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196 Its Like Raising An Employee Who Poops Every Day (II)

As long as one of these details was missing or a positioning mistake was made, they would be instantly killed without any chance to struggle.

If he activated reverse heaven and earth, he would be on vacation mode.

He could just stand there and throw his skills.

No matter how much HP the Sin Dragon Boss had, it would not be able to withstand an “invincible” persons continuous use of true damage skills.

Lin Ye wasnt a pedantic person.

He decisively chose the latter.

He planned to be a cripple like Su Mumu for the whole day.

[Prompt: You have defeated Sin Dragon!]

[Prompt: The Dukes Fredia summoning card (1-star Platinum) has been changed to Sin Dragon Summoning Card (1-star Diamond)!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the inheritance skill Living Summon and obtained a new inheritance power.

It has undergone an incredible change!]

[Living Summon (inheritance skill): Unique skill, can not be leveled up.

Only Hive-like challengers who have been fully acknowledged by Duke Fredia and Sin Dragon can inherit this skill from them (can not be affected by Universe Reversal talent).]

[Skill Effect (1): After use, it can be connected to a summoned creature, greatly strengthening the other partys combat power, causing it to break away from the original summoning mechanism and permanently appear next to the user.

When the user is out of battle, theliving summoning skill can be retracted, and there is no need to permanently bring it with the user.

However, each Living Summon can only be bound to one summoned creature.

If the summoned creature dies, the summoned creature can not be resurrected because the original summoning mechanism is lost.

You will also be unable to return to the original summoning mechanism (equivalent to a permanent death).

You will need to bind a new summoned creature.]

[Skill Effect (2): After the summoned creature bound to the enlivening summoning dies, it will not die permanently (unless they encounter a special attack), but enter a long state of sleep (can not be summoned or fought).

They need to be fed a large amount of “Fate of Encounter” every day to slowly recover their strength before they can wake up and rebind with the “Living Summon”.

If a new summoned creature is bound during this period, they can not be re-bound, and they can only be re-bound after the newly bound summoned creature enters the dead (sleep) state.]

boxn ovel.



‘Wasnt this the combination of a permanent otherworld creature that couldnt be resurrected and a summoned creature that could be resurrected for a limited time

‘A summoned creature that could fight permanently


Although there were still a few flaws and limitations, it was much better than the original version, where summoned creatures would really die if they died!

Lin Ye looked around carefully.

He found that these were the main shortcomings of the upgraded Living Summon .

First, the summoned creature would still die after the inheritance skill was bound to it, but it would need to be attacked by special attacks, such as being hacked to death by Hidden Moon and having its soul absorbed, or some certain death skills that would forcibly devour the summoned creatures soul.

Second, no matter how many summoning cards Lin Ye had, the “Living Summon” skill could only bind one summoned creature at a time.

It couldnt give two summoned creatures the same privileges and two or more permanent fighters.

Third, related to the previous condition, the summoned creature that was bound to the “Living Summon” would lose its original summoning mechanism and would be equivalent to an “orphan without a home.” If it couldnt provide a large number of encounters as a source of power every day after death, it would still die permanently.

To put it simply.

If Lin Yes summoned Fire Dragon, Stryde, was killed by the enemy, it would begin a 20-dayhibernation.

During that time, Lin Ye had to feed it many times more “Fate of Meeting” materials than he could charge his summoning card.

He used the strange power of “Fate of Meeting” to keep its body alive and heal its dying soul.

If it wasnt fed to Fate of Meeting one day, the Fire Dragon would die immediately and couldnt be summoned again.

It also couldnt be summoned and bound again.

For the same reason, after the Fire Dragon Stryde woke up from his resurrection 20 days later…

If Lin Ye used Living Summon to bind a new summoned creature, such as the Sin Dragon summoning card that he just got, it meant that the inheritance skill no longer had a place to store the Fire Dragon Stryde.

