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189 Firm On Your Stance (II)


This powerful human Priest.

He was already at the top of the list and was the only bombshell that they had to win over at any cost.

“Hello,” Lin Ye politely replied.

Bai Tang didnt want to waste time.

He pulled Lingdang, who was in a daze, to the side and told her not to talk too much.

Then, he walked to Lin Ye and told Cola to leave and close the door so that the kid wouldnt join in on such a heavy conversation.

Finally, he asked with a serious face,


Lin Ye, since you heard what I just said, you should know what our White Night Kingdom is doing.

“I dont know….”

“What are your thoughts on this”

“I dont have any thoughts.” Lin Ye casually answered.

“You can do whatever you want.

As long as you dont interfere with the process of my challenge with other humans, and dont invade our human plane, I wouldnt care about what you do.”

“However, Ive already told Lingdang.”

“I dont care about the others, but my only current aim is the people of Scarlet Dawn.

As long as its a Lizardman in Hive, Ill kill them at all costs or drive them out of here.

Theyre not allowed to step into this place.”

“Ill kill anyone who tries to stop me.”

Bai Tang heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that.

It seemed like this human was a wise man who knew the laws of society, unlike a simple-minded little white rabbit like Lingdang.

Then things would be much easier.


Lin Ye, do you only want to target the Lizardman Kingdom”

“No problem.

These guys are also on our White Night Kingdoms purge list.

You dont need to personally make a move.

Well drive them out of this Hive-like secret dungeon forever!”


“Oh, thats right.”


Lin Ye, you probably dont know yet, right”

“The Werewolf Kingdom and the Lizardman Kingdom are planar allies.

Although it seems like only the Lizardman Kingdom is invading your human world, the half-werewolves of the Werewolf Kingdom are also secretly involved.

They are also your enemies.”

Lin Ye frowned slightly.

“The Werewolf Kingdom is also participating in the war”

Bai Tang nodded.

“Well, they didnt send an army, but used weapons and equipment to support the Lizardman Kingdom.

When the battle reached a critical moment, they might come out and attack you, who were caught off guard.”

Lin Yes frown deepened.

“Are they waiting to collect their heads”

Bai Tang nodded, “Yes, thats right.

These half-beasts have always been so old.”

“Let the Lizardman Kingdom be the vanguard cannon fodder.

If we can win, well split the spoils.

If we cant win, well leave quietly.

Let the Lizardman Kingdom bear the risk of defeat alone.”

After a pause, Bai Tang continued, “If you need a weapon…”

“Our White Night Kingdom can provide you humans with a certain amount of military assistance.”

“Or we can form a plane alliance.”

“Its useless for you to tell me about this.” Lin Ye said.

“You have to talk to the Professional alliance in our plane and see if they are willing to accept your proposal.”

“Im just an ordinary student.”

“I dont have the right to speak.”

Bai Tang was slightly stunned.

“Ordinary students”

“Whats this”

“I thought Mr.

Lin Ye was the son of a rich and powerful person in the human world.

I didnt expect an ordinary person to be where you are standing now.”

“Im sorry!”

“My words are a little rude!”

“Please forgive me!”

Lin Ye didnt care about these details.

He learned from Cola when he was young that the White Night Kingdom, where these cat people lived, was an ancient feudal society.

Just like Huang Shaofeng, if ordinary people didnt have a “noble bloodline”, they think it was almost impossible for them to become geniuses among Professionals.


They would subconsciously think that Lin Ye was a noble prince in the human world, which was why he was so powerful and could challenge other challengers.

He never considered the fact that Lin Ye was a nobody with no power or influence.

In the end, it was just a difference in values.

In this regard, Lin Ye could try to understand their thoughts and actions.

They might even be compatible.

Acknowledge the other partys actions and reasons, in order to gain the other partys favor and be treated as a confidant.


The two sides were in a hostile position.

For example, the Lizardmen Kingdom did not need to accommodate the other party.

They could directly display their full strength and destroy the other party.

“Alright, Ill tell this to the white cat King of our White Night Kingdom and have him send an envoy to your human dimension to discuss forming an alliance and providing military support.” Bai Tang said.

Bai Tang turned around and glanced at Lingdang, who was still struggling.

“However, Mr.

Lin Ye, my sister cant figure out why shes using the Blood Kin and other challengers to earn Bloodsouls.

I hope Mr.

Lin Ye can find some time to help me talk to her.”

“Youre an understanding person.”

“You know the reason for our actions.”

“And my sister admires you a lot now.

She has a good impression of you and can do anything for you….

If youre willing to talk to her all night, she might be able to come around.”

Lin Ye looked confused.


‘What did he meantalk all night

‘Are you really Lingdangs brother

Bai Tang did not explain further.

“I still have something to deal with in my world, and Ill be leaving Hive soon.

When I come back tomorrow, if my sister can figure this out, we can start to execute our White Night Kingdoms battle plan.”


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