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185 The Inheritance Skill “Living Summoning” (I)

[Secret Area: Pyroxene Town, Gaidore]

[Monster Level: Lv 10 – 13]

[Regional Curse: Poison resistance cleared (all Poison resistance on you is cleared.

When you are hit by a poison attack, you will be 100% poisoned.

The damage caused by poison attacks will be raised to the maximum, ignoring all defense)]

[Rebirth Point: The entrance to the underground]


‘This area curse is…

‘Does this mean that I will definitely be poisoned if I get hit now, and all poison-type attacks will deal true damage to me, just like the bleeding from Divine Qi Therapy

‘In that case, the monsters here should all have poison attribute attacks, right


‘That means the inheritance Boss should also…

While he was thinking, the basement floor under Lin Yes feet suddenly cracked, and a huge black hole appeared.

Lin Ye, who had nowhere to stand, instantly fell into the bottom of the hole and landed on a huge white spider web.

Luckily, although it was a spider web, it wasnt sticky at all and was extremely soft.

Even when Lin Ye fell from a dozen meters in the air, it didnt cause him any damage.

He looked around and found that at the edge of the spider web, there was a tilted passage formed by countless spider webs overlapping each other.

He could step on it as if he was sitting on a sliding ladder and walk to the lowest level of the pit.

However, on the white spider web tunnel, there were countless wriggling green spider eggs as well as spider monsterlings crawling around.

He wanted to continue walking normally.

They had to fight the spider monsters that were blocking the way.

If he jumped down, Lin Ye would see that the spider web was still tens of meters above the ground.

If he jumped down, even if he didnt die, he would be severely injured.

After the Fire Dragon was killed by the Blood Kin, it was still bitterly counting down the seconds to resurrect.

It couldnt be summoned as a flying mount.


Lin Ye had no choice but to pull out his blade, Hidden Moon, and start his long journey down the spider-web tunnel.

Unsurprisingly, the little spiders on the spider web were all poisonous creatures.

Together with the areas “Poison resistance cleared” curse, as long as they hit someone, they could cause extremely terrible continuous damage.

If Lin Ye didnt use his Universe Reversal talent and were bitten by them, he would instantly lose close to 1,000 hp.

And… He would die after seven or eight bites, at most.


“Its indeed a late-game map that even the Qing Cult and the Blood Kin couldnt reach!”

“Even the small monsters are this strong”

No wonder Lingdang said that without the recovery ability of the Priest class, its almost impossible to move a step in the later areas of the map.

However, with Lin Yes strength and skill mechanics, these slow little spiders couldnt touch him at all.

Even if they could touch him, under his talents invincible reversal, their poison could only continuously heal Lin Ye and couldnt hurt him at all.

Very quickly,

Lin Ye arrived at the lowest level of the pit without any obstacles.

A huge cave entrance appeared in front of him.

As soon as they entered the dungeon, they could see the third Boss, a giant spider with two heads and a height of seven to eight meters.

It was Dukes Fredia.

[Name: Dukes Fredia (single Boss Panel)]

[Level: Lv 13]

[Qualification: Platinum ★]

[Skills: Summon Spider Army, Spider Web, Venom Spray, Venomous Fangs, Steel Body, Corrosive Blood, Group Berserk…]

[Description: A giant spider pet raised by the Duke of Pyroxene town.

It is guarding something important here.

It has laid countless spider eggs and hatched countless offspring in order to kill any outsider who tries to break in.]

Lin Ye took a look at its skill set.

Although he had expected this to happen, he was still shocked to see that the spider could turn normal attacks into the skill mechanismspoison fangs and could not cancel the effect automatically.


‘Wouldnt that be equivalent to giving me an inheritance skill for free

While he was thinking, the giant spider pet was already charging Lin Ye with murderous intent.

It summoned dozens of poisonous spiders and used Group Berserk to increase the movement and attack speed of all the small spiders.

Lin Ye quickly dodged to the back and used a standard healing combo to kill all the small spiders and also took out more than 15,000 HP from the spider pet.

Just like the Forgotten Sinner, this spiders movement speed was extremely slow.

As long as the challenger had an agility attribute of over 500 points, and there were high-quality shoes that increased movement speed, anyone could easily kite it.

However, this guy had two very disgusting things.

The first was its “Steel Shell” passive, which was immune to all physical and magical damage.

If one wanted to use normal attacks to kill this spider, one would have to attack its two heads — One on its neck and one on its butt – and they were protected by a protruding shell.

No one knew how it excreted… things.

If it wasnt for the heads, your skills and general attacks would be absorbed by the Steel Shell, dealing a speechless 0 damage.


Kiting wasnt suitable for the giant spider.

When it sees that it cant catch up to you, as long as it doesnt face you with its neck and butt, and both its heads shrink into its shell, you cant do anything to it.


Lin Yes reverse Healing Spell directly attacked the enemys internal organs and vitality, so it wouldnt be affected by the Steel Shell.

He could deal real damage to it by throwing it at it, so there was no need to focus on the spiders heads.

The second was its “Spray Venom”.

Just like the spray warrior, its two heads would constantly release poison and could remain on the ground for a long time.

One would enter a poisoned state and lose the chance to obtain recognition if they came into contact with it.

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