land were not as powerful as the Hive-like Bosses in the Primordial Trial.

There were also all sorts of skills that could affect the outcome of the battle.

If Lin Ye practiced with them, it would be like a fitness enthusiast using a water bottle instead of a barbell to do bench presses.

The fitness effect would be greatly reduced, and he wouldnt be able to improve much.


This was not the main point.

The main point was…

In the “Primordial Trial”, Lin Ye didnt need a Portrait item to resurrect infinitely.

In other words, he could stay in this space and fight with those Hive-like Bosses until he got tired of them and quit, or he could clear the entire trial.

To others, this was an endless torture.

His body would hurt when he was hit, and his body would hurt when he was killed.

Every day, he would either be beaten or killed.

He was just like the protagonist who had started from scratch, living in extreme pain every day.


If you didnt have a strong enough reaction time, a certain level of combat skills, and even less combat talent, you wouldnt be able to fight.

For example, Su Mumu, the combat idiot.

These primitive Bosses in Hive-like….They were almost like monsters that could not be defeated in the plot.

No matter how many times you challenged them, you would only be crushed to the ground.

You would be trapped inside for your entire life, unable to leave through the “main door”.


‘Is this the hardcore reward instance where the Challenger is dissuaded from this level

Lin Ye didnt think too much about this.

He just wanted to clear the trial and get the final reward for scoring Ω.

At the same time, he wanted to use these primitive Bosses as much as possible to train and improve his martial arts skills.

Even if he had to experience endless pain in the middle, even if he was constantly being beaten up by the enemy, even if his confidence was torn to pieces by them.

Even though his death was a common occurrence… Lin Ye never gave up and voluntarily left the Primordial Trial.

In the end,

By persevering and working hard,

He was constantly thinking about strategies and training his skills.

And close to four months.

After all the hardships.

Only then did Lin Ye put an end to this trial battle, which was a complete torture to others.

He cleared the challenge.

[Prompt: You have completed the mission “Fire Transfer”!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the inheritance skill “Ashes”!]

[Prompt: You are about to exit the space of the “Primordial Trial” and return to Hive-like dungeon!]

[Ashes (inheritance skill): Unique skill.

Can not be upgraded.

Only a Hive-like challenger who original Sin Scholar Andil has fully recognized can inherit this skill (can not be affected by Universe Reversal talent).]

[Skill Effect: After receiving a fatal injury, you will not die immediately.

Instead, you will forcibly retain your last drop of HP, ignore any fatal skills, and immediately teleport back to any resurrection point in the dungeon.

It is an ability that ignores all space restrictions.

Cooldown time is 30 days.]


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