At this moment, Lin Ye could either let the Sin Dragon commit suicide and return the binding quota to Fire Dragon Stryde.

He could either continue to feed the Fire Dragon with a large amount of Fate of Meeting and keep it in a state of deep sleep, waiting for the time when the Sinf Dragon was laid off, and then he would come back to work.

Or, he could give up on Fire Dragon Stryde, feed him nothing, give him nothing, and wait for him to disappear from this world.


Its almost the same as having an employee who poops every day.

And its the kind of high-tech employee who has to pay the other party tens of thousands of dollars a month.



“I cant simply bind more summoned creatures now.”

‘Otherwise, when I run out of “Fate of Meeting”, Ill have to mail all the summoned creatures that are bound to me.

I wont have any chance to regret it and save them again.


‘At least I can experiment with the idea of binding the Gates of Hell in peace, haha.

However, to test the Gates of Hells effect, Lin Ye had to be a noob for at least a day before he could summon Gates of Hell.

It was the most crucial moment in his quest to defeat the last few Bosses.

He could not afford to reduce all his abilities by 50%.

That would affect his chances of defeating the Boss.

So, after Lin Ye took the trash equipment from the Sin Dragons chest, he continued to the next battlefield-the Molten Iron Demons superior inheritance Boss.

[Secret Area: Crown of the ancient King of Iron (the dark side of Molten Iron City)]

[Monster Level: LV 13-15]

[Regional Curse: None]

[Resurrection Point: Portal]

[Name: Ancient King of Iron (Single Boss panel.

Monster form)]

[Level: LV 15]

[Qualification: Diamond ★]

[Skills: Volcanic Eruption, Great Fire, Solar Ray, Fireballs Falling to the Ground]

[Description: The king of molten iron, known as the Ancient King of Iron.

For some unknown reason, hooked up with a demon from hell and became a monster living in the lava underground of molten iron, drowning the entire city in hot lava.

Except for a few loyal soldiers who stayed behind to protect the city, the rest all left.]


‘Is this the new year

‘There is no regional curse here

While Lin Ye was thinking, a huge red shadow suddenly appeared in the red lava in front of him.

It looked like a monster from the universe on Ultraman TV, with a terrifying pressure and image, walking calmly in the hot flames.

The red lava that was churning underground also began to rise rapidly, submerging more than half of Molten Iron City.

Only a roof the size of a high school classroom was left at the highest point, barely enough for people to stand on.


‘No wonder there was no regional curse.

Such a small space in itself was the most disgusting area to curse.

The Ancient King of Iron was like the Molten Iron Demon.

Although it had a mouth that could speak and was originally a normal human, it didnt want to waste time talking to Lin Ye.

It raised its giant flaming arm that had turned into a demon and gathered fire elemental power.

It then released a series of fire spells and planned to smash them on Lin Yes head.

Coupled with the narrow terrain that was surrounded by red lava…

Even though Lin Ye used everything he had, including his positioning and flash, he only dodged two or three skills and was hit by the remaining fire spells.

Although he had Universe Reversal talent, which could allow him to pass the test without getting hurt, Lin Ye was still extremely unhappy.

The design of the Ancient King of Iron was no match for that of the Hex Teacher, and the skill mechanism was also extremely simple.

It was just a brainless fire magic with high damage and a large area of effect.

It was the kind of sh*t monster that had no sense of accomplishment in fighting in a game.

Instead, the process of challenging it was extremely disgusting.

It was obviously very simple, and a normal person could pass it easily, but they had to add something disgusting to it as if they had to do a handstand and use chopsticks to eat.

What soul-scented Boss that read commands and predicted your actions in advance What hyperactive monster that kept using invincible frames to waste your time in a time-limited battle What bloody dog ignored your shield and directly deducted your health

And so.

Lin Ye didnt want to waste any more time with it.

He immediately stood on the spot and cast three waves of healing packages in a row, taking them away quickly without any sloppiness.

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