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180 The Forgotten Sinner (I)

With the quiet witchs help, Lin Ye roughly knew what kind of people the Church of Healing was.

Their specific goal was still unknown.

However, it was obviously not to kill himself or all the humans to make an enemy of the Professional Alliance.


Even if there was no direct threat,

Their attitude towards humans and their actions were also an indirect threat.

Just as the silent witch had said, this was a group of people with mental problems.

If the Moon Goddess made a prophecy thatall humans should be killed, they would definitely come to the human world and massacre them.

Lin Ye didnt have the strength to fight them for now.

He could only wait and see.


He was still too weak.

If he was at level 15 and all his stats were over 800 points, he would definitely be a genius among high school and university geniuses.

However, in the eyes of the Professionals from the advanced civilizations, they were just like little kids who had not even grown their hair.

They relied on their levels and equipment to suppress others.

They could kill you with a normal attack, and they did not care about your invincible Awakened Talent.

This is the pain of a newbie chasing an old players progress.

After talking about the Church of Healing, the silent witch gave Lin Ye some information about advanced civilizations and told him some tips for dealing with the inheritance Boss in Hive.

Then, she left the dungeon.

Lin Ye also automatically exited the luxurious Red Palace.

He stood in front of the NPC merchant selling the Crown of Wisdom, waiting for Cola, who had run errands for him to buy important items, to return.

After trading his remaining Bloodsoul for the useful items in Colas hands, he followed him back to the base of the Qing Cults Holy Church.


Lin Yes plan was to join the Holy Church after he took back the forest and obtain the Green Guardian oath.

Then, he would go around hunting down the remaining members of the Blood Kin and use the Proof of Faith that he would obtain after killing them to exchange for real life equipment and Hive-like equipment that were exclusive to the Qing Cult to further increase his strength.

However, according to the silent witch, the exclusive equipment given by the oath forces were all of poor quality and useless.

In the later stages of the map, he could get Diamond-grade equipment without even opening a fixed treasure chest after killing a dungeon Boss.

This included the skill books sold in Hive town.

It was the same.

Instead of wasting his Bloodsoul in exchange for these low-level skills that would definitely be replaced, it was better to hurry to the more difficult areas at the back and get higher quality skill books with better effects.

And so,

Lin Ye was too lazy to care about the remnants of the Blood Kins sinners.

He decided to set off immediately.

First, he would defeat the Boss with the inheritance skills that were closest to him.

Then, he would have a rough idea of the Bosss strength and rewards.

After that, he would come up with a map that was more suitable for him.

After that,

When he was almost done,

He would let little Mumu commit suicide, return to the main world, tell su Mumu about the situation here, and then bring Su Mumu in to take away most of the Hive-like reward.

When the time came, she would have him to help her, and she would have the Holy Church of the Qing cult as her backup.

She would not have to worry about being invaded by Red Spirits, nor would she have to worry about those dungeon Bosses.

She could casually take away things that were as good and pass the test while lying down

Lingdang asked curiously, “Huh”

“Dont you want the Qing Cults exclusive equipment for the Proof of Faith”

“I dont want it.” Lin Ye said.

“Ive just received a piece of information,”

“I can also get equipment and skill books in the later stages of the dungeon, and the quality of those items will be much better than the early stages.

Instead of wasting time here, we should hurry to the last region and slowly farm Bloodsouls there.”

Lingdangs character was quite good.

She was willing to help the weak challengers avoid the oppression of the Blood Kin organization, and she was also willing to take the lead in the Oath War.

She could also get the recognition of other Qing Cult members and become the sects new leader.

She was definitely someone worth befriending.


Lin Ye thought…

He would share the important information that the silent witch had told him for free.

There was no problem.

Lingdang suddenly blushed and said, “Eh”


“I dont know if you can take me with you….”

“Its just a team.”

“I can pay you a small price….”


“Actually, any price is fine….”

As Lingdang spoke, she moved her cat ears slightly.

She wasnt sure if Lin Ye liked her cat ears, but most creatures liked them, so she thought he would like it too, right


The business of the custom shop opened by the Hive Catgirls was also booming.

It meant that Catgirls were very popular with other creatures.

If this powerful and handsome man wanted her, it wasnt impossible.

She wouldnt lose anything if she gave her first time to such a powerful man.


Just thinking about those positions in the books made her so embarrassed…!

He would probably want it too…

‘Thats not right.

‘He definitely wanted to kiss me.

‘Every man I met in Hive had dirty thoughts about me….

‘Even if this humans talent and strength were extremely powerful, he wouldnt be able to escape.

‘He definitely couldnt suppress his male instincts.

“Forming a team” Lin Ye casually asked.

“Alright,” He said.

“But you have to wait.”

“Ill go scout first.

After I figure out some of the situations, a friend will come in, and Ill bring you two with me.”

Lingdang asked with some excitement,

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