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191 Inheritance Skill “Rising From The Ashes” and The Diamond grade Inheritance Boss (I)

After being rejected by Lin Ye, Lingdang didnt choose to give up.

Instead, she continued to sit on Lin Yes body, “Dont tell me that the women in your world dont allow powerful men to have multiple partners” she asked with a serious expression.

He thought about it and decided to give her a realistic answer.

“Its not allowed out in the open, but in reality, its the same as your world.

Powerful people, regardless of their gender, can have multiple partners.”

“Then you… ” Lingdang asked in confusion.

“I follow my heart, while others follow their kidneys.

Its different.” Lin Ye said.

For a moment, Lingdang couldnt understand the meaning of these two words from Hives own translation mechanism, so she asked.

“By heart Kidney What do you mean by that”

Lin Ye sighed.

“I can slowly explain the meaning of these words to you, but can you get off of me first”

“Its very tiring to restrain myself in this position.”

Lingdang, who had occupied the high ground, refused decisively.

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“Since you also like my body, then you shouldnt restrain yourself!”

“I dont care if you have other women, nor do I care who you like more.

I just want to have you, even if its only at this moment!”

As she spoke, Lingdang lowered her body and stuck her upper body to Lin Yes chest.

She stuck out her small and smooth tongue, ready to do something naughty.

Lin Ye was stunned at her declaration.


If this dragged on, he felt like he wouldnt be able to suppress his urges.

The effect was too strong!

The flickering stone! Activate! Flash! A distance of ten meters! In the main hall of the room!


Lingdang was confused.

Can a flash skill… be used like this

Standing in the middle of the room, Lin Ye suppressed the raging fire in his heart and tidied up his messy collar.

“Lingdang.” He began coldly.

“Three things.”

“If you continue to ignore my values, Ill really be angry.”

Lingdang, who was half-kneeling, quickly stood up from the sofa.


“Dont be angry!”

“Im sorry… We half-cats cant control ourselves when were in heat.

I didnt mean to…”

Lin Ye wasnt angry to begin with, so he didnt say anything when he saw the cat girls sad face.

He was also tempted, and he felt like if he stayed in this room any longer, he might not be able to resist and start a primitive Jungle Fight.

And so.

“The celebration party is about to begin.” Lin Ye said as he pushed open the door and quickly walked out.

“Dont forget, as the leader of the Qing Cult, you have to take charge of the overall situation later.

You should clean up your appearance.”


‘Im done for.

With his tone and attitude, is he starting to hate me

Lingdangs little face was red.


‘When I sat on him and even teased him…


‘I felt good…

‘Is this the joy and pleasure of having a primitive impulse with the opposite gender

Thinking of this, Lingdang pursed her lips and looked left and right.

After making sure that Cola was not waiting at the door, she used her authority as the leader of the Qing Cult to shut the door completely and isolate the sound from the outside world.

In fact.

Lingdang had wanted to stop as well.

However, as she said, the body of half-cats were extremely sensitive.

Once they entered the primitive beast form, even if they wanted to stop, they would be driven by the cats instinct and do strange actions that were not in line with their own will until the primitive beast form ended.

If there were no outsiders to help suppress this primitive side…

She could only rely on herself.


Lin Ye walked to the top floor of the Qing Cults Holy Church.

He leaned against the wall at the edge of the platform and welcomed the cold wind from the sea.

He took out a special item that dropped from the dungeon and put it in his mouth.

[Calming Fruit: After consumption, ones emotions will enter an extreme calmness, but it will have certain side effects.]


‘My weapon is down!

‘As expected of a rare item nicknamed “The Saints Commandment”!

‘The effect was amazing!

‘Its a pity that I wont be able to attend tonights celebration party.

I wanted to take the opportunity to taste the other worlds delicious food….

“Lets go, little Mumu,” he said.

“Lets go back to Hive Town.”

The next day, Lin Ye woke up early and went to the first floor of the Hive-like inn.

He paid the Shiba Inu owner 30 Bloodsouls as a payment for their service.

The Shiba Inu owner, who looked like a yellow dog, returned him the Platinum-grade dog food that he had placed as a deposit.


Lin Ye used the item “Sitting on Fire” and returned to the underground cave in Gaedole, Pyroxene town.

He continued to follow the map to the next secret passage.

Soon, he arrived at the fourth inheritance Boss location.

[Secret Area: Molten Iron City]

[Monster Level: LV 10-13]

[Regional Curse: Land of molten lava (the ground will occasionally emit hot lava, causing fire-type magic damage and burning you.

This is not part of the skills mechanism and can not be reversed)]

[Revival Point: Altar of Fire]

[Name: Molten Iron Demon (Great Fire Swordsman)]

[Level: Lv 13]

[Qualification: Platinum ★★★]

[Skills: Sword of Fire, Dying Fire, Dawn, Summoning of Heavenly Fire, Ring of Fire, Fire Shield]

[Description: He was originally the strongest warrior guarding Molten Iron City.

Something happened to him and he turned into a demon covered in flames, loitering around the Altar of Fire.]

Just like the Cursemancer, this Molten Iron Demon didnt like to speak.

When it saw Lin Ye walk into the Altar of Fire, it silently got up from the ground, pulled out the big sword on its back, and dyed it with a layer of red flames.

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